I don't know why I need to write this. It's quite obvious that I do not own Minesweeper or have any copyright claims to this game at all. However, I am writing this disclaimer to say that you may not sue me for any injuries caused by reading this fan fiction, whether it be having a heart attack because I killed off one of your favorite characters in some sort of cruel and horrible way, it being that you got so pissed that I decided to make fun of people by 'riting in bad grammer & spellig', 'us1ng numb3rs 1n my s70r13s', '0r evn us1ng a c0mb. 0f b0th' , or it being that you actually found something I wrote funny and fell out of your chair/choked on your own tears. Anyways, enjoy the story.

I navigate carefully around the ground. There are 3 mines around me, so I have to make a smart move. Go to the left? Go to the right? Go straight ahead?

Maybe I'll just stay here. It's an OK place to be. After all, I'm not dead.


After a few minutes I get bored. I may as well move. I step straight ahead and my leg flies 30 feet into the air. Yay. I died.

I click out of the game. I would hate to actually have that job so much.