"I'll always protect you Hermione." A promise spoken so many years ago, she half wondered if he had even made it.

Now the the voice off a distant memory was whispering in her ear as her flight passed over Lady Liberty. She could hear the other passengers excitedly noticing the statue and Hermione just leaned back in her seat, thoughts too consumed with the past to spare the monument anything more than a glance.

"I'll always protect you Hermione." Ron had made the same promise one night at Grimmauld, uttered between frantic kisses as hands roamed bodies, notsomuch for pleasure as much for comfort. Voldemort's arm was increasing to unimaginable numbers and no one knew how many more quiet nights there would be.

Now, she stood, eyes locked on the monstrous Watch Tower as the memory smothered her and made it difficult to breathe. Hermione was still a couple of blocks away, but she could clearly make out The Thing chillling on the ledge, his orange skin almost a beacon against the night sky. Like any good Gryffindor, she swallowed her anxiety and repositioned her shoulder bad before confidently and purposefully making her way to meet the Fabulous Four.

Maybe they would help fight against Voldemort.