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Chapter 1: The Origin of the Legend.

The loneliness that surrounded her as she sat in the crowded bar was uncanny for Allie. Never had she felt so alone in a room filled to the brim with people. Her life was slowly changing, going from her fairytale that her father had promised her all those years ago to the nightmare that had plagued her for endless nights. Now, she was sitting at the bar, an empty drink in her hand as she tried to forget the haunting memories that now tormented her. Just a few more drinks and they'll be gone.

"I think your done for the night." NO! She wanted to cry out, to smack the man who was denying her the only source of bliss she could muster but all she could do was nod, holding the final drink of her night in her grasp. It would all be gone soon, the feeling that nothing could harm her, the idea that all her horror could be drank away. "You know, he'll never know if I buy the drinks for you." She frantically searched for the raspy voice that was calling to her, blue eyes wide when they finally met the green that were to her left. She smiled when she noticed the man who was residing beside her, his dimpled smile bringing a smile to her own face. He was beautiful, in every definition of the word. A Greek god that had fallen to earth and landed in this dump of a bar. "That's very kind of you and however much I beg, I do think he was right." She laughed when she saw the look on his face, one of mocking shock. "Really now? I could have sworn I saw anger in those blues when he told you that you were cut off. Come on, just one drink with me."

"If you keep insisting then I might have to…"

"Well then, I'll just keep on insisting." She could help but nod when he flashed her his dazzling smile once more. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or if the man beside her was really that mesmerizing because she could barely take her eyes off of him. It was then that she found her reflection in the mirror across from them. The same dark haired, blue eyed girl that she'd always known was staring back but there was something different about her, something lifeless. She knew that part of it was from the alcohol but the other part, the portion of her that would always be dead, was from the loss of the only man who truly loved her for who she was, her father.

It took four more drinks and a long conversion with her mystery man for Allie to agree to go back to his motel room with him, saying that it was either there or her place. But Allie couldn't take him home, what would her brother think when he woke up in the morning to find a man there? Allie had never acted out when her father was alive, too afraid of what he'd think of her, but now she had no excuse. He was gone and had left her alone to care for her younger brother and she was going to live her life as she wanted, away from the prowling eyes that seemed to stalk her every move.

"Hey, you know something? You never told me your name…I don't like going home with a man unless we're on a first name basis." He smiled to her then, pulling her closely to him as they made their way out of the bar and towards his car. "It's Dean, Dean Winchester."


She could feel him twirling her hair as she slowly opened her eyes to the soft morning light. She had half expected him to be gone by morning and yet here she was, wrapped up in his arms. "Your still here?" She felt his laugh radiate through his body before hearing the cell phone that was beside her going off. He reached over her and grabbed it from the end table, sighing as he read the name. "What you find Sam? No I found something….it was at a bar, not far from the motel." He smiled to her then, closing his eyes as the person on the other end continued to speak. "Alright, I'll get down there as soon as I can. It's called O'Malley's." He shut the phone and threw it on the adjacent bed before slowly untangling himself from her. It wasn't until that moment, when his back muscles flexed with each passing second, that she realized how perfect this man truly was. "You know something, I never did get your name. That may be where we differ." He glanced at her over his shoulder and Allie could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. "It's Alison, or Allie. Whatever you want."

"Als it is then. Well Als, I have to go, I'm heading back over towards the bar. Something…came up. If you want to stay here you welcome to-"

"How bout you just take me with you. My car is parked there and I can head home once we get there." He nodded to her as he stood to finish getting dress while Allie began her frantic search for her discarded clothing.


Walking down this rocky road.

Wondering where my life is leading

Rolling on, until the bitter end.

"Bad Company, yeah?" She smiled when she saw the look of shock upon his face. Apparently most the girls he had in his car had horrible taste in music. "What? Never had a girl know one of your songs? I'm a classic rock junkie, what can I say?" His car, in her opinion, was just as beautiful as he was. The sleek, black exterior with the beige, leather seating sent her back to 1967, when this car was first born. She felt like she belonged there, beside Dean with the music blaring, and something about that frightened her. Knowing almost nothing about him and still feeling this connection towards him scared her more than she would ever admit. All she wanted now was to get into her car and forget everything about Dean Winchester.

"We're here." They pulled up to the bar that she had met him at, where it had all started and now, where it would all end. It was the beginning of the legend, in her mind, the origin of the tale she would tell for generations of the drifter who captured her imagination and gave her one of the best nights of her life.


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