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Chapter 1 – Bullet

Jennette had a surprisingly strong arm held around Alex as she held a gun to her head and stared Gene victoriously in the eyes.

'Come on then Hunt, come and rescue her, the very woman's name you couldn't stop saying last night...' She said, taunting him, a look of menace in her eyes.

Alex frowned, still too scared to speak as a sign in the corner of her eye flashed...49mls, 49mls, 49mls. The short phrase still shone in her mind, even when she closed her eyes, telling her that every second she was nearer. Nearer to home. Nearer to her own time. Nearer to Molly.

Further from Gene.

'Let her go Jennette, its over. Let her go or I'll shoot.' Gene said, his voice quivering slightly as he watched Alex become weaker under Jennette's hold, yet he still held the gun firm.

'Go on then, shoot.' She said, daring him with the dark look in her eyes as she tightened her grip on Alex and cocked the gun in her hand.

Then it all happened very quickly, a gunshot cracked like a whip through the tense silence, shooting through the air.

Jennette roughly let go of Alex and fled, but not before she had pushed Alex right in the way of the bullet.

Gene's eyes widened as he watched Alex grasp her stomach and collapse to the ground and gasped as he saw crimson blood seeping through her hands.

'Gene...' She whispered as she lay helpless on the ground and Gene approached her as if in the manner of a dream. Alex could no longer see Shaz, Chris and Ray in the background, all she could see was Gene approaching her, but even he was fading into the bright white light.

Gene knelt down on the ground next to her, no longer caring about his trousers on the rough ground as he took her hand in his own.


But Alex cut him off, using the last of her strength to force her words out, 'Gene, don't talk, I need to. I think I'm going home. But I have to tell you...I was telling the truth and...and...I love you.' Her voice rasped out the final words before her eyelids fluttered to a close and Gene was left staring at her dumbfounded, she couldn't be dead. Could she? And though he would never admit it a small tear ran down his cheek, Gene Hunt didn't cry, but he did now. He cried for his DI, without whom the team would be left with a gaping hole in its heart, he cried for his Bolly, without whom he would drink alone in Luigi's every night and he cried for his Alex, who had finally admitted what he could not to her. That she loved him. And he'd never returned the favour, and now he never could.

Gene stood up still staring at her ice white face as the sound of two different nearing sirens washed over his mind. He couldn't care less anymore.

And there he stood, in silence, just staring at her face. Just standing there as she was wheeled into the ambulance, as the others cried, even when he heard two police officers talking in hushed tones, even when he caught phrases like 'Yes, apparently Hunt shot her...' and 'I've got orders to arrest him...do I?'

It all washed over his head, he didn't care anymore, it was all useless. She was gone, forever. And it was his fault.

Then he heard a paramedic utter two sentences and he whirled around, his eyes wide and wild.

'She's in a coma. Get her an oxygen mask on and let's get her to the hospital ASAP.'

'What?' Gene called as they began to shut the ambulance doors.

'What did you just say?' He repeated the question,

'We said that she's in a coma, we have to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible if we want to save her.' A paramedic said to him as he climbed into the ambulance.

Gene's eyes widened, 'I'm coming.' He said abruptly and climbed into the ambulance before anyone could object.

'What do we do? He's followed her to the hospital.' One of the police officers asked his colleague,

'I'd leave him for now, follow behind and then arrest him; tell him that we'll be pulling him in for a confession.'

'Yeah but Jim. What if it wasn't murder? What if it was an accident?'

'Oh come on! That's ridiculous! He may regret it now but even we heard him from down the corridor! When he suspended her yesterday, he told her that if she got in his way he'd kill her! And now that's what he's done. End of.' The police officer, Jim, concluded.

'I suppose...' Said his younger colleague as they got into a car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.

* * * *

Alex opened her eyes and squinted at the bright white of her surroundings but her eyes widened out as they adjusted and she saw a man's face loom into view.

'Gene?' She whispered,

The man let out a throaty chuckle, 'No, I have no idea who he is but you've been saying his name a bit, anyway, I'm Doctor Lewis, you're lucky we stopped the bleeding and you woke up. And, there's someone here to see you.' The man then disappeared out of the room.

Alex's eyes widened even further as she took the information in and glanced around her surroundings which she quickly recognised as a 2008 NHS London hospital.

'I'm home.' She breathed in a tone of utter disbelief and then gasped as a girl with a light brown ponytail walked into the room and rushed over to her bed.


'Molly.' Alex said weakly as she smiled up at her daughter and hugged her from her position laid down in the bed.

'I told you you'd be OK; I said you would wake up!'

'Yes, I missed you. I'm sorry Molls. I love you.'

Molly smiled down at her Mum as Doctor Lewis entered the room again,

'Right Molly, do you want to give your Mum a little time to wake up?'

'Ok, bye Mum, I love you.' Molly said, giving her Mum another kiss before disappearing behind the door.

'Right Alex, I'll be back in a minute with some medicine, just hold in there a sec.' He said, smiling at her before he also exited the room.

Alex sighed with relief but then jumped as a screen in front of her blared into life.

'Bolly! Bolly! Bolls? Please wake up! I need you to wake up! The police think I shot you. Well, I did you shoot you, but I didn't shoot you. Please, wake up!'

Alex did all but scream at the sight of Gene Hunt yelling at her through the screen.

'Come on Bolls! Please, I need you to snap out of that coma and come to, please. I need you.' He said the last three words more softly, pleading with her to wake up.

'I'm still in 1982 as well, no,no,no! Please no!' She screamed as she ran out of the room, but she couldn't escape him.

Gene's face stared at her from every screen, pleading with her again and again to wake up.

'Someone help me! Please!' She shouted as nurses, doctors, patients and visitors stared at her like she was mad. To them the screens looked perfectly normal, just blank. They couldn't understand this woman and her screaming.

'Oh god Gene, I'm so sorry.' Alex eventually collapsed sobbing against a wall as she sat on the tiled floor, tears running down her face.

'I'm so sorry Gene.' She whispered again.

* * * *

Gene sat at Alex's bedside, still holding her hand. He had calmed down but was still talking to her, urging her to wake up.

'Please Bolls, please wake up. I need you. I'm sorry I shot you, I didn't mean to. Please tell me you know that I didn't mean to.'

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