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Words in parentheses are the prompts; the first ficlet is 1+R. If you've watched the series until the last minutes of episode 49, you'll get this. XD

The Other Guy (Override)

Oh, so the rumors had finally reached him, Relena thought slyly, noting the little earthquake in the coffee cup that Heero held. "Yes, I do sleep with him—in my office and at home—and I have to say I'm very grateful that you introduced him to me."

Her lips twisted up into a toothy smile when he flashed an astonished expression, and for the first time in a long time she felt accomplished that she managed to shock him again.

"Oh," she crooned, "you don't know how he missed you, Heero—after you left him on that plane seat for my sixteenth birthday, he told me that you deserved castigation harder than having your card for me ripped in front of your face."

He was baffled at first, and when Relena brought the 'other guy' out for them to have a little reunion, he couldn't help but give a short gulp of laugh and a mock punch at the stuffed toy's tummy.