Teen Titans, Too!

By: A J

(Standard Disclaimer Applies)

"How it all began …"

Dear Diary,

Hey, it's Elyon. OMG, I can't believe how long it's been since I got to just sit down and write anything! It all started a little over a month ago. I discovered I am the heir to the throne of a magical world, called Meridian. The guy from the bookstore, Rick, told me, after I found out that I was adopted! He's from Meridian too, and works for my brother, prince Phobos. Now, I live in this fantastic palace, with every wish I could have hoped to think granted, except for one.

My brother is ruling Meridian in my name, but apparently, he's got problems in the form of rebels. Rebels who, with their own magic, have called on the forces of the universe for champions. And they got 'em. Problem is, my best friend Cornelia is one of them.

They call themselves the Guardians. Crazy Hay Lin, the only girl to give me a serious run for 'Best Artist in Grade', her BFF Irma, the new girls Taranee and Will, and Cornelia have control over the elements. Cornelia is in charge of Earth, which is cool, but she's apparently on the outs with the rest of them, 'cause they knew the truth about me weeks ago, but Will (who's apparently the leader,) wouldn't let C tell me before Phobos and Rick did.

The reason they wouldn't tell me? They think Phobos is the villain! Cornelia and one of the rebels, a cute boy named Caleb, broke into the palace just last night, and told me some of the wildest things about my brother. Namely, that he was the bad guy, and intended to kill me eventually to keep the throne, and Rick, his mild-mannered advisor (and my only real friend here so far,) was actually Cedric, the monstrous half-snake I first saw the Guardians fighting. Of course, I didn't believe them, but then Cornelia did something that made me remember why she's my best friend. She brought me my sketchbook!

Then Caleb surprised me as well. He knelt down and told me that the rebels of Meridian were on MY side, and wanted to protect me from my brother! After they ran off from the approaching guards, with reassurances that I'd see them both again, my brother brought up the matter of my friends from Earth. Still too confused about the conversation with Cornelia, I didn't tell him anything about it, and he apparently took my pensiveness for loneliness, 'cause he said he'd found something to cheer me up.

And that's how I met Miranda last night, diary. Whoops! More later; breakfast is on its way up.