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Everyone was waving excitedly and cheering at the top of their lungs. Parents on Platform 9 ¾ were either cheering back with smiles or cheering back with tears. Especially parents that were new to this. All the noise and excitement seemed to be infectious, making anyone and everyone happy and excited for the new year to come.

Everyone except for Ronald Weasly.

He was getting a slight headache, actually. All the read head could think about was how everyone was so full of energy this early in the morning. Not that he wasn't excited. Just tired, that's all. Ron ran his hand through his long red hair, relaxing back into the train seat as it pulled around the corner. The Platform could no longer be heard, thank god.

"Ron, are you ok?" That familiar female voice softly said. Ron looked over at his friend, Hermoine, and gave her a small smile.

"Yeah, just a headache. Where's Harry?" Ron questioned. Hermoine shrugged as she made herself comfortable on her seat.

"He went off somewhere. Maybe to find the candy cart." Hermoine said in-between a yawn. She rubbed her face, trying to wipe away the sleepiness. Ron pushed himself up off of his seat and stretched for a minute.

"I'll go find him and you rest for a bit." Ron said as he took a step towards the door.

"Are you sure?" Hermoine asked, fighting back a yawn. Ron rolled his eyes at her.

"Yes, yes. I'll be back soon." Ron said before opening the door and quickly closing it behind him. He stood outside the door for a minute, trying to decide which way to go before turning right. It took a little to push himself past some second years.

The summer, for the most part, had been good. It was quite the first few weeks after it started. Everyone was still in shock with Cedric and Voldemort and all of that. It was the twins that first made everyone laugh. That was their job anyway. The summer had done Ron some good. His hair was still as shocking red as ever. His freckles stood out on his pale face. He had grown an inch or two, now towering over everyone. The red head had grown some muscles due to throwing some unusually large gnomes out of his yard.

So, overall, it had been a good summer.

Ron turned the corner of the train compartment, still in his own daydream. Maybe that's why he ran into someone. Or maybe it was because they both turned the corner at the same time. It didn't really matter.

"Watch where you're going, Weasly!"

Ron wanted to punch them in the face. It wasn't his fault that they'd run into each other. It was an accident. But, of course, Ron had to take the blame.

"I was about to apologize, Malfoy, but I change my mind." Ron mumbled in response. Draco crossed his arms over his chest, sneering at the other boy. Draco had changed over summer break, but not that much. He was a bit taller, but nowhere as tall as Ron. Besides that, nothing had really changed.

"Don't run into me next time." Draco growled back. Ron wondered why he was still talking to him.

"It wasn't my fault." Ron mumbled as he moved to push past Draco. The blonde, on the other hand, stood in front of Ron and prevented him from doing so.

"Where are you going?"

"To find Harry and to get away from you." Ron honestly answered. Draco looked as if he was going to say something back, but Ron never heard it. Right as Draco was going to say something, there was a sound of crying behind them. Ron turned around and saw two first years standing in the hallway. One of them was crying and the other was on the verge of tears. The smaller one that was crying had longish black hair and creamy skin. The bigger one had short brown hair and big green eyes. The brown haired one was looking around them, trying to find a place to sit down. Ron fully turned around so that he was facing them and took a step forward. The two kids looked up at him with fearful looks.

"Are you guys lost?" Ron asked as he knelt down and smiled at them. The black haired boy looked at Ron with wide eyes. The brown haired, apparently a girl, nodded her head at Ron.

"Yes. We can't find anywhere to sit." She replied. Ron heard Draco scoff behind him.

"There are plenty of places to sit, it's not that hard!" Draco harshly said. The girl scowled at him as the boy hid behind her.

"Don't listen to him, he's a jerk." Ron said as he stood up. Draco mumbled some not so nice things under his breath as he turned and stalked away from the three. Ron warmly smiled at the two little ones

"I have a place for you guys to sit." Ron said. Both of their faces lit up.

"Really?! Thank you, mister!" They both said at the same time. Ron just smiled at them.

"But first, do you guys want to help me find Harry Potter?" Ron asked them. They both started to jump up and down.

"Harry Potter?! Really?! Are you friends with him?" The girl squealed in excitement. Ron nodded him head.

"His best friend, in fact." Ron replied. The girl reached forward and grabbed Ron's hand, pulling him and the little boy down the hallway.

"Let's go!" She screamed with happiness. All Ron could do was laugh. The encounter with Draco had put him in a slightly bad mood, but things seemed to be looking up.

Overall, this year seemed to be promising.


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