New Divide

The sequel to Two households - Bella and Edward have set up a life of their own and are still madly in love but with the air still lingering on the new mafia coven it is not only them who Bella and Edward have to's their own flesh and blood as a whole new world breaks out leaving Bella and Edward stunned as they have to shoot at their own families. : HUMAN

Hi i'm sure loads of you lovely people have seen this advertised on my page anyway but i wanted to put it on the Two Households stpry anyway ;)

Because i might be awile with my other stories here's a little teaser of New Divide

"Come on Edward" i panted, my body felt like it was on fire, my heart was ready to burst itself out of my chest, my whole body was covered in sweat.

"O god Bella" He panted as well, he moved faster and harder than i had seen him, i laughed as he tackled me to the floor

"You cheater" i panted, running a hand through my hair as i looked up at Edward, we had just finshed our Morning work out, rnning through the woods near our home in Seattle. It had been three months and me and Edward hadn't heard a word from our family, i guess they still couldn't come to terms with me and Edward. The very thought saddened me. Edward gave me a cheaky smile, his eyes sparkled with playfulness as he looked at me adoringly

"I don't cheat Miss Swan, i would never think about taking out a wounderful woman like you" he kissed me once before pulling back and looking at me, his hands either side of me "Exspacially one with such a fine, toned ass"

I laughed and brought him down for another kiss "What am i going to do with you Edward Cullen" i shook my head, he tapped his chin and pretended to look deep in thought,

"Well, there's some bits of our house we haven't chirstened yet" he winked.

Hope you liked it, spread the word about the teaser :) btw some people voted for me to post Diamond Man Chapter 1 up, i just wanted to point out it's on my new page on The writers Coffee shop Libary, my pen name is SatansDarkAngel, check it out.

Twilighterheart xxxx

p.s Sorry about spelling mistakes, i just thought it up right now :D