Disclaimer: I don't own American Dragon: Jake Long or any character from the series. This fic is inspired in the first chapter of Dream Date Drabbles. I said I wouldn't put Rose meeting Jake's family in that drabble series but I never said I'd never make a fic with such a meeting. And there's no intended continuity so don't complain if anything in this fic contradicts the continuity of the drabble.

Synopsis: A girl is visiting her boyfriend and his family. The unusual thing? She's a dragon slayer and her boyfriend and the maternal side of his family are dragons.

Meeting the Boyfriend's Family

Rose is nervously heading towards a specific home located at Skorn Eagle. The home of her boyfriend Jake Long, also known as the American Dragon. She's nervous for two reasons. First, she's afraid the Huntsclan might be following her and they learn her boyfriend's secret. Second, she's afraid the draconic side of Jake's family will reject her. She's approaching Jake's home when she sees him and a little girl coming from the opposite way.

"Rose." Jake exclaims.

"Hi, Jake." Rose replies. "And that must be your little sister Haley."

"Rose, you're beautiful, gracious, smart. What do you see in someone like my brother?" Haley asks.

"Jake's so nice and cute." Rose answers. "But certain details are not to be discussed in public. Let's get inside."

They enter the house, where Jonathan and Susan greet them. Jonathan is holding a photographic camera. "So, that's the Rose you've been talking so much, Jakers?" He comments. "I think it's time for 'the talk'."

"No wonder Jake didn't want us to study our lines for the school play here." Rose thinks.

"Jake, your other friends, Trixie and Spud, have already arrived." Susan tells as she points at them.

"Sorry I'm late, guys." Jake replies. "The problem Gramps needed help with took longer than expected."

"Don't sweat it, bro." Spud replies. Jake and his friends then go to his bedroom for the study session. Unbeknownst to them, Haley is using Ear of the Dragon to overhear their conversation.

"Jake, your family is being nicer to Rose than I expected." Spud comments.

"I agree." Trixie replies. "Jakey, I know Papa Long has no idea you're a dragon but your mother and your sister didn't seem to have any idea Rose is the Huntsgirl."

Rose then notices Jake's guilty smile. "Jake, didn't you tell them?"

"I was thinking about letting them know you before learning." He explains and then notices Rose staring at him. "Rose, would you have given our relationship a chance had you known from the beginning I'm a dragon?"

Rose thinks about it. "Point taken, Jake."

At this point Haley decides to take matters at her own hands. She picks her cell phone and dials to her grandfather.

"Canal Street Electronics." Fu answers. "Never had a customer. Never had a sale."

"Fu, lemme talk to Gramps. It's urgent." Haley pleads.

"Gramps, Haley is at the phone." Fu announces. "And she's desperate.

"What's wrong, young one?" Lao Shi asks.

"Gramps, Rose is the Huntsgirl and Jake brought her home knowing it." Haley explains, so worried she isn't even happy at the prospect of tallying on Jake again. "What do we do?"

"Don't worry, Haley." Lao Shi calmly replies. "Rose might be a dragon slayer but she switched sides and now spies on the Huntsclan for us. It's thanks to her we managed to keep two of the Aztec Skulls away from the Huntsclan."

That statement shocks Haley, who had already heard about those skulls from Sun Park. If the Huntsclan grabs a hold of all 13 of them they can destroy all magical creatures. Still, she can't believe Huntsgirl is one of the good guys now. "But, Gramps, what if she's just trying to earn our trust untill all skulls appear?"

"I trust her now, Haley." Lao Shi replies. "You should do the same. Goodbye."

Still worried, Haley heads to the kitchen where her mother is preparing some sandwiches and juice for Jake and his guests. However, Haley is even more shocked when she sees Rose.

"Thanks for the help, Rose." Susan says. "Have you ever thought about working at my catering service?"

"Don't trust her, mother!" Haley yells. "She's a slayer."

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