1191, Israel. During the Crusade's, peasant Isabella Swan struggles to take care of her ill father while Edward Cullen is an assassin for a powerful religious group in the Holy Land. They soon meet under dire circumstances.

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A/N: Got the idea from playing to much "Assassin's Creed". Loosely based on the game and real life events. The first chapter is a lot like the beginning of the game. No need to know the game to read the story!

I decided to let the dialogue sound more modern, yet still old.

The Creed is taken from the video game.

The Three Tenants Of The Assassin's Creed:

I. Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent.

II. Hide in plain sight.

III. Never compromise the Brotherhood.

Thy Kingdom Come


"You disobeyed me, Edward," Teacher Aro spoke. Edward kept his face down, looking at his feet, "You broke all three tenants of the Creed."

"I only did what I had to do," Edward spoke.

"May I review to you what you have done?" Aro asked.

"Yes," Edward finally raised his head and looked at his teacher. Time had not been grateful to this man. His beard was long and gray, the hair on his head hidden by a black robe with the emblem of the assassin on it's chest.

"You killed an innocent farmer on your mission. Now Edward, did he really deserve this fate?" Edward did not answer. He lowered his head once more to stare at his feet. Aro knew the answer to the question by the way Edward lowered his head.

"You prefer to hide in the shadows. You lurk in the darkness thinking it is the best way to approach your target-"

"It is the best way-" Edward interrupted.

"SILENCE!" Aro yelled, "You will not interrupt me when I speak to you!" Aro took a step towards Edward, "As I was saying, the Creed states that you should 'hide in plain sight'. You do not do so and your targets know of this. If you blend with the crowd and make yourself look innocent, you will be presumed innocent. Why is this so hard to follow, young one?"

Aro reached out and put his hand under Edward's chin, lifting his face to his own, "You will look at me when I speak to you."

"Yes, Teacher," Edward looked into Aro's gray eyes.

"Lastly, you broke the one rule that should never be broken, the one creed that means the most to the Brotherhood. You turned your back on your brothers," Aro's voice was low, almost a whisper, now. Edward could hear the disappointment in his voice.

"I had no choice but to turn away, Teacher. If there was a way to go back, I would have gone-"

"ENOUGH! Your brothers are dead because of you! You left them there to die!" Aro's voice was menacing, "James and Laurent are dead because you turned your back on them."

"The target attacked me and threw me off a ledge. I had no way to get back," Edward knew that his words would fall on deaf ears. He saw Aro motion to someone behind Edward's back. In seconds his arms were being restrained by two men. He knew what was coming and he would accept his fate.

"You stand before your brothers on trial for heresy," Aro waved his hand in front of him, causing Edward to turn and look to his sides. The Brotherhood had come to watch his execution, "Do you feel no remorse for your actions, young one?" Aro looked at Edward with sadness in his eyes. Edward did not answer the question, knowing it was rhetorical.

"I raised you from a young child to a bold warrior, Edward. Is this how you repay me?" Another rhetorical question, "Now I must ask you, do you feel remorse for your actions?" Edward stared straight into Aro's eyes and answered.


Aro bowed his head in disappointment and sadness. He knew what had to happen.

"I'm sorry Edward, but this has to be done," he whispered, just low enough that only Edward and the two guards holding him would hear.

Aro pulled the blade at his side from it's holster and held it up, the tip of the blade pointing to the heavens, "In front of all of Jerusalem, may peace be with you, my son."

Aro walked up to Edward and plunged the blade into his stomach, purposely missing any organs. Edward let out a loud groan but didn't dare scream or cry in front of his brothers. He would die strong. He would die an assassin.

Aro looked at his...son fall to his knees. Aro left the blade in Edward's stomach, knowing that he would bleed to death if he pulled it out.

"As you were, brothers," Aro shouted to the crowd that had formed. Everyone quickly dispersed and went about their way. Aro turned to the men holding Edward, "Jasper, Emmett, let him go. I will take care of his body."

Jasper and Emmett nodded their heads and gently laid their brother on the ground before going about their way.

Aro bent down and carefully picked Edward up and carried him into his quarters. He dismissed the guards that were standing at the door and told them to stay out until called.

He gently place Edward on a table against the wall and began working on Edward's wounds.

A/N: Aro is a good guy in this story and truly loves Edward as if he were his own son. Edward did not know that Aro was going to let him live.

Jasper and Emmett are assassin's as well.

Edward is a religious and political assassin, meaning he kills powerful leaders, priests, and heretics. More will come to light as to the events that lead to his 'execution' later.

This story will be told in Edward and Bella's third-person POV. Bella will come into the story later.

I'm not 100% sure if there will be lemons but I do know that there will be A LOT of violence.

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