When Rose first had to move to California she never thought should would ever live in her birth town ever again. She knew she would visit eventually, but moving back was just wishful thinking. What depressed her the most was remembering close to nothing while living there. Her mother, father, and older brother left when she was five; halfway through pre-school.

None of that mattered now for here she was back in her wonderful town that she couldn't wait to get to know better.

Holding a box of her things she stood outside her family's new house. The hot summer sun was beating down on her, but she paid no heed to it. It was not the best house, but it was a decent two story with a small front lawn. Surely it will be covered with plants soon, her mum was a landscape designer.

"Rose I thought you hated the sun, why are you standing in it now?" asked her father as he walked past her carrying two suitcases. Rose just ignored his comment and walked into the house and up the stairs. There were three bedrooms and three bathrooms and Rose picked the bedroom that was the smallest and put her box down. She quietly left and went back outside. She found her mum handing boxes to her dad and waited to get more of her things.

"Rose, I'm going to go unpack kitchen items so we can have dinner tonight, can you finish getting yours and Xandar's stuff into the correct rooms?" she asked hopping out of the moving van. Rose nodded and hopped up and started shifting through the small amount of boxes that remained. Xandar was her older brother by two years, but he was still in California. He wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend.

Over a few minutes Rose had moved all of her brother's boxes to the left side of the truck at the back so she would be able to reach them from the ground and all her things to the right side. As she jumped down to the ground she accidentally knocked on of her boxes down and unfortunately for her, it had all her books in it. She landed on and ground with a 'thud' and her books were scattered on top of her and on the ground around her. She coughed from where she had the air knocked out of her.

That's when she first met him. That pathetic view of her falling to the ground thanks to the weight of literature and gravity had caught his attention and he couldn't help but want to help his new neighbour. Rose stared up at the head of black hair as he began to pick up some of her books and place then neatly back into the box. At first, Rose didn't know what to make of this as she continued to lay there on the ground, too indifferent to care. Soon once all her books were picked up this stranger that appeared from seemingly no where to her held out his hand in a kind gesture to help her to her feet.

When their hands touched she felt the soft looking hands to discover that they were quite calloused. She was equally shocked when the force of his helpful pull shot her straight through the air and she would have slammed into the kind stranger, but he had expected this reaction and carefully steadied her by holding onto her shoulders. He gave her a concerned look and her only reply was a nod of her head.

He then picked up the box of books and handed it to her. She nodded her head again and gave a small smile in appreciation before turning to go into her house. The stranger watched and then walked back to his house. That was the most interesting experience he ever had while taking out the garbage.