I sat at the baby grand piano in the corner, randomly tapping my fingers on the polished keys. I could never play an entire song, the music went from a familiar lullaby, to Moonlight Sonata, to Ode to Joy. My mind wandered about utterly unimportant things. My upcoming birthday, I couldn't really focus. I was a pathetic piano player.

"No, you're not." A voice rang out from across the living room. I jumped, and looked up to see my father leaning casually against the wall on the far side of the room. I sighed in relief, my heart was beating a bit faster from his unexpected entrance.

"Oh, hey. Sorry. You startled me a bit there." I said quietly, my fingers beginning another journey across the keys. Daddy chuckled once.

"You must not have been paying attention." He said smugly. His hearing was still a little sharper than mine. Hopefully that would change as I matured. But it was still strange that I didn't hear him enter. I must have been really zoning.

"Ha. Ha." I barked sarcastically, my fingers still lingering on the keys. He smiled lightly, then walked over and sat down beside me on the tiny wooden bench.

"Let's hear something." He said.

I thought for a brief second then began playing. He smiled as he recognized the gentle notes of the lullaby he had written for mom what seemed like so long ago. So much had changed in the course of a few years, beginning when Mom moved to Forks.

When I finished the song, Daddy looked to me and smiled lovingly. I smiled back. I knew he was proud of himself for teaching me how to play. I learned quickly, only because I enjoy music so much. I couldn't get away from the piano the first few days I was learning, because I was so eager to move on. I even fell asleep on this bench a few nights, and Mom had to carry me to bed.

Daddy then started playing the lullaby again, very absentmindedly.

"You know, when I wrote this, it was the strangest thing. I had just met your mother, and was so confused by her ways, because her thoughts were silent to me." He continued to play, "Our love was so new then. I never even thought we would last, never dreamed she would love me and want me forever. How could she? I was a monster, and here she was, an innocent human." His voice lowered to a whisper, and I don't think he was even aware of it. "I couldn't believe she loved me, married me. And I never imagined you would exist." He said, his voice almost incredulous . He ended the song and turned to me, "And yet here you are. The most perfect daughter a father could ask for. It's just unbelievably how amazing things turned out. I am so happy for the first time in over one hundred years." He smiled, with his eyes bright despite the darkening color of thirst. I smiled too, Daddy never shared this with me before, and it was really nice to talk with him. Then he leaned over and kissed my head gently. I laughed. Then, without a word, we began playing a simple duet on the piano before us.