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"How do you plan on stopping it? It's only about an hour away from reaching the outer walls of Konoha." Sarutobi said while looking at the Fourth Hokage who was frantically looking through scrolls. The Fourth didn't look up to reply. Instead he picked up another scroll quickly scanning its contents.

"If I can't find anything else to stop the beast then I plan to seal it in a newborn child," responded the Fourth Hokage.

"So, you're planning on making a jinchuuriki. I fear that the villagers will not be kind to this child," said Sarutobi.

"The child should be viewed as a hero for he would be the one keeping the demon at bay," the Fourth Hokage said while glaring. "Besides, sealing the Kyuubi is my last resort."

"I know but I - " before Sarutobi could finish what he was saying the door flew open. Standing the doorway was a masked teen with white gravity-defying hair.

"Kakashi, what - " but Kakashi interrupted him by saying, "Minato-sensei, it's Kushina! She's having the baby!"

"I'm coming," Minato said as he grabbed his battle cloak. Before Minato left the room he did two Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones).

"Keep searching to find a way to defeat the Kyuubi," Minato ordered his clones.

As Minato turned back towards the door to leave he said, "I hope that I can find another way to defeat the Kyuubi, but if I can't and I must seal it inside a child, then I pray that you're wrong, Sarutobi-sama, and that the villagers will view the child as the hero that he would be."

As Minato left, Sarutobi sighed and said, "I truly hope that the villagers will view the child as a hero if the Kyuubi is sealed, but people often fear what they do not understand and often times that fear turns into hatred."



"Jeez, I'm awake already. Stupid alarm clock," Naruto said as he stretched and tried to recall what he had just dreamed. 'Grrr… I know that whatever happened in that dream seemed important but I can remember what was going on. It's all fuzzy… I think it had something to do with…umm… great I forgot! Damn it! This is the second time this week. Stupid dreams. Hmm… maybe it was just bad ramen…WHAT AM I SAYING THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD RAMEN. ~Growl~ Hehe... speaking of ramen I guess I am kinda hungry. Ichikaru Ramen here I come! Though I should probably get dressed first.'