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Chapter Four: Explanations

"See ya later, Tsunade-baa-chan!" Naruto said as he ran out of the hospital.

"Don't call me that you brat!" Tsunade called out after him.

Tsunade had healed Kakashi and Sasuke before taking a look at Lee's condition to determine if she could do anything that would help him. After she finished, she started to head towards the Hokage Tower where she would be meeting with the Elders to go over what her duties as Hokage will be.

As Naruto was eating his dinner at Ichikaru Ramen, ('Yum! Pork Ramen!') he started thinking about what had happened during the invasion attempt from both the sound and sand nins. Specifically how he was able to detect and dispel the genjutsu that put almost everyone in the stadium to sleep. Also, how he, at the time, wasn't surprised about the talking dog that Kakashi had summoned.


Shikamaru and Naruto were standing at the top of the stairs when all the citizens in the stadium were falling asleep. 'Floating white feathers? What the hell?!….I am a little sleepy… maybe a small nap wouldn't hurt, everyone else must have the same id- Shit! It's a genjutsu!' "Kai!" 'What's going on? I don't think this is part of the Exams'

Naruto noticed Kakashi and Gai, along with other Konoha ninja, fighting against sand and sound ninjas. Sakura was starting to come towards him and Naruto was about to go over to her when he almost tripped over Shikamaru, who was asleep on the ground. Or so he thought. Naruto could tell by the unevenness in Shikamaru's breathing that he was still awake. 'That lazy ass is faking!'

"Hey! Get up Shikamaru. I know you're awake," Naruto said as he nudged the lazy genin with his foot.

"It's too troublesome. You can leave me here. I'm fine."

"What?! No! Get up you lazy as-"

"Sakura, Naruto, and Shikamaru. Listen up! I am assigning you three an A-ranked mission, you are to go after Sasuke who is currently perusing the three genin from Suna," said Kakashi while he deflected a few kunai and shrunken.

"How are we supposed to follow Sasuke when we don't know which way he went?" Shikamaru asked after finally stood up.

"The fourth member of your squad will handle tracking Sasuke," Kakashi said as he bit his thumb and began to do hand seals.

"Who's the fourth member, Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Pakkun," said Kakashi before he slammed his hands on the ground saying "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)" As the smoke cleared a small dog was revealed.

"Hey, Kakashi," the small dog said.

"A talking dog?!" Sakura exclaimed. Shikamaru didn't say anything but was thinking the same thing. Naruto nodded his head and thought, 'I thought that Kakashi-sensei was going to summon one of his nin-dogs….. wait a second…. SINCE WHEN DO I KNOW THAT KAKASHI-SENSEI CAN SUMMON DOGS?!… OR THAT HE COULD SUMMON AT ALL?!!…. I'll think about it later. Right know I should focus on the mission that Kakashi-sensei is giving us right now.'

~{End Flashback}~

After his fifth bowl, he started thinking back to what Jiraiya had said about learning and mastering the Rasengan. 'Ero-sennin said that it took the Yondaime three years to create and master the Rasengan. He told me that it would take me a long time to master it too. But I was able to learn the Rasengan in under a month. I'll admit that it's not perfect since I have to use a Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) to help me, but it still works like a one handed Rasengan. I know that both Ero-sennin and Tsunade-baa-chan thought I wouldn't win the bet. They were both shocked that I was able to use it against Kabato. I know that I learned how to do the Rasengan faster than I should have been able to.'

Naruto finished his sixth bowl of ramen and paid for the food. The sun was just starting to sink below the horizon as he walked down the street, making his way toward his apartment. Not very many people were on the street he was walking down, not that he noticed. Naruto was trying to remember something, 'There's something I'm forgetting. I know there is. It's probably something important too…. Damn, this is just like those frustrating dreams…. The Scroll! How could I forget something like that?!… Well I have been busy and I've had a lot of things on my mind…. But still how the hell could I forget the entire conversation about the Scroll?!…. Oh well, I'll open it now…. I just need to find a safe place to read it.'

A few minutes later, Naruto was on the Hokage Monument and on top of the Fourth Hokage's head. It was the place he usually came when he wanted a quite place to think or just somewhere peaceful to sit. No one besides Iruka-sensei knew about how Naruto comes up here from time to time. Naruto sat down and pulled the Scroll from out of his weapons pouch. 'Now that I think about it, my weapons pouch probably wasn't the safest place for this scroll. I was going to put it somewhere safer but I forgot all about it after the Chuunin Exam.'

Naruto took a moment to look at the sky. The sun was setting but there was still enough light to read by for about ten to fifteen minutes. Naruto then looked at the scroll that was in his hands. 'Well it's now or never. The Old Man said all I have to do is wipe some of my blood on the seal and then I should be able to open it'

Naruto nicked his thumb with his canine tooth and it drew some blood. He then swiped his thumb across the seal. At first nothing happened, but then, the seal started to glow a dull blue before fading away. Naruto's heart was racing as he opened the scroll and began to read what was inside:


I hope you can forgive me for placing the burden of Kyuubi on your shoulders. You are the real hero for keeping the Kyuubi from attacking the village by being the fox's jailor. I know you probably want to know why I chose you. The reason I chose you is because you are my son. I didn't want to ask anyone else to give up their son if I could not do the same. I know that you may not see that as a good reason but I hope that you can try to understand. I didn't want to do this to you or to anyone. I love you, my son, more than anything and I don't want to do anything to you that could cause you harm. But I know that sealing the Kyuubi will probably cause more harm you than it will help you.

I want you to know that I'm not that fond of writing letters because I'd much rather talk in person but as you know that wouldn't be possible. There is so much I wanted to tell you; so much I wanted to be able to teach you. When I sealed the Kyuubi inside of you, I used a number of seals to keep it from escaping or influencing you. But one of the seals I placed on you has nothing to do with the sealing of the fox. Before the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, I was working on a seal that would pass information or knowledge from one person to another. For instance, if one person used the seal to pass the knowledge of how to perform a fire jutsu, the person who had the seal on them would also be able to perform the same jutsu by just seeing it. Whether the person read about it in a scroll or saw it preformed. I placed this seal on you. Everything I know, I have passed to you. All the techniques I can perform, all the knowledge I have about seals, everything I know that could help you, you now know. You won't be able to just go out and perform everything I passed onto you. You need to train your body to be able to handle the taijutsu. You must train yourself to have above average chakra control to be able to perform the genjutsu and make seals. You need to be sure you have the chakra capacity to perform some of the ninjutsu. The seal I placed on you isn't just instant knowledge. You will have to work hard and find out how to trigger the seal into releasing the knowledge.

One of the reasons I decided to put this seal on you is because I know that since you are my son and you are a jinchuuriki, you will have people after your life. I won't be there to protect you from my enemies or from people who would want the power of the nine-tails. My other reason is that I won't be there for you. I won't be able to teach you what I know or help you learn new techniques. I just hope that this will be able to lighten the burden I have placed on you.

Your Father,

Minato Namikaze

The sun had almost completely set when Naruto finished reading the scroll. Naruto stared blankly at the scroll as he processed exactly what was said in the scroll. As he rolled the scroll back up, his emotions were ranging from excitement at learning new things and finally learning who his father was, to anger because it was his father who sealed the Kyuubi in him. His thoughts were racing a mile a minute as he kept thinking about the seal and his father. The only clear thought he had at the moment was, 'Holy Shit!'


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