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Obscene, Rude, Stupid, and Forbidden Uses for Hokage Hatwear

AKA, "The Hokage Hat Files"

Appendix C

(Things Naruto is no longer allowed to do in Suna with his hat.)

*Note: also encompasses the original list

*Second note: You are wrong, Sasuke. Naruto may not take my underwear.

1. Build sand castles

2. Switch hats with Kazekage

3. Steal lemonade

4. Pretend it's a puppet

5. Bury it

6. Paint it green and hang it from the nose of the statue of the Yondaime Kazekage. While pertinent, it is not appropriate.

7. Use it to bury others

8. Wastebasket

9. Emergency note-passing and/or doodling equipment

10. Finally, it is not to be used, EVER, as the ultimate male sex symbol of the ninja world.