How typical. Just another day. Another day of leading the Task Force on longer. Another day of forcing lies upon them and sending them on almost suicidal missions to retrieve pointless information. Using false accusations to prove himself right. Shutting up anyone who stood in his way. Yagami Light, the mastermind behind Kira. The very being who started off wanting to rid the world of this evil -- has now become the very evil he had tried to prevent. However, L has a way to put this evil to an end. Maybe not in the way the average person would expect but L always had a way of forcing Light to think, to consider everything, and to doubt himself. As much as Light hated to admit it, he realized that L had figured it out. Figured out his weaknesses. Saw past his fake, calm demeanor and determined who he was inside. The person who was set on ruling this world. Turning it into the world he expected and seating himself as a god. A god of his new world. Well, things were about to change, whether Light was too thrilled about the idea, or not. L was 100 percent sure that Light was indeed Kira, though he'd offer him a deal. A deal in which he was sure Light couldn't refuse.

A few moments had passed. L had shaken himself from the almost trance-like state he'd seemed stuck in. Though, L had never been seen doing much else, besides thinking, or eating sweets. Occasionally heard but only when needed. Mostly seen but never heard. That's how L preferred, though he could tell many of the members of the Task Force liked it more when he spoke.

Lately, the police and the rest of the Force hadn't been involved in many going-on's. Nothing too major. A shooting here, an attempted murder there. An escaped criminal or two. No cases were Kira related, or not to their knowledge. Life was quickly falling into the same boring phases and most didn't mind. There were little activities every day; nothing too major, but enough to keep the police busy.

L had grown quite bored, and somewhat annoyed, at how slowly it took the rest of the Force to figure out pointless crimes, analyzing them and somehow trying to relate those cases, to the Kira Case. Obviously, it hadn't worked. L shifted from standing to his unusual sitting position on the couch. However, L knew he'd cause quite a commotion when Light figured out where he was.

Because the Kira Case had been dragging on for so long and going absolutely nowhere quickly, the Task Force had decided to take a few days off. To relax and to sleep in, something they hadn't done in a long time. It eased their minds little by little, silently praying that maybe, just maybe, Kira had finally disappeared, or someone had finally put an end to this infamous Kira. However, Light was in no hurry to re-appear as Kira. Even masterminds need to take a break of some sort. Of course, he needed it, not to relax, but to plan more murders, to stare at the TV for hours on end, only to plan ahead their death date.

However, Light was in for quite a surprise. In fact, he wouldn't be working on any pre-planned murders. Not for a long, long time. Possibly not ever again. A lot had been running through L's mind, though his expression never changed or not by much. So, naturally, he never showed any signs of suspensions and hadn't bothered to voice his opinion about Light being Kira lately. It seemed out of the question. Light had been under constant surveillance at the times the murders had taken place. L hadn't left Light's side, only when Light had gone to visit with Ms. Misa for a few short moments, or for other more personal reasons, whatever they may have been. L didn't care to know excessive information. However, L had no doubt in his mind that Light was indeed Kira, and he was set on proving it to Light's father, along with the rest of the Force.

Those sleepless eyes of his scanned the room. It seemed sort of -- warm, almost. Yagami's house was decent. His mother was very kind. L found Light's sister a bit odd, and he was well-liked by Mr. Yagami. L guessed that's why he had allowed L to stay at their house without Light's knowledge. L had somewhat planned on Light not being too enthusiastic about L staying. He was almost excited to see Light's reaction.

Light had left early from the Task Force Headquarters the night before. Something to do with Final's for school. L couldn't remember. He had only overheard half of the conversation between him and Mr. Yagami. It was later on that night when the Task Force had decided to take some time off. After all, it was a Thursday night. Mr. Yagami figured it couldn't hurt to take off a few days. At least until Monday. The rest of the Force had family to go home too. All but L. So, naturally, Mr. Yagami volunteered to allow L to stay over a few nights. Of course, L accepted without a second thought.

So, now he sat and waited. It was about 6:55am. The rest of the Yagami family was still asleep. Mr. and Mrs. Yagami would be asleep for quite some time, or L had figured that much. Sayu, their daughter, would be up within the next 30 minutes, and Light would be within the next 5 minutes. What a perfect time to surprise Light. When it was just the two of them.

A few minutes had passed. L shifted his gaze towards the clock. '6:59am.' He thought, only to press his thumb against his lips, only shifting his vision towards the stairs, staring up as he heard footsteps. 'Just a few more seconds,' L thought as he seemed to lose focus of everything around him, only to focus on those thuds and the person who was making them. After five seconds, Light had finally made his appearance. His vision was kept to the steps, only to look up as he set both his feet on the carpet. The clock rang seven times, signaling it was 7a.m.

His eyes instantly met with those emotionless, black eyes. Light's eyes only widened, almost in horror. Though, quickly realized the expression that had been plastered on his face for a few moments, long enough to cause L to smirk somewhat and Light to put on a perfectly fake smile. "Pleasant surprise, seeing you here, Ryuzaki."

"Yes," Replied L simply. There wasn't much to be said between the two. As soon as Light had stepped foot in his presence; L had kept an almost constant watch. Almost as if he was studying his every move. L instantly knew Light immediately felt uncomfortable in his presence, even more so now that L was inside of his house. So close to figuring out his secret. So close -- It was almost scary. Though, Light shrugged it off, parting his lips to speak. "So, Ryuzaki, why're you here?" He questioned in a friendly tone, an attempt to make small talk.

"Why?" L repeated, then that same taunting smile spread across his lips. The smile Light hated. It had caused Light to twitch slightly. "Because your father figured it was best for us to get some rest. The Kira Case, as you know, hasn't made much progress. Not much going-on's. He thought we deserved a well-needed break."

Light narrowed his eyes. 'Damn him,' He thought, his expression never changing. He was careful not to give away any clues. "Well, he's right. You and the rest of the Task Force have been working awfully hard lately. Though, why're you here? I thought you'd be staying in a hotel with Watari." He casually made his way over to the couch, sitting down on the opposite side as L.

L only turned his head slightly, along with the rest of his body. He tilted his head, showing somewhat of an interest. "Why…" He repeated softly, then pressed his thumbnail a bit harder against his tender, lightly colored lips. "Mm, because Watari is attending to private business. Your father offered for me to stay here - I didn't invite myself along, Yagami-Kun,'"

'No, of course you didn't, L.' He grimaced inwardly in disgust at the thought. L wanted to prove Light was Kira. That's all L had ever wanted to do. "Oh? I see." He replied, simple enough, he figured. "Well, would you like anything? Coffee? Tea?" He offered politely, wishing he could be the complete opposite.

"No, thank you for offering, though, Yagami-Kun." L replied politely, as if thinking nothing of Light's excessively fake smile. He seemed to overlook the faulty smile and keep a closer look on his opposite. His eyes never once left his face. L had searched every bit of Light's aspect though found absolutely nothing. He was quite use to it, though L had hoped to catch Light off guard. He had once already, what would keep Light from slipping up once more? Not much, or so Ryuzaki had hoped.

"If you insist, then." Light replied simply, standing up walking towards the kitchen; his back turned towards L. He was still in his pajama's, not that he necessarily cared If L was watching him, or not. Light wasn't going to allow himself to be bothered by such things as he entered the kitchen, completely out of L's sight. He leaned against the counter, taking in a few deep breaths. An attempt to collect his thoughts. 'Damn him,' he cursed, biting down onto his lower lip. 'Why is he here? Why did my father have to invite him over here? Now I can't do any killings. I have to constantly be looking over my shoulder to make sure L isn't spying on me. I can't have any association with Ryuk, let alone feed him, or allow him to eat anywhere within ten feet of L.' He inhaled and exhaled heavily. A million thoughts were running through his mind. What was he going to do? How was he going to go about planning the murders? Explaining his plans to Ryuk. "Damn, L. Damn you to hell." He hissed under his breath, a slight blood-lusting edge laced those dark words.