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age 16

I really had no reason to cry right now. I was at school, and people were staring. I was already fifteen minutes late to my class, so I could just take my time walking there. Rosalie had once told me not to let people see you vulnerable. Keeping that in mind, I wiped away the last of my tears and walked inside Mr. Berty's classroom. He looked up from what he was previously reading the class and frowned at me. I walked to my seat, finding that someone was sitting there already. My eyes narrowed as I took a seat next to him.

I looked down and there was a piece of paper in front of me.

Whats wrong? It said.

I was irritated, a guy who I didn't even know wanted to get in my business. I sighed, I wasn't in the mood to fight with anyone else today. I took out a pencil and scribbled down an answer.

My boyfriend decided to break up with me. I wrote, the memories of this morning came back to haunt me.

Jacob sat me down on a chair and sighed. I, of course, grew nervous. He mumbled something about having some space, and about me being too clingy sometimes. Which wasn't true, since I never spent my day fussing about his life. I had to go to school crying because of him. Good thing my friends didn't see me.

I'm sorry. He wrote back. I smiled, I didn't even know the guy though he was being so nice to me.

Its fine, he was a douche anyway. Whats your name? I shoved the paper in his direction.

He glanced at the note and wrote down an answer, covering it with his hand while he did.

Edward, you?


I slid the paper to him, expecting him to write something down. But he didn't instead he crumpled up the paper and put it into his pocket, all the while Mr. Berty came walking down the aisle.

"Is there something you would like to share?" he asked, he already stuck his hand out expecting the note to be placed in his hand. I buried my head into my arms and groaned.

"What?" Edward asked innocently.

"The note Edward." Mr. Berty said in a flat tone, he wasn't fooled.

"You mean the notes I took while you were reading the passage?" he fumbled with his notebook and took out a piece of paper. My head shot right up, what was he doing?

"Here." Edward handed the paper to the teacher.

Mr. Berty skimmed it, then placed it back on the table. He sighed as he walked back to the front of the classroom. I stared at Edward, in a strange way, he kind of saved me from getting in trouble. Jacob would never do that for me, he would just blame it on me. I took out a piece of binder paper, making sure Mr. Berty wasn't looking, and scribbled down a thank you.

You're welcome. He wrote on the same paper.

So tell me, where'd you come from?

Well, when a man and woman fall in love, they decide to have a baby.

I smirked and stared at him, he was having a hard time not laughing.

No really? I hoped he got the sarcasm in what I wrote, or else he'd think I was stupid.

Edward couldn't help it, a small chuckle escaped his lips.


No seriously, where are you from?


My eyebrows pulled together, why would he come to Forks when Chicago is perfect?

Don't take this the wrong way, but why did you come to Forks?

He took a moment before answering.

My parents had died in a car crash, so I was sent here to live with my Uncle and Aunt and their two sons.

I wanted to cry again, that is so sad. I wouldn't know what to do if my parents had died.

I'm sorry. Do I know who the 'two sons' are?



Emmett and Jasper Cullen.

Oh, what a coincidence, Rosalie and Alice were dating them. I mentally laughed at the thought.

Whats so funny?

My friends are dating your cousins.

I'm glad your not crying anymore, such a pretty face shouldn't.

I wasn't expecting this response, maybe a 'thats cool' would have put me in place. But what he wrote took me off guard. Then it hit me, was this his way of flirting with girls? Passing notes in class? Thats so...kiddy like.

Are you flirting with me? I decided to be bold and ask it.

Depends, are you falling for it?


Then no, I wasn't flirting with you. Passing notes is not my way of flirting with someone, if I wanted to flirt with you, I would bring you flowers and chocolates.

Thats not flirting, thats called winning a girl over.

Edward shrugged and then wrote down his response.

Its my way of flirting. Is your way of flirting pretending to be innocent, by crying and making a guy feel bad?

Either he was joking or he was just plain rude. I glanced at his face one more time. He looked so kind, with those piercing green eyes and bronze hair. He didn't seem like a mean guy.

Depends.I mimicked him. Did you fall for it?

Yeah, was it fake?

No, my boyfriend really did break up with me.

He didn't get a chance to respond because the bell had rung, everyone got up immediately. I waited for Edward to get up first, but it was as if he was waiting for me to leave.

"The truth." I said.

Edward cocked an eyebrow.

"Were you really flirting with me?" I asked, even though he already told me in a note. Somehow I didn't believe what he wrote.

Edward grinned.

"Trust me. You'll know when I've decided to flirt with you."

"How?" I questioned, picking up my things.

"You'll see."

I stared at him dumb founded as he strutted out of the room, I shook my head. No, he wasn't going to fall for me. What guy that hot will want to go out with me, Bella Swan?

A week later

I looked forward to Mr. Berty's class now, it was because of Edward. Every time Mr. Berty wasn't looking, Edward would pass me a note, or a little drawing. Once he drew me a picture of Mr. Berty's face, Edward had made him look like a clown. Then I would laugh, and Mr. Berty would come walking down to our table, demanding to see the note. But Edward just showed him notes of his lecture or whatever was on the board that day.

I found it amusing when the vein in Mr. Berty's neck throbbed.

When class was over, Edward walked with me to my locker, talking about what he wanted to do for his career. I kept nodding at the appropriate times. When I opened my locker, there was a colorful box. I was confused at first, but when I opened it, there was a Hershey's bar inside.

I immediately thought back to Edward's note.

Passing notes is not my way of flirting with someone, if I wanted to flirt with you, I would bring you flowers and chocolates.

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