(Twilight theme by Stephanie Meyer)

Summary: Edward Cullen is bored. A mystery girl has him feeling things that he never has before. What makes this girl so special? Will his family approve? Will hers?

My name is Edward Cullen and I am bored. I am an immortal and I have lived a century of the same routine. I am a vampire with a 'vegetarian' diet. This is the only redeeming quality that I have. I am guilty of almost every sin in that book people put so much stock in.

Over the last decade I have become so bored with life that I just go through the motions. School, hunt, read, listen and repeat. My siblings are all coupled up so they are usually entertained. Carlisle and Esme have their jobs to keep them company as well as each other. I try and fill my time with hobbies, but there are too many hours in a day.

8 am time for school . . .

The tiny town of Forks where we have spent the past year has had only a few events to look forward to. Mainly high school sporting events. Last week a new family moved into town, well, their stuff did. The new owners of a newly renovated house and store front had yet to make an appearance in this sleepy little town. Jessica Stanley's mother is the real estate agent for the county and has had the most interaction with the new additions Quinn and Isabella Swan. They had their belongings and vehicles shipped from California. This fountain of information has boosted Jessica's popularity for the week. She is now almost as self absorbed as my beautiful sister Rosalie.

We arrived at school and there was a crowd around Jessica. "They are going to be living in that house by themselves. Their parents are not coming. Quinn has custody of Isabella. She is starting school here tomorrow."

The guys all imagined house parties with the hot new girl. So many different visions of what she could look like bounced around in their heads. Apparently in their minds, this new girl looked like the love child of Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.

"Well at least the gossip has died down from the poor Cullen foster kids." Emmett said sounding relieved.

"Yes, we can all be thankful for that." Jasper added sending relief and calm through all of us.

"It is difficult enough to breathe their scents without having to hear all the lame gossip." Rosalie added.

We all knew she thrived on the attention, but no one ever said anything.

Each class that day was overwhelmed with thoughts of this new girl and some were almost creative. The boys all imagined themselves in love with her and the girls all wanted to latch onto the attention she would inevitably gain.

3 pm I get to leave . . .

8 am back again . . .

The minds of the students were frenzied. The mysterious new student was starting school today. I honestly was not excited about yet another human in this prison they referred to as high school.

Jasper's thoughts were as frenzied as the rest of the students, but for a different reason. It has been a good two weeks since our last hunt. We are trying to build his tolerance, but Jasper is still fairly new to our diet. I put my hand on his shoulder and he pulled away annoyed that I had been listening in. It is not like I can help it.

I put distance between us and headed to class early. The head football player was bragging about Isabella Swan smiling at him in the office. This girl was like a ball of yarn to a room full of kittens. I wonder how long her popularity will last. I tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying, but I knew all of this at least 25 times over. Somehow I managed to make it to lunch before going completely insane.

I wonder if they will let me ask her on a shopping trip. She is really quite cute and I haven't had anyone new to hang out with in decades. Will that sound insulting?

Alice's mind was circling around shopping as usual. Rosalie's vanity was forefront in her mind. Emmett was fuming about Jasper beating him in last night's bet. Jasper was still thirsty. Amazingly with the exception of Emmett my whole family was thinking about the new girl. Rosalie did not like the attention she was getting, Alice wanted to befriend her and Jasper wanted to drink her. This town is way too small for everyone to get worked up about one person.

I scanned the thoughts in the room and received more information.

Isabella is so pretty, she seems really shy though. I bet I could get her to ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance this month. Maybe we will have another class together. Eric Yorkie was fantasizing about being in love with this girl and he had only observed her in a class.

The thoughts were coming from all directions. Finally I caught a glimpse of this girl.

She walked into the cafeteria with an old fashioned metal lunchbox. It was silver with obscure band stickers all over the exterior. She went to a vacant table and pulled out a journal and her iPod. She was really cute. I saw her through so many different thoughts that did not do her justice. She had long chocolate brown hair with twinges of a very subtle red highlights. She looked up at me as if I was talking out loud and her deep purple eyes [Yes, Purple] looked into mine. She flashed me a smile then turned back to her journal. I did not stare, but it was hard not to think about this girl. Her eyes especially; she had what looked like a million long eyelashes circling her beautiful purple iris'. Set against her perfect pale complexion. Her lips were the ideal shade of pink and they complimented the slight blush she had in her cheeks. Within seconds of sitting down the small girl was lost in a sea of potential friends.

They all introduced themselves and reminded her of the classes they share. She was quiet and answered in as few words as possible. Jessica Stanley had latched onto the poor girl.

Even Edward Cullen is staring at her. She isn't even that pretty, she is just new. Don't worry everyone will pay attention to you again as soon as she settles in. I wish Mike would stop staring at her. What can I tell her about him so she won't bother?

Her thoughts were completely selfish. I had managed to pry my eyes away from her as soon as I realized my attention was noticed. Emmett kicked me under the table. Edward! Don't tell me you are going all gaga over this girl too. He started making little kissing sounds and fluttering his eyelashes at me.

I shook my head and left the table. I could hear Rosalie's envy getting out of hand and Alice excited about the prospect of me finally showing interest in a girl, even a human one.

I went to the parking lot and went through my playlists while waiting for the bell to ring. Well I guess I may have been a little hard on the kids today. She was definitely worth thinking about. I was just starting to zone out when I saw her sneak out of the cafeteria and sit behind the office building facing the parking lot. No one would find her there and she could still hear the bell ring. I tried to listen to her thoughts, but I couldn't hear anything. She must have seen me straining to listen and she looked into my eyes, like she was busted. She slowly got up and walked towards me. I lowered the window and the music.

"Hi, I'm Bella." She stuck out her hand and I shook it without thinking. "Edward Cullen."

"Wow, your hand is quite chilly."

"Sorry, it is the weather." God, how stupid, why didn't I think before touching her?

"Yeah, this place is much rainier than California. Well, Edward Cullen as you have witnessed my humiliating attempt to hide I guess that makes you my first friend here in Forks."

"Your first friend? You seem to have made plenty of those already."

"Yes, but you are the only one who has dirt on me. That's how friendships are formed."

A slight breeze kicked up and her scent was blown into my window. A wave of freesias and strawberries hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to keep my face composed and my body in the car. Her scent was so demanding. It was calling to me. Her blood wanted me to drink it. No one around to witness it if I did . . .

"You like Kill Hannah?"

"Yeah, I have a few songs." Music, concentrate on answering her questions. Stop thinking about how she will taste.

"Well it is good to know I have a guy to turn to for a decent burned disc. See you inside Edward Cullen."

She walked away and was immediately engulfed by students clamoring for her attention.

Mike Newton grabbed her backpack from her and slung it over his shoulder.

Did she come out here to find Cullen? That guy is such a freak. Well the girls say he doesn't date hopefully that will keep up.

Bella grabbed her bag back and thanked him saying she preferred having it with her. This little exchange made me smile. I have never paid much attention to 'big man on campus' Mike Newton. Now I was sure I didn't like him. This girl was in danger. Her unique scent was so powerful.

Hastily I was overcome with an unwelcome emotion. The predator was awakened inside me. He wanted blood. Not diluted animal blood. He wants her blood. I slipped a little when I was new. I thought myself a vigilante. I would drink from humans who had wronged others. Murders were my favorite. This girl is an innocent. Well how could I be sure? She is completely silent. Who knows what secrets are hiding behind . . . I stopped this train of thought abruptly. Who am I kidding she has the aura of an angel.

1 pm . . . I should be headed to class, but I may let this dark passenger have his way if I do. I left the keys on the visor and ran towards home. Alice would see this and drive everyone home later. I haven't had to stay away from someone in so long. I knew it was the right choice. Her scent was sticking to my mind. I replayed the morning as my senses reset.

Once control was regained I ran home to wait for full dark. I went straight to my room and waited. I played some jazz and put Bella Swan to the back of my mind. I was looking forward to the hunt. It was a full moon and with four hungry family members the chances of some good competition were excellent.

Knock knock

"Come in" I told Alice as she stood outside my door.

"We are thinking of heading towards Canada tonight. What do you think?"

"Sounds good. Is Emmett ready?"

"Oh yeah he is already taunting Jasper. I don't know if they will make it before Jasper snaps."

"More for us"

Ask me, c'mon ask about Bella!

"You know full well I can hear your thoughts, why don't you just tell me?"

"Oh since you asked . . ."

"She was top of her class at a private school in California. She is very bright well read and loves music."

"Yes, and she dresses well, is a little on the shy side has an older step brother who just opened a shop

"Her eyes are naturally purple."

"Yeah I noticed that already."

"She hates shopping . . ." Alice said with a faux pout. "I will change that though. I have seen it. We are going to be great friends."

"Well I am happy for you Alice. It is very rare you are this excited about anything."

EDWARD!!! Come out and play!

Emmett's voice boomed up the stairs and Alice and I jumped up to join the group. We stood on the porch and Emmett counted us down.

1 – 2 – 3 Go!

We ran as hard and fast as we could. Once deep in a northern forest Alice and I took off from Emmett and Jasper.

We will find you. You can't hide. Emmett thought trying to be as menacing as possible.

Alice and I dominated the north east side of the radius we set and anticipating their kills were able to keep them from feeding by the time we were full. Alice and I sat in the dead center as Emmett and Jasper fed on the left over's.

When they had quenched their thirst the real fun began. Emmett launched himself at Alice. She swiftly moved out of the way and we laughed as he crashed into a boulder crushing it into pieces. Rosalie who preferred to hunt out of our game zone came to join us while Emmett continued to charge.

Finally I had mercy on him and made contact. He was really enjoying himself and I knew if I wasn't careful he would use his super strength and I would be pinned on the soft wet ground. Jasper joined in the match and it was hard to tell where the arms were coming from. Jasper and I know we are evenly matched strength wise and even though he is a better fighter my ability gives me a certain edge evening out our fighting styles.


A bolt of lightning broke through the sky followed immediately by thunder and rain. Rosalie screeched. "I'm going home! Emmett; are you coming?"

"Yeah Babe, I am right behind you." He pushed Jasper causing him to slide through the mud into a tree.

Alice tended to Jasper and I decided to stay a little longer. I love thunder storms.

"Edward, you have enough sense to get out of the rain?"

"I'll be along in a while. I want to enjoy this."

"Suit yourself"

They ran after Rose and Emmett. I jogged behind enjoying the rain and bolts crackling above head.

We got back in state and I decided to go to my meadow. The storm had not spread this far south, but the night was clear and I could at least enjoy the stars.

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