**********SERIES 3 CHILDREN OF EARTH SPOILERS***************


Basically you're going to notice a few little fics like this, Various little bits in Series 3 left me with the need to write these so enjoy :)

I don't own any of this, the unbelievably tall RTD and the BBC own all of it.

"I woke up and Rupesh was lying next to me. Dead. Shot in the back"

"Did you die?"


Even though he knew his lover had been killed many times, that didn't stop him feeling the need to pull him into a hug, pulling their bodies as close as they could. That had become a silent gesture between them. Knowing his lover had been killed just made him need to feel Jack in his arms. It wasn't a romantic thing, Just a manly hug pulling them together and rubbing each other on the back. Reassurance. Jack was still coming back. Jack was always coming back.

Or is he?? Series 3 Darlings, that's all I'm saying =P