Dear Diary,

I've thoroughly screwed up my life... and I don't know what to feel anymore.

I'm seventeen, and I'm pregnant. But, you know what the worst part about all of this is? It's my best friend's brothers. Sure, he's completely gorgeous but he can be a complete moron sometimes. His ego is the size of Jupiter, he's a smart-ass, he's a wannabe emo (he doesn't slit his wrists, he just dresses kinda emo, kinda normal – I don't even know what normal is!), and he's the one who convinced me to go to the damn party, the one who convinced me to have a drink in his room since the party was completely boring, the one who got me drunk, the one who got himself drunk, the one who started kissing me, the one who got me KNOCKED UP!

He's going to freak once I tell him that I'm pregnant, and that I want to keep the baby, and that I want him to help me. I hope – even though I hate his guts right now – that he will want to keep the baby.

I only just found out that I'm pregnant. I took a test when my period never came.

It's been three weeks since that night at the party. I have to tell Alice first though, I need her support, then I'll tell him...

This sucks.