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The reason Jean doesn't cover for anybody part 2 Jean's revenge

The mansion was silent. Everyone slept in varying states of peace as the clock struck two a.m. Logan slipped quietly through the halls, planning on taking his bike for a ride. He had just reached the door when he doubled over clutching his head. "Logan! Help, my powers…I can't control them! Get the Professor; he will know what to do. " His head snapped up as the contact was broken. "Jean?" He raced to alert the Professor, and within minutes all of the adults as well as Scott, who wouldn't be left once he knew what was going on, were on their way. "Tell me again what you heard," the Professor said. "I told you," Logan growled, "She said she couldn't control her powers. She also said you'd know what to do about it." "Hmm, I fear the worst." "What do you know?" Scott demanded. "It's a long story…"

Back at the mansion, the rest of the students were still slumbering when a voice in their heads woke them up, telling them that a danger room session had been scheduled and that they were all to report immediately. So, grumbling tiredly, they stumbled to the practice room. When they arrived the doors shut behind them. Nothing happened for a moment. "Hey, what's going on?" Jamie asked. "Like, we don't know," Kitty replied. A chuckle sounded from somewhere. "Children, meet your new, temporary instructor." "Is that Jean," Spike questioned. No one got a chance to respond. They were all thrown backward as the defense system detached itself from the walls and began chasing them, firing at random. Panels from the walls flew off and hurled themselves at the children. "I got it," Bobby cried freezing one of them. "See, it's a piece of cake." Jubilee tackled him as the frozen metal burst in flames and dove at his head. "Right, you were saying?" Evil laughter sounded from the control center. "This'll teach him to set a maniac loose on me." "Hey!" Wanda said from her place beside her. "No offense, just keep attacking them.

By the time the others arrived back at the mansion, the victims of the danger room massacre were lying groaning on the floor. Storm and Wolverine rushed over to some of them. "The light, I can see the light!" Iceman moaned. "What happened?" Storm asked. A black haired girl strode past her. "That was fun. Oh, hi Professor, about this..." "Wanda? What are you doing here?" "Well, you did always say there was a place for me here; I just thought I'd check out the danger room." "What made you decide to attack my students?" "Oh, um...the red head put me up to it!" "Jean? But why would she do that?" Wolverine muttered. "It was something about getting revenge for the time she had to talk to me." Xavier sighed, "I should have known." "See you later, Professor," she said walking out the door. "Right," Scott said slowly, "I'm going to go back to bed and forget everything you just told me about my girlfriend's psychotic alternate personality." "Yes, I think that would be best."