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"You're easy to read, like a book. Well, some books. A lot like to fight back, actually."

Ron couldn't help but laugh at that. She was so damn honest it made him want to cry. The red head turned from the window and gave Luna a small smile.

He didn't plan on meeting her here. Luna just randomly showed up to the same spot every so often and they would talk. It was usually about Ron's worries and concerns about Draco. Ron didn't like talking about himself all the time. It made him feel like he was using Luna. The one time Ron asked her about it, she just shook her head and stared at him. So he guessed that meant it was alright.

"And why do you say that?" He asked over his smile. Luna turned away from him.

"Because you look so worried it's almost making me worried. Almost. I still don't understand why you won't talk to Draco." Luna quickly said. It was like she knew what Ron was going to say. It gave him the chills.

"I don't want to because he's been so stressed out lately. He hardly talks anymore when we do see each other. It feels like recently he doesn't really want to hang out."

"I don't think that's it at all."

Luna turned back to the red head, her eyes all wide and knowing. Before Ron could even open his mouth to ask her what she meant, the dinner bell rang loudly in his ears. He looked around himself as it echoed in the halls before giving Luna another small smile.

"Sorry, that's the bell. Gotta go to study hall. Thank you for talking to me, Luna." Ron quickly said before gathering himself and rushing off down the hall. Luna watched him as he left.

She smiled.


"Don't come by today."

Ron just stared at the note, reading it over and over again. He could feel the tears burning. Harry looked at his best mate, his eyebrows turned up slightly.

The three of them – Ron, Harry, and Hermione – had been studying in the library before lunch time. The red head was in a good mood. Draco had seemed like he was in a better mood lately and it made Ron happy. As the trio had been laughing and having a good time, Draco casually walked by, pretending to ignore them. He dropped a note at Ron's feet as he walked out of the library.

And that's where Ron is now.

Hermione didn't seem to notice Ron's distraught state. He crumpled the note as he shoved it into his robe pockets.

"S-sorry, guys. I gotta go back to the Common Rooms. I'll see you at lunch." Ron barely managed to choke out as he gathered his things and left in a blur. Hermione didn't even have the time to say anything. Harry quickly gathered his things as well and chased after the red head.

"Ron, slow down!" Harry exclaimed as he caught up to Ron and grabbed his shoulder. He spun Ron around to look at him. His eyes were all puffy like he was going to cry, but the tears wouldn't come. Ron took a step back form his friend.

"I'm stupid for being upset."

"Don't say that."

"It's true! Why am I so bloody upset about not seeing him for one freaking day? It's not like we've been talking or anything lately. He just sits there and plays the guitar. He won't even look at me sometimes!" Ron yelled in Harry's face. Harry stared at his best mate for a moment, letting his words sink in. He blinked.

"He's planning something."


"He's planning something for you. So don't get upset, don't go up the wall about it. Just sit back and be patient." Harry replied with a small smile. He gave Ron a slight pat on the shoulder. Ron stared wide eyed at the other teen for a moment before he broke out into wild laughter. Harry was worried about his friend's sanity for a moment.

"I look like the world's biggest idiot right now, don't I?" Ron asked between bursts of laughter. Harry couldn't help but laugh as well at this point.

"Yes, yes you do."

"Do you know what he's planning?" Ron questioned after his laughter died down. Harry gave him a look.

"Yes, and you're not allowed to know." Harry bluntly said. Ron blinked a few times, registering what his best mate had to say.

"Well, why can't I?" Ron pouted. Harry let out a short chuckle as he turned away from the red head.

"Because I'm sure whatever it is, it'll be amazing." The brunette said with a smile that Ron couldn't see. He started to walk away from his best mate, trying to contain his chuckles. The stomps of Ron's footsteps soon followed close behind him. The red head shoved the other teen just a bit before they shared another fit of laughter, slowly making their way to the Common Room.


"I didn't expect to see you here already."

Ron turned from the window, his eyes quickly finding the ghostly form of Luna. She had a faint smile that didn't make sense in Ron's head. It didn't seem like she had a reason to smile. He couldn't help but smile back anyway.

"No, Draco asked me not to come by today." He replied, feeling sadder about it than he should have. Luna raised an eyebrow at him, her smile faltering just a bit.

"He did, did he?"

"Yeah, Harry said he has something planned for me, but I'm not allowed to know." Ron replied with a small laugh.

"Well, that would defeat the purpose of a surprise." Luna bluntly said. Ron couldn't help but laugh at that as well, even though there was nothing funny about it. His laughter quickly died.

"I know, but I still wish he'd tell me what he was planning. It's not that I don't like surprises, I just hate waiting." Ron sheepishly replied. He felt as if that childish part of him was shining through. Luna stared at him for a moment, blinking rather slowly, before replying.

"Whatever he has planned must be something special." Luna slowly said. It wasn't a question, it was a fact. It was almost like she knew what Draco had up his sleeve, but Ron knew that she couldn't. Draco doesn't even know that Luna knows. Ron didn't even want to think about how the blonde would act if someone other than Harry knew.

"Harry said something like that." Ron said between a sad smile. Luna's expression remained wide and mysterious. Ron shook his head as he looked away from her and out the window next to him. It was quiet for a few moments before Luna let out a small sigh. Ron turned back to her.

"Well, I must be going. My shoes have gone missing again. I think the Nargle's are stealing them. See you around, Ron." Luna quickly said in her dreamy voice. The red head wasn't quite sure how that worked. She turned to leave as a thought came across Ron's mind.

"But there isn't any mistletoe around…" He trailed. Luna turned her head to the side, giving him a small smile before dashing down the hall and out of sight.

Ron just silently laughed to himself when he was sure no one was around. He turned back to the window, looking at the castle grounds on the other side of the glass. He could see the faint reflection of himself and it made the red head uneasy.

The red head just stood there for a long while and thought. He thought about when he first heard Draco play, how the music made him feel like he was floating or dreaming or a strange combination of the two. He thought about hearing Draco play and talking to him without knowing it was him. How could Ron not want to know who it was at the time? How different things would be now…

He remembered slowly not being able to get by in the day without talking to Draco. Back then, it seemed too awkward to think things like that. But now, Ron isn't sure how he couldn't think like that. He thought about slowly feeling like he couldn't live without Draco and having him over for the summer and realizing just how deep his feelings ran.

Ron thought about when his parents first found out about him and Draco being friends. That long, awkward car ride home. He thought about Draco winning them over so quickly. He thought about Draco screaming in his sleep to fill the silence, as the blonde had put it. He thought about first kissing Draco and running after him and making the other teen stop hitting himself. And the rest after that is history.

Ron turned away from the window and started down the hall when he realized how dark it had become outside. All the memories seemed distant but so close at the same time. He wanted to hold onto them for as long as he could. They were memories with the person that he loved.

The person he loved that just so happens to be hiding something from him. Stupid surprises.

The red head smiled to himself as he took a step onto the Grand Staircase. The surprise better be worth it.


"God, I'm hungry."

"Ron, you're always hungry."

Ron shot Hermione a look that was quickly replaced with a smile. It was currently lunch time. There were a handful of kids about the House Tables. Most chose to take their meals outside to enjoy the last few nice days. Ron chose to stay inside. Who knows what kind of scary magical creatures will attack you for food? Or what kinds of spiders are lurking…

Despite being in a good mood, Ron couldn't help but feel uneasy. He hadn't heard from Draco all day. The red head's first few classes didn't involve Slytherin, so he hadn't seen him either. It made Ron nervous and then he felt stupid for feeling nervous. His emotions just became a jumbled mix of nervous and stupid.

Pushing those feelings aside, Ron dug into his lunch. Even though his stomach was growling quite loudly, the taste of food was making him nauseas. Pushing it aside, Ron chose to stare at the table instead.

And that's when he heard it.

At first, Ron thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him. But then it became louder and louder. Ron spun his head in the direction of the noise, a sense of great curiosity and fear taking over him. Turned out it wasn't his mind being cruel at all.

There he was. Draco was slowly walking towards the red head, his guitar in his hands and he played a soft tune. It was then that Ron noticed the entire Great Hall had gone silent. No one said a word, no one ate any food. Their eyes were fixed on Draco. And, as he came closer and closer to Ron, they became fixed on him as well. Now Draco was standing in front of a dumbfounded red head. He gave his love a quick smile and a wink in between notes. Ron stood up from his seat in a frenzy.

"Ready for your surprise?"

"Draco, what-?"

Before Ron could even think about finishing his statement, Draco cut him off with louder notes and a slight bit of humming. The air became thick as the blonde started to sing.

"Words come easy with you.
To keep them coming
There's nothing I won't do.
And love comes easy with you
'Cause you've got a face that makes my heart race.

And I'll be there, my boy,
'Til the sun doesn't rise.
And I'll be there my boy
When there's tears in your eyes.
And I'll be there my boy
To hold you when you're feeling down.
'Cause when know one seems to care,
And life ain't being too fair,
I'll be there.
'Cause when the feeling can't compare,
And life ain't being too fair,
I'll be there.

And I'll be there that's all I phoned to say
The day you broke down mentally
And you were on the motorway.
So when you've given up, there's nothing left to do -
My damsel in distress, I'll do my best to rescue you.

And I'll be there, my boy,
When the sun doesn't rise.
And I'll be there, my boy,
When there's tears in your eyes.
And I'll be there, my boy,
When you're feeling down.

'Cause when know one seems to care
And life ain't being too fair
I'll be there.
'Cause when the feeling can't compare
And no one seems to care,
I'll be there.
'Cause when the feeling can't compare
And life ain't being too fair,
I'll be there."

The last note faded across the hall. It echoed in Ron's brain. Was this is? Was this really it? Ron felt like kicking Draco's ass for not even asking him about this first, but he was too focused on the fact that he was happy.

There was an awkward pause. Ron couldn't help but feel it all around the room. And there were the combined confused looks from harry and Hermione right in front of him. He was sure that Harry was smiling on the inside, though. Draco took in a deep breath.

"I know you're scared. I'm scared. I'm terrified right now. But I'm tired of not being able to hold your hand in the halls or walk each other to class. I love you, Ron. I love you. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says. I really don't. You shouldn't have to care, either." Draco said in what felt like one breath.

It was that moment that something clicked in Ron's head. Before he realized what he was doing, Ron crashed himself into Draco, scooping his face into a longing kiss. Ron couldn't help but smile into the kiss. He pulled away after just a few seconds.

Draco looked confused but happy. Ron couldn't help but laugh just a little bit as he took the blonde's hand. Without saying a word, the two started to walk towards the doors of the Grand Hall. Before they could even get halfway there, an eruption of noise came from behind Ron.

The red head turned around slightly just in time to see Luna leaning over the Ravenclaw table, clapping her hands and creaming wildly. She had the biggest smile on her face, an expression Ron hadn't seen on her before. She just kept clapping and clapping and clapping. Now half the room was giving her an odd look.

Ron couldn't help but smile just as wide as she was. He turned back around, catching Draco's quizzical look. He chose to ignore it and explain later. He just laughed to himself as they made their way to the doors, quickly slipping out of the room.

Ron knew that there would be talk. He knew that kids would treat the both of them differently. But he didn't care. Ron honestly couldn't bring himself to care. He just held tightly onto Draco's hand and led his love out of the hall.

Yeah, there would be explaining later to Hermione. Everyone in the Common Room would want an explanation. From the lion's den to the snake pit, everyone would want some sort of explanation. But Ron really could not care less about that right now. He was openly walking with Draco, the person he was so madly in love with. Now he could kiss him in the halls before and after class. He could do homework with him in the library. He could eat meals with him.

And, despite all the negative to come with, Ron couldn't help but smile.


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