A/N: I love how it takes one really good Sonny/Chad episode to put me in a Channy mood. I keep dishing these out! Hopefully this one will be as good as my most recent one-shot "Impossible." This idea came to me last night because starting next week, I will be working at a day-camp. I am really looking forward to it so keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well and the kids are all sweet.

Disclaimer: Sonny With A Chance does not belong to me despite how much I wish it did. I think I could be a good addition to the writing team. Oops, that was a little too egotistical. I've found if I say something too ego-filled that my writing doesn't turn out as good as it could (karma) so let's pretend I didn't say that, alright?

Summary: Sonny can't wait to work at the day-camp over summer break but when she finds Chad is also working there, things get complicated. Will she still be able to have the fun she's been looking forward to or will Chad be the rain on her summer parade?


"What are you doing and why are wearing that hat?" Tawni Hart demanded as she walked through the door of the dressing room she shared with the girl who was currently putting on a bright red baseball cap that said, "FUN ZONE" across the front.

"Oh," Sonny laughed excitedly, "This?" She pointed to the hat, "This old thing will be perfect for keeping the sun off my face. I tend to blister easily especially in the summer heat. I think it has something to do with not being used to the summer heat of California."

"Thanks so much for that wonderful little monologue but what I probably should have said, in order to not have had to listen to that extraordinarily boring story, is this: where in the world are you going that a hat like that would even be anywhere near acceptable? Yes, that sounds better," Tawni smiled, proud at herself for coming up with a better question.

"I am working at a day-camp," Sonny announced, "I will be helping with the kindergarten class down at the youth center. We have all sorts of activities planned for them and I am really looking forward to it."

"Well good for you!" Tawni clapped excitedly, "Have fun getting barfed on and sneezed upon. I, on the other hand, will be spending my summer at the tanning salons and the strip. Hope you have fun!"

"Oh I will!" Sonny's voice was full of a challenge, "Nothing can ruin this for me! It's going to be a blast!"

"If you say so," Tawni shrugged.

Sonny grabbed her Hibiscus tote and her sunglasses before heading out the door. She had been waiting for this week for the longest time. For the past three years, Sonny had volunteered at the youth center back home and she was hoping that there would be an opportunity to do the same in California. Sure enough, there was.

She could hardly wait to get started. She had been emailed a schedule by the coordinator. Today, she would take her kindergarteners to the zoo. She could hardly wait. Nothing and no one was going to ruin this week for her.


Right when Sonny walked through the doors of the youth center, she saw a camera crew and Santiago Geraldo. Why couldn't they just leave her alone? This was her summer vacation and she would not allow that nasty rat Santiago to ruin that for her. But as she got closer, she noticed that someone else had it out for her fun. Chad Dylan Cooper.

He was standing in front of the camera in khaki shorts and a plain white t-shirt and smiling as if he were posing for a toothpaste commercial. It was enough to make Sonny want to puke.

"Well, I just love the kids, you know. I just figured that here I am, your average TV star with a lot of extra time on his hands. Why not give some of that time to the kids who really deserve it, like the kindergartners here and the day-camp?"

"WHAT?" Sonny shouted, storming over towards him.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Chad hissed, "Can't you see I am in the middle of an interview?"

"Yeah, let me guess – you're just here to boost your publicity, right? Well let me tell you, Chad Dylan Cooper, some of us here actually like kids and actually want to make a difference in their lives. And what the heck did you mean the kindergartners?"

"I mean I am working with the kindergartners," Chad looked at her as if she were stupid, "Besides," he laughed, turning to the cameras, "Of course I am not just in it for the publicity, how could you even think such a thing? I am really hurt by your prejudice behavior, Sonny Munroe. I just hope your lack of team spirit won't have a negative effect on the kids…"

"Oh, I'll show you a negative effect!" Sonny took a threatening step towards Chad.

"Would you look at this, ladies and gents," Santiago slid icily in front of the camera, "Sonny Munroe, Chad Dylan Cooper's nemesis is here to ruin his plans to help bring some fun into these poor kids' summer vacation. Once again, she plans to sabotage…"

"I am not trying to sabotage anything!" Sonny objected, "I will, however, sabotage that camera if you don't get it out of my face!"

"Very tense. I just hope she doesn't snap at the kids like she is snapping right now," Chad looked towards the camera, his bright blue eyes sagging with faked sympathy.

"Chad!" Sonny cried, "I am not snapping! I just don't understand why you have to try and ruin everything for me. I've always worked at the youth center day camps and I have had this planned for weeks. I cannot believe you are trying to…to…"

"To what? Can't a guy just want to make kids happy?" Chad asked sweetly, "I am not trying to gain publicity or anything like that. For you to even think such a thing is…"

"Whatever!" Sonny interrupted, "I have to go meet with Ms. Martin to get the roster."

"Already have it," Chad pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, "I got here early to go over everything with her one more time. Looks like we're taking the kids to the zoo. That should be fun, if you don't start freaking out again."

"I can't believe you!" Sonny objected, "I was going to get here early…"

"But now, according to the clock on the wall, you are about five minutes late. Check-in is starting and here you are arguing with me. If you were even the least bit responsible…"

Sonny had had enough. She jammed her hands into fists and marched over to the check-in table to sign-in and receive her nametag. Stupid Chad trying to ruin this for her! He didn't even like kids, that she knew of. All he was here for was publicity and she couldn't stand it.

"Sonny!" Ms. Martin smiled sweetly at her as she put a checkmark by her name, "I am so glad you finally arrived. Have you met Mr. Cooper yet? He will be your partner for the kindergarten class and is really looking forward to it. I think you two will get along very well."

"Oh, believe me, Mr. Cooper and I have already met."

"Oh well that's great! You two will work very well together. Now if you will go stand out by the blue banner, your kids will be sent right over. You'll be taking bus C to the zoo and we'll leave in about thirty minutes."

"Okay," Sonny nodded, "Is there anything I need?"

"Oh no. Chad has it all covered."

"I'm sure he does," Sonny grumbled as she walked over to the blue section where Chad was standing, "Look, Cooper, I don't want any trouble and I don't want to be a bad influence for the kids."

"Of course not."

"So here's the plan: we're going to not fight and not yell and not and we are going to try and act civil, understood?"

"Completely," Chad smiled innocently, "As long as you don't try and sabotage this for me."

"Your face will be the only thing sabotaged if you don't pretend to get along with me," Sonny threatened, "Now smile! The kids are coming."

"Just a quick question."

"What?" Sonny sighed.

"How long do I have to pretend to like you?"

"Just until camp is over. Can you handle that?"

"Is that a challenge I hear, Munore?"


"You're on!"