(Twilight theme by Stephanie Meyer)

I pulled up to our home and hurried inside. The second the front door opened I was hit with her scent and the room felt odd. My peripheral sight grew fuzzy and I blacked out.

Instead of the warm homecoming I expected I came home to an empty house, my head was throbbing for some strange reason and I went to the bathroom to look for any injuries. I opened the door and found a note taped to the bathroom mirror.


I have been summoned. I am not sure when I will be allowed to return. I will call you as soon as I can.


I crumpled the note in my fist and kicked the trashcan sending it flying hard into the bathtub. I tried to think back to the last time I spent any time with Bella, it had been almost a week ago. She had been so badly injured that they had to intercede and heal her. Why would she leave me a note; why in the bathroom?

I needed to calm down and find a way to soothe the incessant thumping. I was angry about the note, but it was not her fault, it was their fault. They are trying to keep us from being together. I thought back to the day we moved in. Her aunt Clara must have been sent ahead to see if the rumors about Bella dating a vampire were true. After that the commissions she received kept her occupied when she was not teaching. It was non-stop.

I decided to take a hot shower, the temperature never really made a difference to me, but something about the water against my forehead and the steam in the air calmed me. I am not sure how long I was standing there, but as the water temperature began to cool I grudgingly left my calming cocoon. I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself. The temperature dropped as I left the curtain of hot steam and I made my way to the mirror to comb through my messy hair. That is when I realized why she left me the note here.

The whole room was foggy apart from a message written on the mirror.

Under your pillow…

I hurried into our bedroom and flipped the pillows off the bed. A velvet green box was placed neatly under my pillow and I opened it. A small token connected to a silver chain. The token was engraved with the words,

Meet me on the other side.



It was the token she gave me in our first dream together. I caressed the lettering and immediately felt drowsy. This must be one of the projects she had been working on. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was immediately swept off to another reality. It felt different than any of the other dreams I had in the past. I entered an opulent room that held a round table with 12 seats. I felt safe in the room, but something told me to be alert for danger. I walked around and settled myself in a chair facing the east wall. The room was empty, but I feel oddly at home here. I was not sitting too long before five couples entered the room.

All of them were gorgeous in their own ways. Each couple seemed to match their mate. An intense raven haired couple was first to enter. Their thoughts were completely blank to me and I knew by looking at their eyes that fact would not change. A very peaceful blond couple entered next. The man looked like he was sculpted out of marble and as I stared at his mate I recognized her as the witch Clara. Uncontrollable hate and fear filled my body at the sight of her. She was a spy and had taken Bella from me time after time. I did not bother to notice the next two couples in as much detail as I was staring Clara down in a one way silent threat. One of the couples had red hair and the other had light brown. My senses felt dull and unfocused. The last couple caught me off guard. Quinn and a woman who looked very statuesque with bronze hair stood in the doorway. They waited as the rest of the group took their seats then made their way to my right and sat down as if it were a ceremony. I was like a ghost wandering in this room. The realization of who these people were hit me; the Elders. They were all unrealistically beautiful and their eyes were a light lavender rather than dark like Bella and Quinn… well how his used to be.

A tall woman with raven black hair stood opposite my seat and recited a spell before they began.

Hear now the words

Of the witches,

The secrets we hid

In the night,

The oldest of Gods

Are invoked here,

The great work of

Magic is sought,

In this night and

In this hour,

I call upon the

Ancient power

I could feel a cage of energy around the table and all inside, which now included me. Clara took the floor at that moment.

"I have taken it upon myself to deal with the Isabel situation. She has been growing increasingly anxious to leave her duty as a tracker. The reveal is taking place this year for the vampire community and as we have agreed to freeze any missions I have been sending her to capture evaders. It is dangerous, but we all know that Isabel can handle herself well. Her focus in this life has improved her abilities greatly. Her environment is proving to be a distraction. She has this dream of finishing the work that Charles began. I have her journals and I believe we can get someone to take over for her if needed."

The man who sat next to the raven haired woman spoke next.

"Clara, are the tales true about her living with another Vampire?"

"Yes Aiden, that is why I summoned you all here. He has taken the role of her consort. I have spoken to Quinn about the relationship and he says that their affections are too strong to be broken easily. I visited her home in New York and I found the reason for their strong connection."

She turned and looked at me and for a moment I was scared as each of them turned to look at me. I shifted in my seat, but their stares went through me to the back of my seat. The constant thumping in the background began to hum louder and faster, but I could not identify where it was coming from.

"That is impossible!" Aiden said slamming his fist into the table. "He is not yet born, we would have known!"

"Dear brother, trust me, I saw him. He has come back, he is one of us. I have done my research and he was reborn within a couple years of Quinn. He was turned by a former member of the Volturi family weeks before he came into his powers. This explains why we were unaware of his presence. We knew he had died, but not that he had been changed."

"What of his parents?" The raven haired woman, Claudia, asked.

"They were Human, died of the Spanish Influenza. He was the same age as Isabel when she was taken from us back in 1918. He grew ill at the same time and was changed before his presumed expiration date."

"Do you think Aro ordered his change to prevent our table from being complete?"

"No, I do not believe Aro was aware of his presence or of the action of his fallen brother."

What was I hearing? They think I am, one of them? Are they insane? Why do they care about my family? What did Aro have to do with any of this? So many questions in my mind and a lot of background noise.

"What have you done with Isabel?" Lydia, the female with Quinn said.

"She was injured and is being tended to in the infirmary. Her condition is stable for now." Clara said.

"If he dies as a vampire his soul will be lost. We can make him human. Then he will be reborn with his soul intact." Aiden said as if the conversation had not continued while he thought.

"He will not be easy to live with when he remembers all of this." Claudia argued. She looked almost scared.

"He will understand once our table is complete. If Isabel and Edward are reborn in the next couple years we will be reunited within the next century. He has a weakness for her blood. If we inject Bella he will not be able to resist. We will lose her, but it is the only way." Quinn offered looking conflicted, but determined to prove he belonged at their table.

"It is such a shame about Isabella. This life really seemed to suit her." Aiden mused.

"Well, at least her mistakes with the vampires will be forgotten." Clara said, looking disgusted.

"Yes, well unless James gets to her again in her next life. We would have had her close to maturity if James had not killed her all those years ago." Claudia spat angrily.

"We can eliminate him now that he is out of the spotlight. Have Quinn kill him since Isabel continues to refuse." Aiden offered, as if he were suggesting a restaurant for dinner rather than talking about killing an immortal creature.

They were making decisions, life or death decisions as if each of us were expendable. I tried to clear my mind, but something kept me chained to that chair. A sense of belonging, or familiarity perhaps swept me up in millions of strange visions.

I felt her before I saw her. Bella swept her hand across my cheek and down my chest.

"I am so sorry Edward." Her eyes were full of tears. The table fizzled in front of me and I was back in our bedroom. Laying on the bed next to a tired looking Bella. I was confused, how hard had I hit my head? It was throbbing and the thumping grew louder in my ear.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked her trying to focus on her face.

"I've … I didn't even know I had it... you are dying." Silent tears streaked down her face. I'm dying, how is that possible?

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked pointing behind me to the blurry elder room.

"I needed to show you before you changed completely. So you would hold on, I can't lose you again."

"When was this?" I motioned behind me.

"This was the day after I was injured. They infused my blood with the potion and spelled our home. You came home and attacked me. I fought you off, but you drank too much and collapsed on the bed."

She began to cry, but her sobs were silent.

Today had seemed like a blur, because that is exactly what it was. A blur, a false memory, a planted reality. Then I heard it again, horror struck me when I finally realized what it was, the mysterious noise was a thudding… in my chest. My heart had been beating this whole time. Beating, and now I was vulnerable. The pain behind her eyes was too much to bear.

The scene I blacked out slowly crept back to me. I entered the living room and there was Bella, sitting on the couch writing in her journal. She smiled as she greeted me and flipped her hair over her shoulder sending her scent into my lungs. It was the most intense craving I had ever had. I felt my mind and body detach from one another and I watched in horror as I picked up a stunned Bella up and bit into her shoulder. I drank greedily before she found enough sense to fight back and broke free of me. She ran into the bedroom and I chased her, but my coordination had been compromised. I stumbled and fell on the corner of the mattress. She yelped out in pain simultaneous with my collapse. I struggled to regain balance and she helped me onto the bed. The rest of the scene went mute as I watched her shake me and scream. She wore a horrified expression and I saw each emotion flit across her face. Quinn stepped into the room with Lydia and their expressions were as cold as when he brought her home after her injuries. He said something to Bella and she screamed at him. He put his hand over my eyes and I knew that is where the dream came from.

"What is going to happen to us Bella?" I said with panic as my heart raced with my realization.

"We will have to find each other again." She said in an unattached voice.

The room grew cold and the lights dimmed. The images of the elder council had disappeared and the bedroom where I laid my head down came into view. Bella was lying next to me and her breaths were shallow. The bite marks from my teeth still fresh and she had been drained so thoroughly that they did not bleed.

The now short life I had come to know as my own faded and I was living in a moment that belonged to someone else. My soul came into view and I remembered who I was. I know knew why I never found anyone to love in the century as an immortal. I knew why the life I led felt empty and repetitive. It was not mine. It was a cosmic mistake that kept my soul trapped. It kept me away from my soul mate, and now here I was again. I felt a weak laugh creak in my chest as I now realized why Alice was calling me. She must have seen this. I wonder how long before someone found us. This was going to kill Esme; she had lost children in her human life and now in her afterlife. She loved Bella as a daughter and now she would never get to see that wedding she was secretly planning for us. A wave of sorrow hit me as I realized that I would never see my family again. I silently said my goodbyes to them and I tried to focus on other things.

My thoughts began to wander and I thought back to my first human death, I was so much stronger than the rest of my family and the illness seemed to pass me. I could now remember the vision I had of Isabel, the girl I had noticed only days before her disappearance. She was found in an alley with her neck ripped into by some wild animal. The day she died was the day I became ill. The same day I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I was meant to die alongside her, but my soul remained here waiting for her. Finally, we were given our second chance and this was the only way that our family could find to save my soul. They deceived me into killing myself and the woman I love in the process. I would have to wander the earth again, aimlessly searching for my missing piece. I would be born into a world with monsters walking among humans.

I contemplated all of this as my heart began to slow. Bella had stopped crying and now just stared at me, past my eyes searching for the familiar part of me. I could feel her heart beat against my hand as she held me close and her hands began to get cold. The potion had worked and now my 109 year old heart was working overtime to continue beating. Her eyelids grew heavier and I watched in silence as she began to drift away from me. The room was dark and my human eyes strained to keep Bella's perfect face in focus. Her heartbeat slowed and mine sped up. The potion running through my veins was too much for my body and I felt the end approach quickly. I thought back to the day in Forks and our almost kiss while reciting Shakespeare. This time, the memory I had played over and over, continued to Act 5 and I watched as my Juliet lay still beside me.

O true apothecary!
Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.

I leaned towards Bella and as I reached her lips my eyelids lost their battle against gravity and everything went black…

- End Scene -

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