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This is my 2nd fan fic. It's mostly a "Cloti" fan fic. Some of the parts in this story were actually meant for this novel I'm writing, but I decided to use some parts for this story. Please, please review so I can know if it's good enough to be continued. Thank you and enjoy!


The Confession

Why must we keep all our feelings locked up? Sometimes this feeling is over bearing and can cause us to go through geat unnecessary struggles. I don't see why we can act so foolish sometimes and do these things, but then again I'm one of those people.

It's been a while now, things are much better with Cloud and myself. His geostigma is gone, he saved the world once again, we're a real family now, aren't we? Yet, i can't help but get the same feeling from before, we still have our feelings locked inside ourselves. Why? Such a simple question, but it's not a simple answer. And it's not the same answer for the both of us. Is it fear of being rejected? or is it fear of not receiving the answer you want so badly? Is is fear of losing what you love the most? The answer isn't that simple. If only it was, I don't know myself, and perhaps Cloud doesn't know either, but one thing holds true for the both of us: it involves fear.

Fear can be so simple, but it's so vague. There are many forms and sometimes we lie to ourselves and pretend it isn't there, but the scary truth is that it is there. Asleep, no. Dormant, yes, for the time being, but it's keeping us from opening ourselves to each other, it's keeping us from being together. And no matter how much we can deny it, it's the sad truth.