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Chapter Three

Dishes clanked noisily in the kitchen after breakfast as Ichigo distractedly washed them before putting them in the rack on the counter to dry. He was exhausted from his inability to sleep that night, and it wasn't from nightmares. No, his mind had been annoyingly preoccupied by a certain teal-haired hybrid, presumably still sleeping peacefully in his bed while he'd paced the living room until dawn!

"You still haven't asked my name."

What the hell had that meant? Had Ichigo been talking in his sleep? Was he even sleeping at all?

"ARGH!" Ichigo gave an annoyed shout and slammed a bowl down on the counter harder than he'd intended, startling his family members currently residing at the table after their breakfast.

"Ichi-nii, are you okay?" his littlest sister, Yuzu, asked cautiously. Her normally stoic brother was acting strange today, washing dishes, acting flustered, having random outbursts…

Ichigo turned to the table, scowling, and took in the sight of an anxious Yuzu, an ever-calm Karin, and a spastic dad pretending to read the newspaper. The orange-haired teen scowled before growling, "I'm fine!" and returning to his task at hand. Anything to keep his mind off that damned feline!

Behind him, he heard Yuzu squeak in surprise and Karin trying to reassure her, while repeatedly calling her brother an idiot.

"MASAKIII! OUR SON HATES US! WHAT HAVE WE DONE WRONG, MY LOVE?" Ichigo rolled his eyes at his father's predictable ranting at the poster of his deceased mother.

"Shut up, Dad!" He yelled, rushing at his father and kicking him straight-on in the head. The action only caused the man to wail even more at the lovely poster, giving Ichigo a headache.

Between Isshin's sobbing, Ichigo's yelling, and Yuzu's crying, the approaching footsteps from the stairs went unnoticed until a low chuckling was heard from the doorway to the kitchen. All actions ceased as four pairs of curious eyes trained themselves on the unknown observer. "Is this how all the mornings play out in this house?"

Ichigo's eyes narrowed at the sight of the sleepy-eyed male hybrid before replying, "That's none of your business, is it?"

The teal-haired man chuckled in amusement again before leaning that sinfully sexy body of his against the doorframe and crossing his arms. "Now is that any way to treat a guest?" he drawled lazily.

The younger teen made a sound low in his throat that could almost be called a growl before replying, "You're not a guest. You're just an annoying free-loading hybrid who doesn't know his place!"

"Aw, that hurts my feelings," the blunette replied in mock hurt. "And here I thought you were a good person after 'rescuing' me and all," he smirked, much to Ichigo's annoyance.

"Well I—!" Ichigo was cut off when Isshin positioned himself face to face with his son, their faces nearly touching.

"Ichigo! How dare you insult a guest! I'm disappointed in you!" he said heatedly. So his name's Ichigo…the hybrid thought in amusement. Strawberry, huh? Suits him…

"But he's not—!" the berated boy sputtered, but was interrupted once more when his father flew to the other and grabbed both the feline's hands.

"I'm so sorry for my son's rude behavior, Mr…"

"Grimmjow. Just Grimmjow," the hybrid replied, not looking at the strange man before him, but instead staring pointedly at Ichigo. He smirked when he got the desired effect of the boy blushing and turning away.

Isshin seemed not to notice the lack of attention he was receiving as he continued his one-sided conversation with the stranger in his home. "Don't mind my stupid son, come in, have a seat! We just got done with breakfast," he continued, releasing Grimmjow's hands and walking to the table to pull out a seat, "but to make up for insulting you, Ichigo can make you whatever you like!" he finished, ushering the newcomer over.

"What? Dad!" Ichigo protested, a scowl firmly placed across his features as he watched the disgruntling hybrid perch himself lazily in the offeredseat, a slow grin forming on his face.

"Now, now, Ichigo. He's your guest, so while he is here, you must treat him like royalty!" the insufferable man stated with a wide smile before skipping off back to his wife's poster.

Ichigo turned his attention to the teal haired male, sending a glare his way that usually sent lesser men scurrying. Unfortunately, it had no effect on the feline before him. "Listen, you arrogant—!" Ichigo stopped short at the unexpected sound of laughter from across the kitchen table and stared incredulously at the cat hybrid. "What the hell is so damn funny?" he demanded, resisting the urge to flip the chair out from under his pompous ass and leave him to pick himself up off the floor.

"Nothing," Grimmjow replied with a wide grin, "you're just cute when you're flustered."

Flushing a deep crimson, Ichigo spouted off a few of his choice swear words, much to the blue feline's amusement. The kid never ceased to entertain. But of course, he'd found that out earlier, hadn't he? Grimmjow thought with a smirk, leaning the chair back on two legs and propping his feet on the kitchen table.

Seeing this, Ichigo walked over to the hybrid and swiftly pushed them off with a glare, causing them to plop to the ground with a thud and making the chair return to rest properly on four legs. "Don't put your feet on someone else's table, asshole," he hissed angrily.

"Aw, did I make you mad?" Grimmjow asked in an innocent voice. Ichigo's eyes nearly shot daggers at the insincere tone.

Realizing his hands were fisted tightly, the orange-haired boy unclenched them and turned smartly on his heal, attempting to focus all his attention on the stove. "What do you want to eat?" he asked through gritted teeth without looking at the other.

"Whatever you got, Strawberry," he murmured silkily. A slow grin formed on Grimmjow's face as he watched the boy's back go rigid in response. Heh, from the nickname or…?

Ichigo slowly turned around to face the hybrid. "Don't. Call. Me. That," he ground out icily, his eyes contrarily enflamed with rage.

"What's the matter?" Grimmjow continued to tease. "It's your name, isn't it?"

Ichigo shut his eyes swiftly and took a deep breath to calm himself. "No, it's not. So don't call me that, got it?" he repeated before returning to the stove. Grimmjow let the subject drop as his stomach growled. If he pissed the adorable human off any more than he already had, he probably wouldn't get fed.

The two sat in silence, Ichigo's family having disappeared somewhere, much to the orange-haired teen's chagrin. He was now stuck sitting alone with the hybrid as he made a quick breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast with jam, and a glass of orange juice.

Finished cooking breakfast, Ichigo took a seat opposite the man after handing him the plate. While the stray feline gulped down the food like a glutton, Ichigo's mind had nothing to do but wander back to the incident he had deemed 'The Bathtub Scene.' Had it really just been a dream? Or had that really happened?

Stealing a glance at the cat hybrid, Ichigo watched every move he made. His hands, though sticky with strawberry jam(1), were graceful in their movements as they shoveled mouthfuls of egg and bacon into his mouth. Though the man was obviously hungry and his manner of eating was quite rude for being a guest at someone's house, he still managed to chew with his mouth closed and refrained from wiping his mouth on his sleeve, instead deigning to use the napkin by his plate.

Just watching him, Ichigo could imagine those hands running skillfully over his body, enticing his flesh in ways that he hadn't known before. He envisioned the large hands splaying out over his flat abdomen, caressing his navel. He could almost feel the heat and moisture of the tongue that kept flicking in and out of luscious pink lips to capture rogue crumbs of toast.

Ichigo had to bite back a groan when he felt his body harden and crossed his legs under the table. Damn it, what the hell's wrong with me? He screamed inwardly at himself in distress.

Noticing the look of anguish on the younger's face, Grimmjow paused in his eating to assess the boy. When he noticed the down-turned gaze and the slight blush, Grimmjow's thoughts immediately strayed to a completely different meal than the one he was currently feasting on.

"What's the matter, Strawberry?" he drawled while standing up from the chair. "You got a problem?"

Ichigo's eyes snapped to Grimmjow's, panic flitting through them. "N…" His voice caught in his throat and he swallowed before trying again. "No. It's nothing," he answered a little shakily. Shit! What if he sees? He thought desperately.

Grimmjow's face lit up with mischief. "Oh, I think you do," he returned, striding to Ichigo and pulling him off the chair before he could react. Noticing the slight bulge in the boy's pants, his suspicions were confirmed. The boy had been lusting after him. "I think you do…" he murmured huskily, smirking in victory while his mind practically screamed 'this is gonna be fun'.

Ichigo barely had the chance to gasp in surprise before Grimmjow's lips were crushed to his, and the last thing the orange-haired teen registered was the triumphant flicking of the hybrid's tail, before he surrendered himself to the kiss.

(1)I actually didn't do this because of obvious reasons (i.e. Ichigo's name); my favorite type of jam is actually strawberry. I don't really like anything else… =S

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