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Anck-su-Namun and Imhotep had been invited to the O'Connell's party. Everyone was there, and it was packed. Music played, everyone danced. Alex had a bunch of friends over and they were going nuts. Many times, they had asked Imhotep to be real scary and act like he was going to suck them dry. Anck-su-Namun was mad because he wasn't spending time with her. 5

Rick, Ardeth, Jonathan, and Imhotep had all had several drinks by the time the fifth song of the party was playing. It was embarrasing for Evy and Anck-su-Namun. They both hated it that the guys were going around dancing, in almost nothing but their underwear. Leave it to little Alex, who was now about fifteen, to stand up with his guy friends and they started dancing.

Anck-su-Namun and Evy were steaming, but the guys were having so much fun. During the seventh dance, Imhotep tried to pull Anck-su-Namun in the dance, grabbing her by the waist and hold her above his head. Evy saw that Rick was coming for her and tried to run, but Jonathan caught her and let Rick take her. Both women were screaming, promising to kill Imhotep and Rick when they were sober. and if they weren't, it was okay, only thing disappointing about that is they wouldn't remember it!

By the ninth dance, the two women were dizzy, and their voices were about to fade out from the screaming they had done. Jonathan saw a girl that was beautiful (to him) and calmed down to go and talk with her. Ardeth had some of his Med- Jai friends come, and they were doing a little dance. The crowd, trying to make room for the fellahs, accidentally pushed Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun into a closet, which locked when the door closed. Rick and Evy were shut off into the bathroom, which Alex locked when he heard them in there. Both couples were seriously shocked and the men started to get scared.

Imhotep pulled a string that turned on the light. Anck-su-Namun was glaring and trying to open the door. "At least we are together, dear!" Imhotep said not so wittingly, and when Anck-su-Namun heard him say it, she turned and in one swift movement had her hands to his throat, strangling him. "YOU are the one responsible for this! Now you want to make out in a closet?! I never thought of you like that, Imhotep!" He gasped for air. "Let me go, Anck!" He grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled- hard. She screamed, and outside Alex and his friends giggled. "Alex, you are so good!" One of the girls screamed to him excitedly. They ran down the hall to see about the bathroom couple.

"I cannot believe this! Rick, how could you get so drunk?! Now, someone has locked us in the bathroom, who knows when we will get out?!" Rick stepped back, afraid she might slap him or something. "Sweetheart, at least it's just us!" Evy glared and then stepped up to him. "And just because we are in the bathroom, doesn't mean you have the right to stink it up!" She turned around and banged her head on the door. "This is worse than when Alex tried to fight those little German boys, and one of those generals came to our door and told us off-oh my! I just realized! Alex! What do you think he is doing? Oh no, this is bad!" Rick smiled behind her back. At least she wasn't chewing his butt out anymore!

"Well, if I was a policeman, I'd give you a ticket for being so gorgeous." Meanwhile, Jonathan was trying to win the pretty woman over with pick- up lines. It wasn't working. What should I do? He asked himself. Then he remembered what worked, every time. "Did I mention I am rich?" The girl looked up from her drink, and latched onto Jonathan's arm. "Well, why didn't you say so?" He smiled, and led her into the hall. He stopped at the closet, and opened it, to see Anck-su-Namun and Imhotep trying to strangle each other. Jonathan made a face. "Oh, it's taken." He shut it, just as it's occupants were trying to scramble out. "Don't close the---" It shut in their faces, "Door." Jonathan walked smugly down the hall with the woman on his arm. He stopped at the bathroom and opened it, revealing Evy and Rick, trying to strangle each other. "That must be the style these days, strangling one another, I'll have to try that!" He pushed the door closed, and Alex came out from behind and locked it. "How long are you going to keep them in there?" Jonathan asked his nephew. "When the party is over, and I've had some fun."

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