Light's eyes widened upon hearing those strange words. "W-what are you talking about, L?" He stuttered. It was usual for L to say such things. It was especially odd that L had aimed those words directly towards Light. Something wasn't right. L was planning something. But what, exactly, was he planning? Though, Light couldn't come up with a concrete idea, he was sure it had something involving L proving he was Kira. That was the only reasonable explanation.

L's smirk grew, somewhat of a twisted sly smile, almost smug. "Well, Light," L began. "I've been watching you closely. You've made one thing clear. You're far too confident in yourself. You've made quite a few mistakes in just the short time I've been here, watching you. Of course, your father hadn't noticed. He doesn't pat enough attention to you, Light. You've slipped up.. However.." L slipped an arm around Light, beginning to lead him up the stairs as he continued to speak. Though, Light had ignored most of the useless blabbering. Nothing would have made sense, anyways.

As the two detectives reached the already opened entrance to Light's room L had removed his arm from around Light's shoulders, shifting and pressing his thin, fragile fingers against Light's chest. Before Light could react, L had already thrusted Light's body backwards. Of course, this action and the surprisingly large amount of force had caused Light to stumble backwards a few feet into his room and landed on the floor.

L stepped into the room, grabbing the doorknob and gently closed the door behind him. L shifted his gaze downwards as he turned the lock on his door, making sure no one would interrupt him. That was one of L's pet peeves. As his emotionless vision searched the room, he caught Light's gaze with his own, that sly grin only widening. He bent down and crawled towards him, never breaking their fixed gaze. Light's eyes were wide, half with surprise, the other half with confusion. Light could instantly tell he was in over his head. "W-what are you planning to do, L? What's gotten into you? Are you okay? I think this case has honestly gone to your head. You've become obsessed with proving me as Kira!"

"Of course I am, because I'm right." L whispered seductively. An odd tone for his voice to reach, though Light sort of liked it. And, as he realized what words were going through his mind, he shook his head. "No. I'm not Kira. You've just gone mad. I guess my father was right when he said everyone needed a break! To think, a world famous detective like yourself would crack under this much pressure. How pathetic." Light nearly hissed out.

L chuckled softly as he pressed a thin finger to Light's lips. "Listen, I've explain to you before how obvious it is, to me, that you're Kira. If you confess, I won't need to do this. However, there's a 3% chance you won't hear me out, so I feel like this is necessary." L continued. "Hnn," He began to trance his own fingers down Light's covered chest. He drew small designs, brushing his fingertips lightly down to the rim of his shirt, snaking his hand inside his shirt.

"Mm.. L, what're you doing?" Light asked as a small, light blush tinted his pale cheeks. L's smirk never faded from his usually calm face. "What do you think I'm doing, Light?" L threw the question right back at him. L knew Light had quickly figured out what was going through L's mind. Though, Light hadn't struggled against L which had taken L by surprise slightly. "Mm, you're not struggling." L whispered as he snaked his left hand up Light's shirt. Light's blush only deepened. "Because you're one hell of a lot stronger than I am, even though you don't look it, L." Light admitted quietly.

"You're correct." L seemed a little too confident in himself at the moment but he had everything planned out perfectly. Down to the last detail. Every movement made was planned. "Trying to seduce me isn't going help you pry information out of me, L. No matter what. I'll never admit to being Kira," he smirked. "even If I am." he added only to shift his own hands, so he was sitting up. L took advantage of his movements and pulled his shirt off him within seconds.

"Why the hell did you do that, L?!" Light nearly shouted, more out of embarrassment than anything else. "Because you look better without your clothes on." L replied absentmindedly as his hands shifted and gripped onto his arms roughly, thrusting Light onto the floor, laying flat on his back. L's face held the expression of a mad-man, lusting after something he'd long for. The thrill of the hunt and of the kill.

Light had instantly noticed such an expression. It was very unlike L to show this emotion, let alone any sort of emotion. "What are you rambling about, L? You've gone insane!" Light struggled against him but L held Light in place on the floor quite well. "Mm, some say I was never sane, Kira."

"Don't call me that! I'm not Kira! I'm not!" He nearly yelled, ceasing the struggle. L only shook his head. "I'm not as dense as the rest of the Task Force. You keep forgetting who I am, Light. I am L. The world's greatest detective. And, who, who are you to tell me that I'm wrong?" L hissed in that oh so alluring voice of his.

Light's eyes widened slightly, for once, he realized he wasn't going to win this battle. L would win. There was no doubt about that. Or, that's exactly what Light wanted L to think for the moment. "I guess you're right, L." He whispered softly. This whisper had caused L's grip to loosen just enough for Light to shift his body quickly and force L's porcelain frame onto the floor, pinning L down by his wrists. Light had crawled on top of L, somewhat sitting on L's thin frame. "You honestly think I'm going to give up and allow you to win easily, L? I thought you were smarter than that." L's expression had shifted, his usual emotionless gaze met with Light's. "There. You admitted it. You're Kira." He whispered as a mocking smile formed. Light's eyes instantly narrowed and his fist made contact with L's smooth cheek. As L took the hit, he quickly used the arm Light had freed momentarily and returned the hit, causing Light to fall back and off his frame.

Light pressed one hand onto the floor, propping himself in an up-right position, using his opposite hand to rub his cheek softly. "Nn.. That actually hurt." He muttered out loud without meaning to.

"Yes, I suppose it did, Light." L mumbled as he removed his own shirt. Light's orbs instantly flickered towards him. His gaze paused, noticing his porcelain skin. The surface seemed so smooth and comfortable. If Light hadn't stopped himself, he would have reached out and began to touch the skin, though thankfully he hadn't reacted before thinking. His vision then moved down his body. He never noticed before how small L really was. L stood at 5 foot 10 inches, 179 cm, and looked about 110 pounds, 50 kg. Light's eyes softened, noticing his rib cage. "Mm, now I see why you wear such a large shirt."

L's eyebrows pressed together, frowning. "Mmm.. Yes.." He whispered softly as his vision had finally caught Light's wandering eyes. Light couldn't help staring at his body. Regardless of how thin he was, his body was that perfect porcelain color that Light had always loved. L moved towards Light, an alluring smile crossing his face once again. "Mm.." He stretched out his arm, his fingers gripping onto Light's wrist and softly pressing those digits against his own chest. "You like the feel, don't you, Light?" He whispered seductively.

Light's face colored a light pink but he nodded in response. "Yes, I do. You have very smooth skin, L." He whispered as he traced his long, thin finger against that tender surface. "Yes, I know I do. That's how I like my skin, don't you?" Light nodded in response, continuing to trace small designs upon his flat chest. He seemed to be obsessed with touching L. Gently brushing his fingertips directly across L's chest, moving over his nipple. Such an action caused L to release a soft, gentle moan. Both L and Light's face had colored a deep red, though L's quickly faded. Light's blush remained.

"Mmm, I think you're getting a little too curious, Light. Though, I'm going to fulfill your curiosity." L whispered as his hands moved swiftly across Light's medium sized frame and those quick hands had loosened Light's pants within moments and dropped the clothing onto the floor. Light desperately gripped onto L's shadowy hair, pulling him upwards. "Mmm, Light~" L groaned out softly, which had instantly caused Light to remove his hands from those thick, black locks. L smirked to himself, chuckling. "You're not scared, are you, Light?" He asked, almost tauntingly. Almost like he'd wanted Light to hurt him. Like he wanted Light to tug harder on those strands.

"No, I'm not scared. You obviously want to do this. I'm not sure why, but I suppose you have some odd way of proving I'm Kira by doing such sickening things to me. They must pleasure you somehow. You really are a freak, aren't you?"

L's eyes widened slightly. Just the thought of that word. Freak. He was never too fond of it. Though, he calmed himself within moments and forced Light onto his feet, only to kneel down and begin to press his soft lightly colored lips against lower stomach, pressing his lips harder against that surface and moving his fragile fingers to Light's sides, beginning to massage that frame. "Mmm.." Light released a few small noises upon feeling of L's lips coming in contact with his lower stomach. Light's orbs slowly fell to a close as he reached his hands downward, clinging those extremities deep within L's hair. "N-ngh~" Light released a few more noises as he felt L continue.

L's lips wandered up and down his slender stomach, gently caressing that plump

aperture over his chest. And, as L moved, his tongue snaked out of his moist cavern, flicking out and against Light's nipple. "Mm-nn..~" Light attempted to suppress a few moans, though he knew there was no point. L's tongue felt so good as it caressed against his right nipple. Light would only groan louder as he felt L's tongue slip back into his mouth, though his mouth pressed harder against his nipple, drawing it passed his lips and beginning to suck gently, then harder, enjoying those pleasurable noises his friend was releasing.

The sucking sensation from L's lips seemed to drive him crazy. Every lick. Every touch. Every suck. "Mm.. L!" Light called out as he seemed to blush from his own actions. His lips parted ever so slightly and small pants were released. "Mm…T-that feels really good.." He admitted in a quiet whisper as he tangled those digits deeper into L's hair, almost knotting his hands in those locks, making his fingers look nearly impossible to remove.

As soon as L had heard enough of Light's small moans and groans, he removed his lips from around his nipple. His emotionless eyes scanned the body in front of him, then smirking, once his eyes reached Light's lower region. "I don't think you want to admit to being Kira." L mumbled softly as his hand pressed against the newly formed bulge, his digits brushed against the outline as a small smile replaced his usual emotionless, blank stare.

Light shook his head a bit. "I don't want to admit, because I'm not Kira." He nearly insisted. Such a bad sign. To insist ones innocence. Though, L would get him to admit it. He'd just have to carry on with his plot, though he hadn't planned on from the beginning.

L's finger had lazily continued to trace small designs upon the bulge, groping through his boxers. "Light," He paused for a moment, causing Light's vision to shift and meet with L's. "Hmm?" L parted his mouth to speak, then stopped. "Nevermind," He whispered as his fragile fingers traveled from that bulge to the rim of Light's boxers.

Light tugged up on L's hair, though L ignored the tugs and slowly slid Light's boxers down. L's eyes were fixed on his boxers until they had fallen off completely. Light raised his leg slightly, kicking off his own boxers. Right now, Light hadn't cared where those undergarments had landed, he'd pick them up later on.

"You're not struggling.. Why?" L asked with curiosity. "W-why?" Light repeated and had suddenly realized, all of this while, he had been enjoying the teasing kisses and sucks. "Because you haven't really done anything that I don't want you to do.." He mumbled quietly as an embarrassed tone laced his voice.

L let out a quiet laugh, laced with a bit of insanity. "Oh, I will, Light. I will. I can promise you that much. And, I'll make sure you enjoy every moment of it." He whispered as a twisted smile graced those pink lips of his. That smile - Light had never necessarily liked it but it had caused his face to grow heated. A light blush appeared. 'Enjoy every moment of it?' Light questioned to himself, though said nothing. 'And what, exactly, did L mean by it?' So many questions were unanswered. Though, within moments, Light would find out exactly what L had meant.

"Lay down on the bed." L commanded. He wasn't in the mood to mess around, though a little more teasing wouldn't hurt. He would tease Light but not far too long. There was only so much L could take. He'd gone over twenty years without having any sexual contact with that special someone, though Light would fight against him and resist him, Light would learn to love him. He just would.

The caramel haired detective frown at the opposite man. He was use to taking orders, though he hadn't wanted to test L's strength again and made his way over to the bed, clearly uncomfortable. Light was finally catching onto L's idea completely. He wasn't too excited about it. As he reached the bed, he sat down only to feel the raven haired detective push him over, grinning that wild grin Light had come to almost adore, in a way. L's hands roamed over his sides, placing him flat onto the bed. "Mm, My, you look so innocent, Light." He whispered seductively. "And you look like you've finally lost your damn mind, L." Light replied with a roll of his light caramel colored eyes. "You're starting to act more and more like that murderous double of yours. What was his name.. Beyond Birthday, I do believe? Correct me If I'm wrong." Light smirked.

L's eyes widened and Light flinched as he felt the boney hand slam across his pale skin. "Why the hell did you do that, L?!" Light spat, pulling his hand away from L's grip and wiping his the back of his own hand across his lip and cheek.

"Don't you EVER compare me to that.. that.. second best, back up!" L barred his teeth. So unlike him. Though, Light was somewhat attracted to L when he was like this. So demanding. So strong. So dominate. Light liked that.

Light shook himself from his thoughts as he felt the man on top of him position himself. This action had caused Light to squirm, clearly no where near ready. His eyes widened, what was that? Did L just growl? Light shook his head. He must be hearing things. Just his own mind playing tricks on him. That's all. Yes.. Nothing more. Light felt somewhat safer with the comfort of knowing he was going insane. Maybe he was imagining all of this. Just a bad dream. Maybe he had passed out on the couch, or maybe hadn't awoken yet.

L chuckled viciously. Oh, the teasing he had in store of Light. Light was uncertain about how badly this session would be. Maybe L would come to his senses before anything else happened, though with the next movements, Light knew he wouldn't be sane for much longer.

L pushed the detectives legs apart, leaning himself on top of the squirming opposite, straddling him. "I love it when you squirm, Light." L whispered, nearly consumed with desire, sending shivers down Light's spine. "Mm, You're sick." Light managed to mumble out in a tiny voice. Having the other male above him was quite intimidating. "Sick as all the secrets that you deny." L added only seconds after the caramel haired male had spoke those words. Now, Light seemed to be speechless, a shocked expression frozen upon his face.

L shifted so his knees were pressing into the bed and Light's legs were at his sides. "Wrap your legs around my waist, Light." L commanded as he dipped down and began to suck on Light's neck greedily. He nipped and bit down roughly on that tender skin, enjoying the small noises emanating from his parted lips. "Mm, I know you're enjoying this, Light.." He whispered as he trailed his soft, light pink lips down the detectives tan frame, only to pause at his nipples, latching onto the right and sucking on the nub.

Light squirmed, feeling L's body pressing harder against his lower region, releasing small gasps and noises, almost whining. "A-ahh..~" One of Light's hips bucked up, pressing his length and body against the dominate male.

"Mmm, you're turned on, aren't you, Light?" L whispered in that sexy, seductive voice that Light was quickly becoming addicted to. "Yes.." Light admitted in an embarrassed whisper. L's hand roamed over the lower region of his soon-to-be lover, smirking as he felt the erect muscle. "Heh, very turned on."

"P-please, L. Don't." Light begged quietly. Was he really begging L? Such a fool. He knew he'd wanted L for the longest time, secretly, of course. Telling absolutely no one. Not even his own shinigami, not that Ryuk cared much for Light's sexual preference.

"You're cute when you beg, Light." L removed his hand from the opposites length, smirking. "Though, don't forget, Light." L paused for a moment, trailing his hand up and down his chest softly. "Sins, like skeletons, are so very hard to hide."

Light's eyes widened. Just what was L going on about? Sins? Skeletons? He didn't bother dwelling on the words. "Ah! L!" He yelled as he felt the opposites length against his tight entrance. "Nnn.. C-can't we just talk this out?" Light questioned, his eyes widened. "No, we're past that point, Light. You had your chance." He replied in his usual emotionless voice as he snaked his hand down that thin, tan frame.

Light let out a small moan unintentionally as L gripped onto his thin sides. "Nnn..~" L's shifted his body, positioning himself correctly, once again and pushing the tip of his length into Light's tight entrance.

"A-ah.. C-careful.." Light pleaded quietly. His hips were arching into the opposites and his digits gripped tightly onto the sheets. "Don't worry, Light. I'm not going to be rough with you at first. I'm not quite as bad as you think." L replied and Light simply gave a nod in reply to the dominating male.

Light's eyes widened as that length was taken completely inside of him. His body had begun to tense up. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Light loved the feeling of Light being inside of up. His small entrance completely consuming his opposite had given the submissive male such an ecstatic sensation he could hardly believe he was continuing to fight against L. Failing, but continuing to fight.

"Stop struggling!" L insisted, nearly demanded, as those thrusts became faster, harder, and his grip tightening one the small waist. "S-sorry! It's uncomfortable!" Light nearly yelled, panting in between taking in deep breathes. L was quite rough with him, not that he expected L to go easy on him. Not at all.

"It won't be uncomfortable for long. You'll get use to the feeling, unless you keep struggling, then it's very likely that you will not feel any more pleasure than you already have." L groaned out. Even he couldn't control himself. Light felt so good inside. So tight.

Fifteen minutes had passed and during the time, Light had slowed the struggling to the point where he couldn't control himself. "A-ah! L! H-harder, please! Oohhh~ yes.." He moaned out as the submissive male felt his sweets addict force himself rougher inside of him. Both of their lengths were quickly reaching their limits. Light's groans and moans came out faster, at a higher pitch. L's breathing began to quicken as did his pants. "Oohhh, Light. You feel so good, so tight.. So great inside.. It's so fucking great!" He shouted loudly, his voice cracking. Since when did L's voice do that?! He cursed himself inwardly but kept up the quickening pace.

A final groan of each others name's and the detectives released at the same moment. Light's liquid shot onto both of their stomachs while L's filled the entrance. Only moments after, did L's hand slip down off the bed, gripping something in his hands.

However, Light hadn't noticed. The submissive male released his all too tight grip on the bed sheets, his eyes nearly instantly closing.

"Mm.. L.." He spoke weakly.

"Y-yes, Light?"

"My mask is growing heavy, but I've forgotten who's beneath." Light whispered out, hands covering his ruby red cheeks.

"I can show you who's beneath, Light."

"I know you can, L."

"So," L sighed softly, silently shifting his hand up.

"You were right. I am Kira. I don't know what's gotten into me, though.." He whispered quietly, only for his eyes to instantly open and shift to his wrist.

"I will help you, Light. I promise.." He whispered as he clamped the metal handcuffs around his small wrist, connecting the other part to his own wrist.

"Thank you, L…"


Author Notes; "You're sick, sick as all the secrets that you deny." is apart of the song 'Reclusion' by Anberlin.

"Sins, like skeletons, are so very hard to hide." Is also apart of the song same by Anberlin.

"My mask is growing heavy, but I've forgotten who's beneath." Yeah, apart of the same song by Anberlin.. ;;

Oh, also, I do not own Death Note, or any of the characters. X.x - Sorry I have failed to add this at the beginning/end of every chapter or the first chapter. Better late than never, hmm? xD