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Chapter One

Stalking down the darkened streets of Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki scowled viciously. Thanks to that damn Keigo, he was stuck walking home in the cold. The obnoxious boy had insisted that Ichigo tag along with him and a few other guys to go sing karaoke, even though the brown-haired teen knew he wasn't at all partial to singing.

Cupping his hands in front of his face, he blew warm air into them to ease the numbness, wisps of condensated breath escaping between his parted fingers, making a run for the star-filled sky above. Watch me get jumped again, he thought, thinking of all the punks he had pissed off one way or another in his sixteen years of life. Well, at least if it turned into a fight, it would blow off some frustration, he debated, not at all amused.

Turning left down the alley he always took as a short-cut to his house, he paused a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The lamp posts from the streets couldn't penetrate the darkness in such a small space.

Once his eyes were adjusted, he began walking swiftly again, his pace picking up a little when a chilling breeze ruffled his hair and froze his ears. "Ha-achoo!" Ichigo sniffed and snuggled his face down into the collar of his thin coat in a poor attempt at warding off the cold, relying on memory to maneuver the skinny alley, rather than his now-watering eyes.

Not even four more feet into the small space, and he was already stumbling over something and fighting for balance. "Shit!" He cursed as he looked around for the source of his annoyance. He cursed once more at the sight of his 'assailant'.

Rushing over to the man lying in his path, he bent over him. Inspecting the still figure laying haphazardly across the alley path, he noticed that the man was unconscious but didn't appear to be in bad condition when Ichigo felt around for any obvious injuries. There was also something else about him that seemed strange, but in the poorly lit space, he could barely see the hand in front of his face.

Sighing dejectedly, he knew that he wasn't going to be able to leave the man on the ground like that, especially in this frigid weather.

Having no other choice, he set the man up against the wall so he was sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him and spread wide so Ichigo would be able to maneuver the man onto his back. Kneeling down in front of him, facing away from the victim, Ichigo reached behind himself and grabbed one of the other's arms, pulling him forward until he was resting his torso on the smaller boy.

Ichigo pondered how best to get the man on his back and finally opted for holding onto one arm while lifting one leg. It was awkward and he had many near-falls for the both of them, but, using the wall to brace them and stand up, he finally succeeded and began half-struggling, half-stumbling back to his house where his father ran a clinic.


After the man was plopped none-too-gently onto one of the clinic room beds, Ichigo took the time to admire the handsome features of the older male. With his teal hair, matching ears, and long elegant tail, he looked like one of those cosplayers at a questionable 'cafe'.

Remembering the walk home and the revelation of his rescue case being a hybrid, he cracked a rare smile.

"Damn...how much do you weigh?" Ichigo muttered bitterly at the unconscious man. He groaned and shifted the enigma's weight for the hundredth time, wishing that his house wasn't so far of a walk.

The annoyed teen took a few more steps, finally being able to see a street light, when something flicked him in the leg, startling him enough to cause him to freeze in his tracks. "Wha-?" Truly confused, he looked down for a creature of some sort that may have run into him. Unable to see anything in the dimness, he furrowed his brow in puzzled wonder and continued walking.

Passing through the light of the first lamp, he was now in the shadow of two street lights. Ichigo felt slightly vulnerable with the loss of one of his senses. The feeling heightened when he felt that strange whap come again on his calf. Speeding up as best he could with the added pounds, he moved swiftly to the next light. Looking immediately around him, he saw nothing. After scanning the darkness, he deemed it impossible to see anything.

Ichigo sighed out of frustration and looked to the ground...and smiled in amused understanding. There, in the shadow of him carrying the stranger, was the evidence of the assaulting creature. The man on his back was not merely a man: he was a hybrid. It was his tail that was hitting his legs, and from the shadow, he could see the feline ears.

Forcing his mind back to the present, Ichigo pondered on what he should do next. Should he go and wake his father to have a look at him? No...he'd probably get drop-kicked for either getting home so late, or for waking his dad while he was sleeping.

Not liking the outcome of that option, Ichigo decided to take care of the stray himself. Living with his father had taught him a few things over the years. He couldn't do any surgical procedures or anything, of course, but he knew enough to be able to determine the severity of the injuries and how to go about treating them.

Hesitating for a moment at what he was about to do, Ichigo scolded himself. It was just a hybrid! He shouldn't be bothered by the prospect of having to remove the cat's clothes to examine him...but he did. The proof was in his hotly flushed face and ears, and the little stirring in his lower abdomen.

Scowling, he practically tore the clothes from the defenseless man's body, probably agitating the wounds further, but he couldn't help it. His mind was playing images that a teenage guy should not be having of a hybrid, much less a male one! Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me? He thought exasperatedly.

Now fully bared to Ichigo's roaming gaze, the teal-haired feline looked simply erotic, even when unconscious. His well-defined chin was perfectly built, a set of lush pink lips, slack from slumber, seemed entirely too enticing for the orange-haired boy's taste.

Speaking of taste...Ichigo licked his lips. How he would love to trace those luscious-looking lips with his tongue, mesh their lips together, first gently, then more firmly and-Ichigo cut himself off with a frustrated shake of his head and a moan of annoyance. "What am I thinking?" he muttered to himself.

Despite his frustration at these unfamiliar longings, the teen continued to leer at the sexy hybrid before him. His eyes traveled down his chest, to each of his nipples, taut from the cold, to his torso, that flat, yet well defined abdomen, and lower. Ichigo gulped. The man certainly had things going for him down there. The feline was simply perfection everywhere. Even the bruises and occasional mars on that tanned skin only added to his feral beauty, instead of diminishing it.

A slight moaning drew Ichigo's gaze away from the man's personal areas and back to the face of his peeping tom victim. He was stirring in the early signs of waking, but couldn't seem to drag himself out of his sleeping state and stilled once more.

Ichigo let out a silent breath, relieved that he hadn't been caught in his perverted actions, and decided to do what he was supposed to be doing.


After cleaning the hybrid's wounds thoroughly, Ichigo sighed. The cuts were a rather disturbing color-dirty from the lack of treatment-and the bruises were purple, black, and green, and just all around nasty-looking, but they would heal nicely. However, the man had a rather large bruise on his left side over his ribs, suggesting that there may be a few broken ones, but Ichigo wouldn't be able to tell until his patient woke up.

Cleaning up the mess of blood and soiled dressings, Ichigo covered up the sleeping hybrid before leaving the clinic room to then clean himself up. The blood from the stray's cuts had been dried and crusty, but after being cleaned, a small amount of the red liquid leaked out to form a much cleaner scab and had unfortunately gotten on the flustered teen's hands and clothes. He dealt with blood quite a bit, being a bit of a trouble maker himself, but he still felt contaminated every time he managed to get someone else's on him.

Climbing the stairs to his room, he gathered some clothes, careful not to get any blood on them, before crossing the hall to the bathroom. Deciding that he was too tired for a shower, he drew a nice hot bath for himself.

Sliding down into the almost-scalding water, he submerged himself up to his neck, before exhaling the breath he had been holding with a quiet hiss.

Resting his head against the ledge of the tub, Ichigo closed his eyes and allowed his thoughts to return to the exotic creature one floor below him, sleeping soundly. I wonder what happened to him. Does he have a family? Maybe I should put up some flyers, he could have owners looking for him. At that last thought, something clenched momentarily in the teen and he furrowed his brow. Why did that idea bother him so much? The feline didn't belong to him; he couldn't keep it.

Deciding that he was just exhausted and should think about those matters tomorrow, he let his mind wander and soon drifted off into a sweet dream.

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