Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not JKR. Yes, I know. I'm sad, too.

Well, I am back briefly! This story is very different from '...Evans', but I wanted to write it just the same. Usually I hatehatehate sad stories, and as stated on my profile, I do not believe Fred Weasley died (again, WHAT WAS THE POINT?! It's the only thing I don't write canon) But after reading a few post-DH story whatsits, I thought maybe I could write one. Also, I sort of understand what Ginny was going through when Bill got married. It's hard for a little sister to say goodbye to her big brother, even if you like your sister-in-law (which I do.) So, here is my take on how Ginny finally warmed up to Fleur.

Ginny sat on the sofa, staring at the rain as it fell down the window, like tears. (Rain was inside the house now, too).

Ginny's face was blank, her eyes dead. She was only vaguely aware of someone sitting down next to her. It was probably Ron or Percy, who rarely let her out of their sight, and though she might break if she was left alone. Then the person next to her shifted and hesitantly placed a hand on her shoulder. The light touch and faint scent of lavender told Ginny exactly who it was.

"Zhinny? Would you like some…tea?"

Ginny shifted, turning further away from Fleur. Couldn't the French woman just leave her alone? Was it really that hard to just go away?

"Eet `as `oney and not sucre. Beell said zat you liked eet better zat way," Fleur ventured.

Ginny reluctantly turned and took the offered cup. Damn Bill for knowing her so well.

Fleur's wide blue eyes searched Ginny's, and Ginny could see the genuine concern there.

"`Ow- `ow are you doing?" Fleur asked gently.

Ginny didn't say anything.

Fleur looked down and her hands, "When I was a leetle girl, one of my friends, Marie-Claude…she died from a-a-a…seeckness in ze…chest. She was not my seester or brozzer, but eet was vairy sad for me."

Ginny wished the tears falling down her cheeks would stop.

"I was vairy sad," Fleur continued softly, "I cannot eemagine what eet is you are feeling. But my maman told me somezing vairy eemportant. She said zat Marie-Claude was not gone. And niezzer is Fred, Zhinny. Do you know where `e is?"

"In the ground," Ginny said flatly.

"Non," Fleur scolded, "But eef you say zat, zen oui; `e is in ze ground. Maman told me zat Marie-Claude is `ere," Fleur touched her heart, "And so Fred is `ere," she gently touched Ginny's heart, "Every time you `ear a good joke? Zat is Fred. Every time someone makes you smile? Zat is Fred. Comprende?"

By now, Ginny was sobbing, terrible wracking sobs that shook her whole body. Without thinking, Fleur wrapped her arms around the girl and held her. At first Ginny stiffened, but then she relaxed and buried her head in her sister-in-law's shoulder. Yes, now she was getting Fleur's shirt wet, and Fleur's silvery blonde hair was sticking to her cheeks, but Ginny didn't care.


That was how Bill found them, after he left Charlie and George. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of Ginny, his baby sister, weeping into his wife's shoulder, and Fleur gently rubbing Ginny's back, murmuring in French.

Fleur looked up at him with tears in her eyes and gave him a sad smile. Bill felt his own eyes fill and quickly walked to the kitchen to make tea.

Yes. It's over and probably the last one like that I will write. just to let you know.