*************SERIES 3 CHILDREN OF EARTH SPOILERS***************


Basically you're going to notice a few little fics like this, Various little bits in Series 3 left me with the need to write these so enjoy :)

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I don't own any of this, the unbelievably tall RTD and the BBC own all of it.

Ianto was shaking. He didn't dare take his eyes from Jack's. Not for a second, He wanted to make sure he remembered every detail of his Captain's body.

"I'm coming back Ianto" "I can survive anything"

Ianto wanted to believe him, he really did. Looking into his lovers eyes, he could tell Jack wasn't even sure himself.

Ianto wanted to stay, Jack had forced him to leave. He had grabbed him by the arms behind his back and practically carried him onto the lift.

He wanted to be there with Jack. If the lift didn't make it to the top, If the lift didn't seal the lockdown won't be complete. Ianto wouldn't be safe. Cardiff wouldn't be safe.

As the lift closed the bomb detonated blowing Ianto off his feet and ripping the apart the Plass.

So what happens to Ianto?! =0 Spoilers :D