*************SERIES 3 CHILDREN OF EARTH SPOILERS*************


Basically you're going to notice a few little fics like this, Various little bits in Series 3 left me with the need to write these so enjoy :)

I don't own any of this, the unbelievably tall RTD and the BBC own all of it.

Also thanks to Galadriel1010 for accompanying me to the Torchwood Screening :D

This is Jacks version of events to see Ianto's look at my story: Out of Danger??

As the lift rose Jack stared into Ianto's eyes. He had told him he was coming back, told him he could survive anything, almost promised him.

But how could he survive this?

He knew the chance he wouldn't was big, he had never been blown apart like this before.

He was glad he had kissed Ianto like that, so hard and needy. It could have been their last kiss, he wanted Ianto to remember it.

His eyes filled with tears. As the lift closed above him he hoped that wasn't the last time he would see Ianto.

He pulled his eyes away from lift as it closed. Looking across to the computer screen he could see the countdown.



He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath.

Boom?? Now that would be telling. =P