Chapter 16: Timing is cruel.

Allie's POV

The familiar realm of Dean's arms was something that Allie had believed to be lost forever, never giving her the comfort she had once basked in. Yet now, as his warm embrace surrounded her, she knew that it had all been pointless. All the nights of restless sleep, all the tears that still continued to stream down her ashen cheeks. All of it meant nothing now because Dean was with her once more. For months she had prepared herself for life without him, learned how to shut every emotion down except for when it came to their daughter, and she had been fine with living that way for as long as she was alive, but now, she didn't know what to do. So, she did the only logical thing that came to her mind, the only emotion she could process, and slowly she let the tears that had pooled in the azure depths of her eyes spill over and down her face.

"Al, please don't cry." His voice was still just as rough and raspy as she remembered and still just as beautiful. She nodded against his chest, his laughter echoing through her as she brought her eyes to meet the emerald in Dean's. The smile that had adorned his lips was gone, the same tears that were in her eyes were mirrored in his own. "I'm sorry," she silenced him with her lips, letting the memories she had shut away be reopened at the familiar sensation.

Sam had left the two alone to go and talk with Jess long before either realized they were no longer with them, too consumed with the others presence to care. It had taken two hours of courage for Dean to ask about her, his initial prediction all those months ago being right. "Where is she?" Allie felt the accustomed pull against her lips as she broke into a smile, taking his hand in hers and slowly leading him up the stairs, occasionally looking back to him over her shoulder. "You know, all those months ago, you were right. You said that it'd be a girl and I didn't believe you."

"Hell, it was a fifty-fifty shot." Her laughter scared her as it echoed through the hallway, a feeling of joy that had been vacant from her now began to replace all the sadness that had claimed her life. Slowly she turned the knob of her bedroom door, placing her index finger to her lips to tell Dean to be quiet. "This is Angie," she said in a whisper, her eyes flowing from her raven haired child to the speechless man before her. She watched as his hand continued to move, as if testing the water on what he should do. "Do you want to hold her? I mean, I can wake her up-"

"No, just let her sleep." He's afraid. His eyes widened as their daughter stirred, rolling over slightly and opening her eyes to find the two standing above her. The emerald eyes that her daughter shared with Dean had met her before moving over to him, looking up to him with, what Allie thought was, a smile. "Now you don't have an excuse," she muttered, looking to the wall before her as she saw Dean move out of the corner of her eye, his hands reaching into the crib and pulling Angie close to him once she was settled in the crook of his arm. "She's beautiful," he said, his voice still a whisper and Allie could see the tears in his eyes but she couldn't help herself as the laughter once again filled her. "What?" He said, his eyes questioning as he turned to her. "Look at Dean Winchester acting like a typical cliche. Never thought I'd see the day." He snorted, his eyes drifting between Allie and Angie over and over again until he moved closer to Allie. "I'd never thought I'd see the day that I got to see your smile again." Her mood was changing yet again, moving from joyous to thankful and any other emotion that seemed to run through her, for she had no idea how to feel. The man she loved, the one she thought she had lost forever was standing before her, just as her dreams had told her, and if anything, she was scared as all Hell to what that meant.


She took a deep breath as she looked to Dean, the boys agreeing that one night in the company of Jess would be fine because Allie would go with them the next day if they liked it or not. Dean should have known when he knocked on the door that Allie wouldn't let them leave again, not without her and she'd bring Angie along, no matter what anyone said. She'd lost him once and she was going to let him go by choice. They had thought it best that Sam take the couch, Jess and Allie in their respective rooms and Dean accompanying Allie. The two had a lot to talk about and they thought it'd be best if they did it behind closed doors.

Her fingers drew down existent patterns on his chest, the cloth beneath them soft against her skin. "Did you do it?" It was simple, vague, and innocent yet Allie knew the preparation that had been taken on Dean's part to gather enough courage to ask her. "No. I couldn't, not with Angie." He let out a breath that forced Allie to look up to him, Dean shifting from underneath her and standing. "Then how'd I get this?" He winced as the shirt was lifted above his head, the muscles in his shoulders tensing. That's when Allie saw it. His chest was perfect, just as she remembered. There were no scratches, no scars from the Hellhounds ravishment of his body yet on his shoulder was the outline of a hand print, perfectly imprinted onto his flawless skin. "Dean," her voice was a whisper as she sat up on her knees, moving her way towards him until Dean stood before her on the side of the bed. Gracefully her fingers fell upon the scar, a groan escaping Dean's lips at the sensation. At first she had thought she hurt him, the noise frightening her and forcing her to pull her hand away. "No, please. That was the only bit of relief I got since I realized what was on my arm?" At this she looked at Dean questioningly, a sigh escaping him as he looked away. "It burns, as if reminding me that it's there. The only time it stopped was when her hand was on it and only yours." A smile broke out across her lips as she moved closer to him once again, her fingers resuming their position on the handprint and she watched as his eyes closed. "What could have done this? A demon wouldn't leave a mark like that, I mean...they didn't on Sam did they? What if, what if it was something completely different? Something you haven't dealt with before?" His eyes met hers as she spoke, her revelation something he hadn't thought of. "Like what?"

"I don't know. But we can figure it out," she waited for the protest, waited for his argument but it never came, all she got was a nod. Silently he placed his hands on her hips, her hand still resting on his shoulder. "Tomorrow, we'll figure it all out. You said that Bobby knew someone who could maybe help us, so, we'll all go together. Okay?" Once again, she received a nod, his head moving closer to hers as his lips captured her own in an attempt to re-familiarize himself with what he had been deprived of. And Allie didn't have the heart to deny him for she wanted nothing more than to spend a night in Dean's arms.


"An iPod jack and a car seat. Things I never thought I'd see in the Impala." Dean had been muttering under his breath the entire morning, already complaining that by Allie and Angie coming along he was dishonoring his 'baby'. Most women would be heartbroken at the knowledge that their father of their children didn't want them or their child at his side. But most women weren't in a relationship with Dean Winchester. It was exactly how he acted when he was terrified that something would happen to them, something that he couldn't stop. He had done it numerous times before and she had fallen for it when she didn't know better. Now she knew that she just had to make a stand, show him that he wasn't going to get her to leave and that he'd have to deal with the fact that she'd be with him every step of the way.

"Just shut up and get in the car Allie." It was Sam who spoke, his laughter filling whatever serious tone he attempted when he watched Dean angrily come towards them, motioning for them to get in. "We have to hurry, Bobby's almost there." And with that he climbed into the driver seat without another word.


Dean knocked on the door of where Bobby told them to meet, a house a few hours away from where they had found Sam. "Hey, Dean wait. Here, you might want this." Sam reached under the neck of his shirt and pulled Dean's necklace from beneath it. A smile lit his face as he draped it over his head. "Thanks, man." Sam nodded, the door opening hindering whatever 'brotherly moment' was to follow. "So, these the boys?" A woman stood before them, Bobby at her side. She wore a Motley Crüe tank-top, her dark curls barely longer than her shoulders and her eyes were piercing in comparison to her dark locks. "Sam, Dean, Al. This is Pamela Barnes, best damn psychic in the state." Allie ignored Pamela's obvious denial of her presence, ignored the fact that her eyes met Dean's but couldn't ignore Dean's look. Quickly she smacked his arms as he turned to look at her, arms crossed at her chest. He smiled and returned his gaze to Pamela as she began to speak. "Dean Winchester, out of the fire and back in the frying pan, huh?" His eyes met Bobby's. "Makes you a rare individual."

"If you say so."

"Come on in," Pamela waited as the three men walked in, Allie following in after her. Manners are definitely her strong suit. Allie had asked Jess for one more favor, one she graciously accepted and that was to come with them, just to watch over Angie as they figured out everything about Dean's return. She had driven her own car and remained outside as the four went into the house, Allie wanting to go with the boys to see what Pamela could find out. "So you hear anything?" Bobby turned to face Pamela, who was shutting the door after Allie made it through the threshold. "Well, I ouijiied my way through about a dozen spirits. No one seems to know who broke your boy out or why?"

"So what's next?"

"A seance I think. If we could see who did the deed..."

"Your not going to summon the damn thing here?"

"No, I just want to get a sneak peek at it. Like a crystal ball without the crystal." Dean watched as Pamela walked away, much to Allie chagrin. "Really?" He shrugged, looking towards them all. "I'm game." Bobby and Allie sighed collectively as Dean and Sam followed after her. "He'll never change will he?"



As Bobby closed the curtains in the room and Pamela set the table up, Dean, Sam and Allie stood in the back, not sure of what to do. She saw him hit Sam, saw where his eyes met and rolled her own at the knowledge that filled her. Jesus Christ, he's gotten worse since he's back. "Whose Jesse?" Sam was still staring at the exposed back of Pamela, who was crouched down looking for what was needed. Her laughter pierced the air as she looked over her shoulder. "Well, it wasn't forever."

"His loss," he turned towards Allie before looking to the ground, a sly smirk on his face. He knows it's pissing me off. Jackass.

"Right, take each other's hands and I need to touch something our mystery monster touch," a sudden bang on the table had Allie digging her nails into Dean's hands. "Woah, well. He didn't touch me there." The smile that adorned Pamela's face made Allie sick to her stomach, the joking demeanor that had filled their encounter now gone. She's trying too damn hard. "My mistake," she said with a laugh as Dean let go of Allie's hand, slipping out of his over-shirt and rolling the sleeve up of his t-shirt to reveal his scar. He winced as her hand came in contact with his arm, something that Allie was secretly pleased by. "Okay." Dean's hand returned to hers as Pamela closed her eyes. "I evoke, conjure and command you to appear onto me before this circle. I evoke, conjure and command you to appear onto me before this circle. I evoke, conjure and command you to appear onto me before this circle." The television going off had Allie's eyes opened, only to find Dean's as well. Sam and Bobby remained silent, their eyes closed but curiosity got the best of the other two. "I evoke, conjure and command you- Castiel? No, sorry, Castiel. I don't scare easy."


"His name, he's whispering it to me. Warning me to turn back." The table began to move before them, Allie's grip tightening on Dean's hand as her eyes met his. "I conjure and command you, show me your face. I conjure and command you, show me your face." Sam's eyebrows knitted together, Dean continually trying to close his once more but opening them when the screeching noise only grew. "I conjure and command you, show me your face. I conjure and command you, show me your face." Her voice was growing louder, all their eyes open now apart from hers. "Maybe we should stop," Bobby was afraid, she could tell by his tone but Pamela wouldn't. "I almost got it. I command you, show me your face now." The flames from the candles grew, a scream began ever so softly and grew as Pamela's eyes burst into flames. "Call 911." They were up and out of their chairs in seconds, Allie remaining sitting with her hand upon her mouth. Sam had gone to call 911 as Bobby pulled Pamela into his arms. "I can't see, I can't see," she continually sobbed as Dean and Bobby stared at each other, none of them knowing what to do.


Allie stayed behind at the motel, taking Angie from Jess and seeing her friend off. Bobby had left to check on Pamela at the hospital and Dean and Sam went to a diner to get Dean the pie he had been continually complaining about. She was laying on the bed, Angie lying next to her as Allie watched her. There was something special about watching a child sleep, a kind of naive innocence claimed them and made anyone looking at them realize just how valuable their life was. She felt her eyes drifting close, the sleep threatening to claim her and before she could protest, she fell asleep.

He was standing before the demons, his hand outstretched towards them as each one grasped their necks. Black smoke was filling the room completely, the only sound was from the gags that each made as their lives were being taken. Sam Winchester had gone dark side just as so many had predicted. And there was nothing they could do to stop it.

"No," she cried as she sat up, the cries of her daughter filling her ears as she quickly picked her up and began rocking her back and forth. Her attempts at calming her were falling short as Allie stared at the ground before her, fear taking her over. So far each of her dreams had become realities, an ability she hadn't known she'd harbored until it had been too late. This time, however, she would let it be true.


Allie had her head in Dean's lap, Angie sleeping in the crib the motel had provided for them, when the sudden static woke them both. It took them a few minutes to orient themselves enough to realize what was happening. Dean quickly stood and grabbed the sawed off, looking around the room until the screeching continued. "Angie," he muttered as he grabbed his ears, dropping the gun in the process and placing a blanket and himself over the crib. Glass began shattering all around them, the mirror on the roof cracking as the sound grew more sharp. Allie dove to avoid the falling glass, wails and calls of their names filling the room.

Bobby got them out of the room quickly, Angie being the main priority and then Allie and Dean. They collected what they could before getting into Bobby's car, the Impala and Sam missing. "How you doing kid?"

"'Cept for the church bells ringing in my head, peachy. Al? What about you and Ang?" She had spent the better part of the last hour trying to calm down Angie, trying anything she could think of and only when she began to hum a familiar tune did her whimpering subside. "Fine now." Dean pulled his phone out, calling Sam only to have him answer within seconds. "Hey, what are you doing?...In my car?...Yeah, well Bobby's back. We're grabbing a beer...done. I'll catch you later." He shut the phone, all of them looking to Dean with confused gazes. "Why didn't you tell him?"

"Because he'd try to stop us from summoning this thing. It's time we face it head on."

"You've got to be kidding me," Bobby kept turning to look at him, Allie staring at Dean though the rearview mirror. "You can't be serious! Dean, you've seen what it's been doing-"

"It's a heartache, it's high-noon baby."

"We don't know what it is. It could be a demon, it could be anything." Bobby was right and Dean seemed to be just as careless as before. So far, all they knew was that it continually caused mirrors to shattered, static to rise and had the ability to burn someone's eyes out. "That's why we have to be ready for anything. We got the big time magic knife, you got an arsenal in the trunk.." He shrugged, looking to Bobby and Allie. "This is a bad idea."

"Yeah, I couldn't agree more. But what other choice do we have."

"We could choose life."

"Bobby whatever this is, whatever it wants, it's after me. That much we know. Right? Well, I got no place to hide. I can either get caught with my pants down again, endanger Allie, Angie and all of us, or we can make our stand."

"Dean, we could use Sam for this."

"No, he's better off where he is. You'll stay out here with Ang, and Allie and I will summon it." A collective what filled the air from both respective parties, Dean looking between them until he sighed. "Someone needs to stay here with the kid, and I want Allie in there with me this time." She nodded to him, accepting whatever decision he made because if she had learned anything from her time with him it was that once Dean got a notion in his mind, nothing could change his mind.


Bobby went in before them, using spray paint to place every thing possible on the ground before them. Symbols from every practiced religion, ancient or current, now decorated the abandoned barn. Dean had begun getting anything he needed from the trunk as Allie stood at the car, the baby in her arms. "You sure this is a good idea? I mean...wouldn't it be better if Bobby was in there with you, instead of me?" He sighed, coming around the car to stand in front of her. "Al, I don't know how, or why, but...I think your connected to all this, somehow. When Pamela touched my arm, when her hand was on the scar, the pain only escalated. Yet, when you touched it, everything was better, the pain gone. I know it's stupid but...just trust me on this, okay? I want you in there with me, just you and me. We'll figure everything out. Together." He'd always pushed her back, made her stay behind in his attempts to keep her safe. So something about him wanted her at the front line with him, fighting side by side, frightened her. But she'd never deny him. "Course, Dean."

"It's all ready, nothing's going to escape from there." The two nodded, Allie handing Angie over to Bobby with a smile before following Dean into the barn. "This is a bad idea...."

"Thanks, Al. Heard you the first ten times. Come on, what do you say we get this started?" Allie moved towards where Bobby had set up their alter, preparing herself for the ritual. She had to perform it, knowing Dean had no clue what to say. Without his book before him he didn't even know how to exercise a demon. The latin flew flawlessly from her lips, finishing and moving away from the alter for fear that the creature they were looking for would 'show' himself to her as he did everyone else. But there was nothing. For an hour the two sat facing each other, Dean's legs swinging back and forth impatiently. "Are you sure you did the ritual right?" Allie gave him a look, placing the gun that was laying across her lap on the table beside her. "I'm sorry Dean, why don't you give it a try...oh wait, that's right. You don't know how to-"

"Alright, sorry." He began spinning the knife on the table beside him. Both of them jumped as the paneling on the roof began to bang against the frame. "Wishful thinking but maybe it's just the wind." The light behind them shattered, a vibrant light filling the room before darkness came. Quickly the doors slid open, the lights continuing to break around them, to reveal a man. He walked forward as the two shot, the guns doing nothing to hinder his movement. Dean moved forward to grab the knife from the table, turning towards him. "Who are you?" The two were facing each other. "I'm the one who gripped you tight and rose you from perdition."

"Yeah? Thanks for that." Dean rose the knife in the air, stabbing it into the chest of the man to only have him remove it with each. Afraid of what it meant, Allie moved forward, a crowbar in hand. He reached back, stopping her swing. His hand reached up to her face, placing two fingers upon her forehead and his dazzling blue eyes were the last things she saw as darkness claimed her.


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