I dropped my bag with a loud thunk at the door.

"I'm here, Hiro-san."

The only response I receive is the beeping of the monitor above my beloved's head. My body moved slowly, dragging itself over to the spot I had occupied for the past week. Every single second of spear time I had spent here, with Hiro-san.

My Hiro-san.

My hand was shaking as I slid it under the covers of my love's hospital bed. I gripped Hiro-san's hand tightly, Hoping for what I knew would not happen. I wanted him to hold it back.

His hand was cold.

"Hiro-san, if your cold, you should just tell me. I'll always hold you." I spoke quietly, fighting the tears that threaten to pour over. "I'll always hold you…" I whispered again, feeling broken. I put my head against his chest listening to his heart beat. It kept in perfect time with the monitor. I wish they would take the monitor out, it distorted the beauty of its natural beat. I buried my face into the sheets, taking in his scent. He smell so sweet, despite his angry demeanor. Just like jasmine. I let out a shuddering breath, and lifted my head.

"Hiro-san, you know the young boy that checked in last week?" I spoke softly so only he could hear me. "He's doing so much better, his fever is almost completely gone. Senpai says If I keep up my medical work, I'll be leading in the pediatrics department in no time." I stroked his face softly as I spoke. "I'm finally catching up with you, after all this time…." I squeezed his hand, wishing desperately that he would return the gesture. It was so cold. A reminder of that cool afternoon in April…

"Hiro-san! Its lovely out, isn't it?" I smiled and turned back to look at him. He had that adorable scowl on his face, the cold making him flushed.

"If by lovely you mean frickin' cold, then yes." He growled back, mumbling something out how 'that damn brat always gets his way'. I smiled warmly at him.

"Thank you very much for agreeing to go out with me today, Hiro-san. I appreciate it." I really did. We didn't get that much time with each other anymore.

"Of course you do, you cheeky brat." He glowered at me as I fell in step beside him.

"If there's anything I can do to make this more enjoyable for you, Hiro-san, just tell me." He walked along quietly for a while, then he muttered something I couldn't hear.

"What was that, Hiro-san?"

"……….my hand…"


"…..hold my hand….."

My eyes widened in surprise form the request, but quickly softened. I carefully wound my fingers with his and held is hand tight.

"your adorable, Hiro-san." he gave me a dirty look.

"I love you, Hiro-san"

His eyes widened and he looked away even redder than before.


The sweetness of the memory made my eye's burn, I tried not to cry, but it over whelmed me.


Why did you have to get hit by that car, Hiro-san?

Why are you in a coma, Hiro-san?

Uncontrollable sobs racked my body as in leaned on Hiro-san's chest. My tears were running free now.

"Hiro-san" I choked out. "Hiro-san, Hiro-san, Hiro-san, Hiro-san….!"

My chest was hurting. I felt like I was suffocating.

"Hiro-san…I love you…I love you so much..!"

Why won't you come back to me, Hiro-san?

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