Teen Titans, Too!

By: A J

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Author's Notice: My apologies to the canon purists, I intended to go through most of the latter half of the first season. But, as the various adventures of W.i.t.c.h. on Metamoor were pretty self-contained, I realized I could rearrange the episodes to some extent, to better fit this story. Don't worry, it'll all be here somewhere, just not necessarily in the order anybody might remember. I also intend to use a few details from the Comics, so hopefully fans of both should enjoy. Catch ya on the flipside, and don't forget to R & R.

"When everything changed"

Dear Diary,

"Look, Phobos, I know they lied to me, but I want to hear why. From them. They owe me that much, don't they?" I couldn't give him the real reason I wanted to see my Earth parents, Thomas and Eleanor Brown. It had taken a week of earnest niceness and forced vapidness to keep my brother from getting too suspicious of me after the death of Aketon. One thing I hadn't had to fake was just how saddened I was that our chief Metallurgist was dead, though not for the same reasons Phobos or Cedric were. I was honestly sorry for his death, and knew that regardless of any one else's involvement, his life's price was firmly on my tab alone.

Miranda's defection was the only thing my brother was actually surprised about; he'd been under the impression that she was his thrall the whole time. Each time I thought about that, I cheered up a little more inwardly. Duplicity and cruelty do not loyalty make, but honest friendship on my part had shown her where her heart could lead her, and I was glad she had gotten away, even while it robbed me of my last confidant in the palace.

"They are far from here, Elyon, and it would take many days to have them brought back to you. Are you sure you want to have their retirement interrupted?"

"You've already told me numerous times that it isn't safe for me to leave the castle," I sighed. "Or I would go to them. I have to speak with them, brother." I hate, hate, HATE! castle intrigue. If this was the only way I was going to get straight answers, then I had no choice but to go for it. The Browns had taken me to Earth for some reason, and I needed to find out what it was, soon. That reminded me … "What are their Meridian names?" I knew Cedric had said them when he brought us all to Meridian City, but I couldn't remember them for some reason.

"Alborn and Miriadel," Phobos answered shortly. I had the horrible feeling it was only my leniency on their behalf that had led to his. But angry as I'd been at the time, they were still the only parents I'd known, and I still loved them. I repeated the names a few times, memorizing them. Then I turned to the always-hovering Cedric. "See that they are brought back to us with all haste … and safety," Phobos told him, before I could say anything. I may have imagined it, but the 'safety' part at the end sure sounded rehearsed.

"Thank you, brother," I gushed, hugging him unexpectedly, then I skipped out to the garden terrace.

Of course I stopped after exiting the door, and slipped behind to listen at the crack.

"They are still secure in Cavigor?" Phobos asked nonchalantly.

"As secure as anyone else in our best prison, my Prince." I did my best not to gasp. 'Retired to a country cottage', indeed!

"See to it that they are suitably … 'coached' … as to their whereabouts, and have them returned to my sister's suite. Let them allay her final fears, that we may fulfill my plans," my brother said.

"Your wish … iss my command," Cedric hissed, and I could hear his form change with his voice. I'd only seen it in person once, but that was more than enough. Where Miranda's changes looked like flowing water, Cedric's sounded forced, almost painful. I certainly hoped that any shapeshifting genes in our family tree were loooong dormant. I didn't think I had the stomach to hear my own bones break or watch my flesh melt into anything else.

But that made me think of Miranda again, and with equal parts happiness and sadness, I made my way back to my room from the terrace, taking a different route than last time, determined to memorize as many ways through the castle as possible, should I need them. Dwelling on my new dilemma, I wondered how to get word to the Rebels or the Guardians of my parents' whereabouts. I wanted to talk to them, yes, but somewhere we could speak freely, and definitely before snake-puss or my brother had scrambled their neurons so much they barely knew their own names.

An idea hit me as I got back to my quarters. Turning to the pair of lurdens always assigned to my door, I said, "I'm taking a nap, and no one is to be admitted." They both nodded dimly. (Lurdens are loyal and diligent, but unfortunately, not too bright; what can I say?)

The door closed behind me, and I heard the pair stamp into place before the door, effectively becoming a living barricade. I smiled in spite of everything else. "Okay, now, how did that portal spell work?" I asked myself quietly, remembering a trick my brother had me play on the Guardians shortly after I arrived in Meridian. "Ah, right, I need a map." I waved a hand, and a translucent map of Meridian City appeared in front of me, hanging in mid-air. "Hmm, better make that two maps," I amended, and made another one of Heatherfield behind it. "Okay, I'm here," I said, pinpointing my approximate location in the lopsided star-shape of the palace. "And the Silver Dragon is … here!" I touched the two points at the same time on the pair of maps, willing a portal into being between those two spots. I heard a faint 'whoosh!' from behind myfarther wardrobe, and could just make out a faint glimmer of blue light. "Oops!" I'd have to work on my aim better next time. This would be enough for now though.

Grabbing up parchment and quill, I hastily scrawled an anonymous note about my parents' whereabouts, addressed it 'To The Guardians' from 'A Concerned Party', and slid the rolled-up note through the fold, then shut it. With any luck, my parents would be saved from the clutches of Cavigor before the end of the week. Then I'd just have to find a way to talk to them about why they had hidden me from my brother.

Cornelia's P.O.V.:

Dear diary:

We'd just gotten back from our latest disastrous detour to Metamoor when Yan Lin came down to the basement, paler than Alchemy after a winter break. "Girls," she said, her old brow even more furrowed than usual. "I just found this while sweeping the Wa'anfan room." (I really hope I spelled that right!) She held up a tightly-coiled roll of parchment.

We all gathered around as Missus Lin unrolled the note. When the first line became visible, everyone gasped, but none of them louder than me. "You guys, that's Elyon's handwriting!" I said right away. You don't spend seven years trading notes in school without becoming familiar with the other person's penmanship. It didn't hurt that she had dotted all her 'i's with little smiley-faces, just like she always had.

"Really? And here I thought Miranda had gone out of her way to learn English," Irma sassed.

"They're in Cavigor?" Hay-hay gasped. Then a second later, she asked, "What's Cavigor?" glancing over at Caleb, who was still regaining his breath in the corner.

"Cavigor is the prison of no return," he sighed. "Nobody who's ever gone there has ever come out."

"Not even the guards?" Leave it to the corrections officer's daughter to think of this one, but I had to give Lair her props; at least she was thinking.

"Assignment to Cavigor is one step above being imprisoned there. It's the ultimate punishment detail. The guards live in it as well, and their only contact with the outside world is monthly supply trains." My poor boyfriend slumped against the wall, obviously troubled.

"How much do you know about this place?" ever-thoughtful Taranee questioned him.

"Not enough. Send me back to the Infinite City, and I'll see what else I can learn." Caleb stood back up, and pulled his coat back on. I couldn't help the sigh that escaped my lips; it was like watching a knight don his armor before battle. I stepped over and pulled him down for a quick peck of a kiss.

"Just don't do anything terminally brave, rebel-boy. You won't be doing us any good if you end up in there, too," I told him with a smirk.

"One E-ticket to Meridian," Will said, opening a doorway to Metamoor with the newly powered-up Heart of Kandrakar. I swear I could hear her rolling her eyes at the two of us. Like she was any better whenever Matt Olsen was around.

Caleb gave my back just below my wings an extra squeeze, and grinned. "I'll be as careful as I have to be," he promised, and jumped through the cerulean swirl between realities.

"Awwww," Hay sighed, as I lifted a hand in a halfway-wave after him just as Will shut the portal.

"Get your rest, W.I.T.C.H.," our nominal leader said, changing us all back to normal. "Something tells me we're gonna be busy again very shortly."

"Yeah," Irma snickered. "It's a good thing extradimensional jailbreaks don't go on our permanent record. My dad would never forgive me."

"Neither would mine," Taranee 'Eep'ed. She shook her head as she mounted the basement stairs.

"Come on, granddaughter," Yan Lin said to Hay-hay. "Time enough to worry about adventures on other worlds tomorrow. You all still have school in the morning." She motioned the rest of us up the steps.

"Don't remind us," I grumbled, swishing my hair behind me. "Hopefully, we can pass our warning on to Elyon about her brother next time we're back."

"Amen," Will intoned behind me, before we all headed home for the night.