The last week of summer. Everything was as expected. Rose was on her way next door to teach Olive another dance and, of course, to see her boyfriend, when the UPS man arrived. She decided to wait to see if one of the packages belonged to her. Anna. Anna. Anna. Her mum gets a lot of things. Kyle. Ah ha! Rose. She opened the package and smiled. She ran next door and just let herself in. Only Olive, Frank, and Dwayne were home and she ran into the living room where they all were playing monopoly.

"Thank god!" said Dwayne when she entered. Rose was confused.

"We've been playing for two hours," explained Frank.

"What's that?" asked Olive pointing to the book Rose was holding. She handed it to her and she opened it up and immediately smiled and jumped up and down. "I'm in a book!" she yelled.

"What's this?" asked Frank and he looked as well. "These are all the pictures from our trip. You got them published in a book?" Rose nodded with a large smile on her face. Dwayne took her hand and smiled at her.

Together they spent the rest of the day looking through the book of pictures and reliving the memories.

The end.