Forks, the rainiest place on earth. But underneath the cloudy atmosphere held two families.

The Swans and the Cullen's. Each set of families have been fighting ever since the others arrived. A dominance to wipe each other out.

While at a meeting the son of Carlisle Cullen and the daughter of Charlie Swan meet. They try to fight the instant attraction which beholds them. But will they hide their passion forever?



Fort Minor: remember the name

chamillionaire - rock star (ft. lil wayne) - Ultimate Victor

Mad'House (Like a Prayer)


Chapter 1

I drove to school in my black Volvo with my two brothers, James and Emmett my friend Rosalie was driving her convertible car to school already.

"God I'm hungry" Emmett moaned rubbing his stomach me and James chuckled. We parked up and Rosalie got out of her car to greet Emmett.

"Hey baby" she cooed

"Hey" he kissed her. Both me and James rolled our eyes. But then James froze and looked behind me I immediately tensed. The Cullen's had arrived at school.

"Emmett" I said

"Yes" he said smiling at me he frowned and then tensed also when he saw the Cullen's. He tightened his grip on Rosalie. I saw them all get out of the car. Alice, the pixie one who didn't really have anything to do with the business was the one who go tout first out of the back, followed by her boyfriend, and best friend of the leader, Jasper Whitlock. When we heard the news of him joining the Cullen clan we were shocked it's usually only blood families who are allowed close encounters with the fighting.

And then finally, the leader of the coven, before his father, Edward Cullen. The older brother of the Cullen clan stepped out of his silver Volvo with his black shades and smirked at Jasper who chuckled in response.

I saw people start to gather as they realized that we had both arrived.

I still remember last time.


Myself and James were walking back to my car when we heard the shouting

"Get the fuck away from her"

we looked up to see Emmett get Rosalie behind his back, standing in front of him were Jasper and Edward

"We didn't do anything!" Edward yelled

"Sure, that's why she was saying get the hell off me"

"As we said we didn't fucking start anything" Jasper replied glaring at Emmett.

Me and James went to interfere

"Emmett calm down" I said standing beside him, I looked towards the Cullen's "Why don't you go home Cullen" I snarled

he smirked and looked at me in a way he shouldn't have, he glared. James punched him. Jasper went to help him but I got him back and punched him in the jaw earning a crack.

"Fuck!" he cursed on the ground while holding his jaw. The students started to come out to witness the fight. Edward had punched James in the stomach, winding him. I walked to him and we both started to fight. Edward wasn't hesitating to hit. Don't get me wrong he might be a cocky bastered but he didn't like fighting against a woman he thought it was wrong.

After we had a few cuts and bruises we got called into the principal's office. He had called our parents. Both clans mother came in seeing as if the fathers came in, they would fight also. Renee was disappointed in all of us as was Esme Cullen with her children. Whitlock's parents were killed when he was young so he went to live with the Cullen's.

That night when we arrived home Charlie wasn't at all disappointed he was glad we fought back and he was so proud at me for breaking Jaspers jaw. Charlie and Renee had a fight that night we heard them from upstairs our mom was shouting at Charlie saying this was wrong and we could get hurt or killed. Charlie dismissed it saying they're older and capable of looking after themselves.

End of flashback

I looked towards the growing crowd

"Shoo" I hissed they went inside when they heard the bell go.

The Cullen clan started to make there way in. they looked at us and we looked at them, well look might be a kind way to out it, it was more like a glare.

Myself and my family walked a head of them. We went into the office to collect our schedules for the semester.

"Here you are dears" Mrs. Cope gave us our schedules.

We heard the door open behind us and in entered the Cullen's

"Swan's" Edward nodded

"Cullen's" James replied

I saw Mrs. Cope look uneasy

"We'll leave" I said to her, making her come at ease. At looked towards my siblings and Rosalie

"Let's go" we looked at the Cullen's one last time before we left. I heard one of them say something along the lines of "I wish they would just die already"

"What was that Whitlock?" James snarled. I looked towards Jasper who was smirking

"You heard"

Edward decided to step in. I saw Emmett was about to but I stopped him,

"Go to class with Rosalie" I whispered "I'll deal with this"

He nodded and went away from the scene. I looked towards Whitlock

"Run along to class all of you" I turned and brought James with me.

"Who the fuck are you to tell us what to do" Edward shouted.

"Is there a problem" The principal asked looking nervous

"No" I responded

"No, just a misunderstanding" Edward replied not looking away from him I got a strange feeling in my stomach I didn't understand.

Believe it or not we all used to be best friends. Our parents used to like each other I looked up to Esme as a second mother Carlisle was the funniest person I knew. Then one the rainiest evening of the night something happened which separated us all. I was the only one, apart from the two parents, that really knew what happened that night.

Charlie and Carlisle had taught us to hate each other and it worked like a charm.

"Good now all of you get to class" Principal Greene asked.

We backed away but not breaking contact with each other. James had brought me to class, his class was opposite mine. I walked in to see Alice fidgeting with a piece of paper, she sat at the front while I sat behind her.

"Now we'll be working on a project this year I'll be partnering you all up, so let's see" he looked down at his list "Eric with Andy, Anne with Helene, Alice with Bella" I sighed I knew that would happen I saw Alice stiffen at the front of me, she turned her head to look at me behind her shoulder

fear was in her eyes but then the bell rang, she jumped out of her seat and no doubt went to tell her boyfriend and brother.

I headed to my next class which was English. As the teacher was rabbi ting about stuff I already knew I dazed off into a flashback.

It was the summer and Forks and surprisingly allowed us some sun. all of us were roughly 5-6. Me and Edward were playing in the garden while Jasper and Emmett were play wrestling

"You look pretty today Bells" Edward commented, he looked down at his Lego and his face blushed.

"T-thanks" I stuttered looking down and playing with my fingers.


"Yes" I looked up to see him staring at me seriously

"When you g-get older, did you ever think a-about getting married?"

I bit my lip "I don't know we're too young to think about that"

"Bella come and play over here with us" my brother Emmett shouted, I chuckled as did Edward Emmett was a very over protective brother, even though he liked Edward he didn't like something's he said. Like when we were in the nursery he said I had pretty eyes.

"OK" I looked to Edward

"Go on I want to ask my mummy something"

I nodded and ran to Emmett and Jasper, our other brother James didn't like to play in the sun.

"Wrestle with Jasper Bells" Emmett smiled evilly at Jasper

"OK" I nodded eagerly I lay down on the grass, on my stomach, as did Jasper. Rosalie, and Alice had come over to see the challenge, the girls were cheering me while Emmett cheered Jasper on. I whacked down Jaspers fists and he yelped in pain.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to"

Emmett picked me up

"Stop" I laughed

"Emmett Swan"

"Daddy" I got out of Emmett death grip and went over to my daddy, he chuckled and picked me up hugging me close.

"Ah my little fireball angel" I giggled

"Daddy" I buried my head in the crook of his neck. He laughed

"Did I see you beat Jasper?" he set me down and smiled at me.

"Yes" I jumped up and down clapping my hands.

"Bella?" I looked to see Edward come out with Esme.

"Hello dears drinks"

my brothers and friends ran towards the drinks while Edward touched my arm, I had a strange sensation in my tummy.

"Can I talk to you" he asked, I nodded. Edward had walked us to a near by tree which was shaded my the trees we could still see our families.

"Bella" he fidgeted with something in his hand "Em here" he passed me a silver claddah ring with a blue gem forming the heart.

"Edward" I gasped

"It was my grandma's she said for me to give it to someone I lov…liked" he corrected

"I can't…" but I was cut off my his chuckle

"Please Bella" he gave me the puppy eyes and the pouty lip I couldn't refuse.

"Fine" I sighed he smiled and gave me a thin chain to put it on seeing as it was too big to fit my finger.

The bell rang and I shot out of my seat. I was putting my stuff away in the locker when I heard chanting. I walked round the corner to see James and Edward fighting.

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