Rosalie quietly shut Edward's—Bella's tonight—bedroom door behind her. Mulling over her conversation with Bella, she glided down the hall. She thought she might have made a little progress—at the very least gave Bella something to think about. If only Bella were one of those teenage girls who already saw a family in their future, who already wanted babies to love and adore—just like Rosalie had been—and still was. Yes, times had changed since the Great Depression; human girls had more opportunities and freedoms than she and Vera had had—but that maternal desire, that need so many woman had sooner or later during their lifetime had never faded or died away. She couldn't help but remember Vera and her loving, devoted husband and their beautiful creation, sweet-faced, curly-haired and absolutely adorable Henry.

She felt her face twist into a grimace as the familiar wave of longing swept over her. She wanted a baby so badly—it rivaled both Emmett and human blood, especially when she let her guard down like this. She would have loved to adopt a human baby, but that was, of course, impossible. She sighed softly as she remembered the first time she had suggested it to Emmett—he had laughed and playfully questioned her sanity before he realized that she was perfectly serious. Not that they hadn't tried to somehow have a child. Emmett knew how badly she wanted a baby, and they had researched vampiric history and tried and tried and tried, but to no avail. She was sterile, her reproductive system frozen in time, just like her heart.

How she hated that Carlisle had chosen her to become a vampire. Yes, she loved Emmett very much, but he could not satiate all of her needs. She would not have had him, but she would have either died and had this painful desire no more, or she would have miraculously lived and someday have met a devoted man just like Vera's humble husband, who would have swept her off her feet and given her their own beautiful babies, whom would have grown up and had their own babies… But no, she shouldn't think about what could not be. Straightening her shoulders, she entered the room she and Emmett kept. Emmett was laying shirtless on their bed, watching ESPN on their enormous television. He immediately turned it off. "How did it go, Babe?"

Rosalie sighed. "Not as well as I had hoped, but hopefully she will consider it. She may not have considered it before."

"Quite possible," Emmett smiled. It wasn't his normal, fun-loving grin; it was gentle and tender. And just for her. He held his arm out in invitation.

She was there instantly, snuggled against his muscled chest.

"Do you think that if she decides to stay human to start a family it would be with Edward? I don't think it's possible. I mean, there are legends, but…" Emmett murmured thoughtfully.

"I'm sure it would be with Edward… and it's worth a shot," Rosalie replied, smiling weakly. Emmett's arm tightened around her.

They lay thoughtfully in the silence.

"Edward needs to get laid, anyway. He needs to release a little tension."

Rosalie couldn't stop it, she let out a giggle before smacking him on the chest and giving him a disapproving look. Then she paused. "You know, you're right."

"You know what else? I think we could probably release a little tension ourselves, hmm?" Emmett rolled onto his side and waggled his eyebrows before lowering his head and tracing kisses along Rosalie's jaw line.

"Hmm, I think you're right."