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The Morning after the Night Before

Alex awoke to realising what she dreamt last night wasn't actually dream. She had dreamt that she had been talking to Gene, and he had kissed her- she hadn't exactly resisted. She picked up her head and … crap … well, she was still fully clothed so they can't have exactly done a lot. Maybe it was just a kiss; that was what lack of sleep and a glass of rosé does to you. Mind you, Rose was right with what she'd said the night before- they were like a married couple; they quarrelled and spent all their time together, anyway.

With a barely suppressed yawn, she got up- removing Gene's arm from round her shoulder as she did so. Still thinking about the night before, Alex padded across the carpet towards the kitchen and began her morning coffee ritual. Idly, while the coffee brewed, she checked the time- crap, they were late for work. Mind you, weren't they always?

"Gene…" She said, prodding him unceremoniously.

He barely grunted at her; after several failed poking attempts, it was obvious that another form of waking up was in order. More coffee was made, and stealthily, she wafted it under his nose. .

"Gene … Gene… Genieee." She chanted in his ear.

"Is that coffee, Bols?" He said blearily, cracking open one eye. She tapped her nose secretively.

"Secret recipe- black with two sugars." She whispered, smiling

Gene smiled and hauled himself up from the depths of the sofa. He looked at the scene surrounding him; Alex was handing him a coffee and he was asleep in her living room. If he could remember correctly, he'd kissed her last night. He'd initiated it and she hadn't stopped it. But, they hadn't gone any farther than that, being fully clothed was a vital clue to that matter. He took the coffee gratefully off Alex, and smiled.

"Im going to have a shower and get ready."

"Ok, do you want me to wait?"

"It would be helpful then Ive got a lift to work." She said smiling.

"Never bothered you before."

"Yes, but you've never stayed here so you can take me to work the next day have you?" She said quickly and sweetly.

She kissed him on the cheek and walked away, as she did Gene turned his head down and stared at her as she walked away, her bony arse was tight in those jeans and it was showing.

"You know Bols you don't need all that makeup." He said quietly to himself, he sat back thinking 'Gene Genie, you're getting romantic in your old age.'

Rose woke up in the place she most wanted to be. She was lying in the Doctor's arms and, finally, they had talked properly. Last night, she had told him how she felt and he had done the same in return. They had cried together and had fallen asleep in each others arms. It's funny, she deliberated, what running away from someone can do for you.

She rolled out of his arms, so now she was just watching him sleep; his chest rose and fell with each peaceful breath. She placed her hand on his chest and felt both of his hearts beating in sync with each other …one, two, one, two….

She laid back and smiled at him.

"Rose … are you watching me sleep?" The Doctor asked quietly, only opening one eye.

"Nooooo." She said slowly, knowing full well that she had been caught out.

"Yes, you were." He said mockingly, like a child. He opened both his eyes and turned to face her. He moved her blonde hair out of her eyes and smiled- she looked so beautiful in the morning, needing nothing to make her any more beautiful. She was, after all, the most beautiful woman in the universe.

"You know how beautiful you are?" The Doctor whispered.

"No, but I'm sure that your going to tell me."

"Imagine a planet, the two suns burn orange in the distance like summer that can never end. The second sun rises in the south and the mountains shine. The leaves on the trees are silver when they catch the light, and every morning it looks like a forest on fire.' The Doctor was drawing it in the air as his eyes began to get dreamy. 'When autumn comes, there is a brilliant glow through the branches- as though it's the first ever autumn that ever existed. When the wind blows it smells like freshly mown grass and the grass crunches beneath your feet even on the hottest day of the year. The lake stretches across the planet and its crystal blue; people sit there and skim rocks across the lake, some bath in it, many children swim in it. The Citadel is the heart of the city, everyone looks to this place for guidance."

Rose sighed heavily. "It sounds beautiful."

"Now imagine you're standing by the side of the lake watching the sunset in the distance, you see it set as though it is going into the lake, as though it fizzes when it hits it. Then I'm standing next to you and we're just watching it set and at that moment it truly is beautiful. But it's not the surroundings- you are more beautiful than that, Rose."

She smiled at him, "What planet is that?"

"Gallifrey, it was Gallifrey. They called it the Shining World of the Seven Systems; the Citadel of the Time Lords stood in the mountains of Solace and Solitude." He pulled Rose further into him and held her close.

She sighed deeply, "You really think I'm that beautiful?"

"There's no question about it, Rose. No question." She leant in and kissed him passionately and he didn't resist it. Grabbing onto his lapels on his blazer and pulling him down on top of her, and he said nothing. She rubbed her hands through his spiky hair as he held her even closer into him.

Donna, meanwhile, woke up from her slumber that she had collapsed into from coming back in the early hours of the morning. She had left the Doctor and Rose to talk knowing that they had to have that time to themselves; something in Rose's eyes was telling Donna that she needed to talk to the Doctor about something. She knew that there would be an issue after Rose had run, but if they talked she knew they could fix it; after all, they were grown ups. Not children, despite moments she had witness that argued otherwise.

She walked over to her dressing table and sat down; looking at the mirror and seeing herself with the customary eugh. She had work to do this morning. It was always the same every morning; her hair was sticking up in all the wrong places, her clothes needed washing and she desperately needed to have a shower. That's what happens when someone makes you get involved with a murder investigation and then you don't get to go to bed until at least one in the morning.

She decided she'd have that cup of coffee that she craved every morning- leaving her room, Donna made her way to the kitchen.

"I need to have a shower." Rose said as she broke away from the Doctor.

"Nahh," He protested. "You look fine, Rose."

"Nope," She persisted. "I want a shower but I also really need a coffee." She got up off the bed and walked out of the room.

"Roseeee…" The Doctor called causing her to walk back in.

"Yes, Doctor…."

"Can I have a coffee?"

"No, because coffee makes you too hyper and I don't think I could cope with you being that hyper today. You can have tea instead."

"Roseeee…." He whined like a teenager.

"Tea." She said, indignant.

She left the room to his crying wails. Smiling to herself, she walked down the corridor and found Donna in the kitchen.

"Did you talk to the Doctor?" Donna asked as tactful as ever.


"And?…." Donna said waiting

"Everything's fine. We talked… and we kissed." Rose said laughing, Donna pulled her into a hug and they were soon giggling like school girls.

Donna handed her a cup of coffee and Rose made the Doctor some tea. With a; "I'll see you in a bit" thrown over her shoulder at the red-head, Rose made her way back to the Doctor's bedroom.

She walked in and put his tea on his bedside table- on looking for him she found that he was in the shower. She had a glint in her eye. A glint which said trouble.

"Bolls, are you ready to go?" Gene shouted, rapidly becoming impatient.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Blimey..." Alex said, getting fed up of Gene's whining that he wanted to leave.

She walked out and Gene gulped; she looked beautiful and Gene couldn't help but stare. After all, he always knew how beautiful she was but he never really saw it before.

"What's wrong, Gene?" Alex asked, noticing he was staring; Gene cleared his throat in his usual, gruff manner.

"Nothing, Bolly- you just took about a year to get ready."

"Oh, stop moaning and let's go to the station." Alex said smiling; she pushed him through the door and out of the flat, grabbing her keys as she did so.

"Hey, Donna." Rose said, running into the kitchen.

"What, Rose?" Donna questioned, intrigue plain on her face.

"I have a plan." She said her eyes shining.


"Well…." Rose began.

The Doctor stepped out the shower, singing a hauntingly high Phil Collins number as he did so. Snatching a nearby towel, he wrapped it around his waist. He looked in the mirror and began having a shave. He walked out of his bathroom and into the bedroom looking for his clothes. He went over to the wardrobe and opened it to find that all his suits had gone.

"What?" He said as his face dropped.

He looked in all the drawers in his room… and there were no clothes there. How embarrassing, he thought; his clothes couldn't exactly wander off by themselves.

"….Rose!" He shouted with growing suspicion.

Rose wandered, enthralled in a magazine and drinking a cup of coffee. She saw him there, all but naked if not for the towel wrapped around his waist. She burst out laughing and nearly choked on her coffee.

"Ok, I nearly choked... but it was so worth it." She said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"Where are my clothes?" The Doctor asked.

"What clothes?" She replied innocently

He shot her a sarcastic look, "All my clothes are missing, Rose."

"Well don't look at me- I've been drinking my coffee and reading a magazine. I tell you what, Doctor; it must have been your TARDIS. Things do tend to go missing in here."

"Clothes don't just… get up and walk, Rose." He said smartly, trying and failing to keep his voice neutral.

"Well then. Maybe you should go and look for them yourself." And with that, she left his bedroom; as she turned away she giggled silently to herself. She got out her phone and texted Donna, 'Spaceman searching for clothes, coming soon', she laughed. Oh, this was so much fun.

Rose, on hearing the Doctor cursing looking around his room, futilely for his clothes, walked quickly into the kitchen and sat down, eagerly waiting to see the show.

Donna checked the message on her phone- Rose had texted her just like she said she would. On reading it, she smiled to herself, and was dying to see the Doctor.

She didn't have to wait long.

"Donna, have you seen my clothes?" The Doctor asked standing in the doorway with nought but a towel hiding his modesty.

Donna guffawed and rolled around laughing at the far superior man standing in front of her.

"Nope, not at all." She said trying to stifle her giggles.

"Donna…" He said sternly.

"Look, it is not my fault if you can't control your own ship, is it, really?" She added innocently, "I suggest you go and look somewhere else." She stated as she turned away to lie back on her bed.

The Doctor, noticing that Donna had had enough of talking to him, left the room- he had to admit, he was tired of being laughed at.

"Doctorrrr…." Donna called, the Doctor walked back into her room, on seeing him walk back in she added, "Any chance of getting me a cuppa?" She said cheekily.

"In case you haven't noticed I have clothes to find." He said sternly

"Fine, I shall do it myself then." She said, storming past him and smiling to herself.

She strolled back to the kitchen and sat next to Rose- giving the blonde a surreptitious high five has the younger woman handed her the cup of coffee that she had prepared for her.

The Doctor paced around his bedroom in the TARDIS, wondering why Rose had done this; he wandered into the kitchen and saw Rose and Donna laughing at his expense. Rose got out her phone and …

"Oh … mum's just gonna love this." Rose taunted.


"Smile spaceman … you're on camera." Donna joined in taunting.


"You know when you altered my phone so I could still talk to mum and dad,' Rose began.

"Yes." The Doctor said impatiently

"Well,' Rose coughed stifling her laughter, 'you know mum does need a good giggle sometimes- what with a toddler to look after whilst dad's at work all day." She couldn't hold her laughter in any longer, and she and Donna just pointed and laughed helplessly at him.

"And Granddad is going to laugh when he sees this." Donna added.

"You know,' Rose said seriously, 'I wish I had Jack's number because Jack would love to see this."

The Doctor stared straight at Rose and pulled his I'm – not – impressed – can – you – cut – it – out – before – this – Timelord – loses – his – temper look.

Rose stared straight back at him, not even blinking and shot him her; don't – even – go – there look.

"Rose, please can I have my clothes back?" The Doctor asked

"Oh… I dunno,' Rose said with a smile sneaking out the side of her mouth, 'how much do you really want them?" She asked as she stood up.

"Rose, where are they?"

She shook her head and gave Donna a quick glance, "Nope, sorry- I'm not hearing how much you really, really want them. Looks like- if you do want them back that is- you're gonna … have to … catch me." She said, and promptly legged it- being on the cross country team finally pays off!

The Doctor, after allowing what Rose had said to register, trailed after her.

"I'd watch that towel doesn't fall away if I was you." Donna called after him- ahh, she had to smile. They were just two people in love, after all. Time to have a shower Donna sighed considering Rose and the Doctor were each preoccupied.

Gene stormed through the station in his usual alpha male way, Alex following close behind and smiling at everyone as she walked through.

"Mornin' ma'am." Shaz piped up, in her usual upbeat way.

"Morning Shaz, any chance of a coffee?" Alex asked as she sat down at her desk

"Comin' up." Shaz left with a smile.

Gene on the other hand walked straight into his office went through his desk and came back out with a football horn; he walked to Chris and Ray's desk and pressed the button as hard as he could. The deafening sound of the horn made everyone in the station clasp their hands to their ears and stare at the Guv with open incredulity.

Chris and Ray awoke with a start.

"Christopher," He said with gritted teeth. "Do you perhaps remember what I said to you this morning?,' Gene asked standing over a sleepy Chris- he turned to Ray, 'what about you, Raymundo, any little memory behind that thick skull?"

Each of them looked straight at the Guv and didn't utter a word. "I seem to recall telling you do paperwork and don't go back to sleep. Do you recall that conversation… either of you?"

"We just fell asleep, Guv."

"You just fell asleep.' Gene repeated, his temper rising, 'when I give you an order, DS Carling, I expect you to follow through. So let's try this again; go down to lost property now and start archiving and I don't want to see either of you until it's done! Got it?" Gene asked, a smile not wavering.

"Guv." Chris said as Ray nodded.

"Now!" Gene screamed- they each tottered off like they had been given detention, "For future reference any one who decides to go against my orders in the future will be treated exactly the same. You are my team, you do exactly what I tell you!' he noticed Shaz coming back with Alex's coffee, 'Shaz, six sugars please, luv." He added sharply as he walked into his office slamming his door behind him.

Alex rolled her eyes- that's what happens when people don't get enough sleep. They become tired and irritable. Mind you, it's not like Gene was ever any different.

Rose ran- this time out of fun not out of anger. That cross-country training when she was at school meant that she could run with ease and not get tired. Plus, being with the Doctor was a hell of a lot of running anyways, and something you had to get used to. She forgot, however, that the Doctor had longer legs than her, he had been running a hell of a lot longer than her, and that even with just a towel wrapped around his waist he could catch up to her. He grabbed her and held her around the waist, gently picked her up and carried her into her room, 'Now, miss Tyler,' he began, 'you can give me my clothes or else." He whispered.

"Or else… what?" Her cockiness was evident.

"Or else,' the Doctor began kicking the door closed behind him, 'I'm going to tickle you to death!"

"Noooo…" Rose said playfully, they had spent a lot of time together and the Doctor knew where she was most ticklish and where she hated it. It was her stomach- one touch there and she was in hysterics, he reasoned. He was right- he tickled her stomach and Rose fell to the floor giggling like a five year old. He laughed at her and when she finally broke out of her hysteria he kissed her gently on her lips, 'I'm still so sorry,' he whispered hanging over her.

She smiled and whispered softly, 'I know,' as she kissed him back, 'you deserve your clothes back I suppose…they're in that cupboard' she said pointing to the one on the right hand side.

He smiled at her and walked over to her wardrobe; he picked his brown pinstripe suit as always and was looking for his blue checked boxers. As he couldn't find them he picked his red ones up instead. Shame, now he couldn't match! The disgrace… Rose had turned away so he could get changed without her prying eyes, even though she desperately wanted to see.

Due to the Doctor announcing he was dressed, Rose walked over to him and smiled up at him.

"So… how do I look?" He asked her.

"Oh, as handsome as ever." She answered, pressing herself up against him. She had to stand on her tip toes to reach him. Her scent filled the Doctor's nostrils and it was something he couldn't resist- she kissed him and he didn't want her to stop. But she pulled away and said, 'Is that the sonic screwdriver in your pocket… or are you just happy to see me?' Smiling cheekily she pulled away to the Doctor looking slightly embarrassed. She could forgive him that one moment of masculinity.

She made to leave as the Doctor seemed frozen, 'Oh and Doctor…"

"Yes, Rose." He turned his head to face her.

"I may have peeked and noticed that you had to settle for your red boxers instead of your blue ones."


"I'm borrowing them, hope you don't mind." She said coyly.

The Doctor watched her walk away and sub consciously loosened his tie, God she knew just how to get to him. The flirting had been occurring ever since they started travelling together- more so when he became this Doctor- but never has it been so obvious before. He sighed smugly. 'Still got it' He smiled to himself as he made to follow Rose out of the room.

Rose walked down the corridor that led to the centre of the TARDIS- Rose guessed the Doctor was still frozen, so she decided she would have a shower in the communal bathroom, which really was the best bathroom anyway. Way more luxurious. However, as Rose walked she couldn't help but smile; that moment was one Jack would have been proud of.

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