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"Why?" That was the question on his lips. It was there tightly between their lips, but when they parted he said noting. Severus took a step back and wiped at his mouth with his robes.

"So?" Black asked tentatively.

Severus' tongue, usually sharp and ready with acidic remarks, lacked the words to answer Sirius. "I'm not--" He didn't know how to say it without offending Black. He wasn't sure why he cared, but it seemed like something important beyond simple school matters. He couldn't mock Black for his choices.

It took only a few seconds for Black to put it together. He stepped back and wiped at his mouth as well. "I didn't meant it!" He said with as much anger as he could muster when really what he wanted to do was run. "Snivellus" He said with some of that old spark flaring up.

Severus was hurt. Not because of the name, but because all he'd said was close to nothing. He had tried to be kind and it actually came back to bite him. Well he'd prove to Sirius just how unkind he could be. "What is it Black? Potter won't give it up so you have to come to me?" He said with his usual menace.

"Shut up!" Black couldn't think of anything else to say as panic started rising in his body.

"Sirius!" A jovial voice rang from the hall and into the room. A head of black hair popped into the room seconds later. James' smile which had been wide disappeared and in its place was a disgusted scowl.

Black turned to look at James with a guilty expression. He looked back to Snape and for good measure shoved him backwards until he lost his balance. "Try not to cry this time, Snivellus!" He said as he ran to the door where James laughed cruelly at Severus. He threw an arm around Sirius and led him out of the room. Sirius blushed red as his friend held him close. He turned back to take one last look at Severus who was ready to make war. Sirius swallowed hard. He'd have to retaliate after Severus did.