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Title: Miko and Shinigami Love

Rating: T

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RE-WRITTEN: July 18, 2013

Chapter 01: Tired

A peaceful quiet night covered the feudal land. Kagome sighed, her eyes reflecting the cracking fire in front. Resting her chin on her hand, she remembered the words Inuyasha had told her.

'I am going…out for a walk.'

Even with him saying that, his eyes were locked into the deep forest. He didn't even look at her. She wasn't stupid. This moment had been repeated a million of times. She knew what he was up to and the whole gang knew.

'He went to go see Kikyo again…'

There was no doubt in this. She was getting tired of him always making her second when he wanted. She wanted to feel special for once, special for being her. Someone who wouldn't compare her to someone else. Sango and Miroku looked at the miko, seeing her stand up from the log she was sitting on.

Sango's eyelashes blinked: "Where are you going, Kagome-chan?"

Kagome hid her eyes behind her bangs: "Home…"

Sango stood from her spot: "What? Why?"

"Why else, Sango-chan?" cried Kagome, showing her tears to her dear friends. "Inuyasha…he went off again. He lied to me. He can't even tell me up front that he is going to see Kikyo…I have had…enough." Kagome grabbed her yellow worn backpack and told Miroku and Sango she would be back in a few days. To her luck, they weren't even far from the village. About only a ten minute walk and she would reach the Bone Eater's Well.

Kagome spotted the well and took out her shards hidden in her chest that were glassed in a small jar. She sighed: 'Only have three shards. We haven't advanced at all in defeating Naraku and completing the Shikon no Tama…' she placed them back where they were. 'Might as well take them just in case.'

She walked closer to the damp well: "I better leave now before Inuyasha knows I went missing." Kagome looked behind her shoulder, hoping that Inuyasha would have come out and stopped her but she wasn't surprised in seeing nothing but trees blending in with the darkness of the forest. She looked back down at the well and gripped the edge.

She jumped in, a blue and magenta light embracing her surroundings until it once again became dark. Her vision went up, seeing a wooden ceiling. A small smile appeared on her lips: "I am home."

With ease, she climbed off the well and opened the door to the exit. Night time had also taken over. Not a soul in sight. The tree that lived for many years still standing strong. Kagome gripped her backpack tighter and walked over to her house, happy to see a few lights on.

The smile on her face returned while opening the door to her home: "Okaa-san, Souta, ojii-chan, I'm home."

Her eyes fell on her mother coming out of the kitchen, her expression nothing but surprised to see her daughter safely: "Kagome, you're back!" Her mother walked over, hugging her tightly and checking her arms: "You aren't hurt, are you? What happened? I thought you weren't coming back until another week passed?"

"I know," Kagome scratched the back of her head, "but I really need a couple of days or maybe weeks to study. I am really behind school work."

"Weeks?" repeated Souta while hearing the conversation from the living room. "Wouldn't Inuyasha get mad at you?"

"No," Kagome quickly replied, an image of Inuyasha running into the forest coming back in replay mode. "He is to busy with something else."

'More like…someone else.'

She smiled at the her family: "I am going to my room and take a bath."

"Go ahead," smiled her mother. "Take all the rest you need."

"Thank you, okaa-san."

"What do you mean she left!?"

Sango sighed as Shippou had explained to the hanyou what had happened after he left to see the dead priestess. Miroku sat quietly, watching the anger already pouring out from their silver haired friend. They were actually surprised to see him coming back so quickly. He usually stayed later with the miko.

"Why did she leave!?" he exclaimed.

"Why else, baka!?" shouted Shippou. "You went to go see Kikyou again and you lied to Kagome!"

Miroku sighed: "Shippou, please calm down."

"Did she take the shards?"

All three stared at the hanyou with wide eyes. Sango stood from her spot, appalled that he suddenly had asked about the stupid shards. She glared at the hanyou: "Is that really all you care about!?" fury was beginning to engulf her.

"No!" he barked back. "It's just that…if she took them-"

"You really just care about those stupid shards, huh?" questioned Sango, her glare still glued on.

"Let me finish! If she took them then maybe there is a chance that we can go get her!"

That left the three taken back by the sudden sentence. Miroku stood straight, grabbing his golden staff: "Where are you getting at, Inuyasha?" he was actually quite interested in the sudden idea.

"We can go down the well," continued Inuyasha. "We can bring her back and so I could apologize to her…all of you."

Sango remained silent, unsure what to say to all that. She gave a quick glance to the monk, wondering what he was thinking. Miroku sighed while feeling Shippo crawling over to his shoulder.

"Going to Kagome's time!?" exclaimed the little fox demon. "Are you crazy, Inuyasha? We know nothing about her time and up to this point, you have been the only one able to go to her time!"

"If you are all worried then I will go by myself," glared Inuyasha.

"No," cut in Sango, taking a step forward. "I will go."

Miroku was quite stunned at Sango's response: "Sango…are you sure? This is taking a risk."

"It is worth a try, Miroku," Sango's eyes connected with the monk's. "We should at least try."

Miroku gave out one last sigh: "Then…I suppose I will go too."

"Okay," nodded Inuyasha. "We leave tomorrow morning." He sat on the floor with crossed arms, his eyes glued on the same fire Kagome was staring at quietly. Nothing but fire cracking against the wood echoed throughout the night.

Yawning from her sleep, her half opened eyes looked over to her clock and was surprised that for the first time she had beat her alarm. She released an exhausted breath while sitting up, her eyes landing on the window. Memories of the night before replaying once again.

'I left Inuyasha. Did he even notice? Or care?'

She quickly shook her head: "No. I can't be thinking about this all the time. I have school to worry about today."

After putting on her green and white uniform, she descended down the stairs and into the kitchen, smelling the breakfast her mother was finish up. Kagome poured herself some tea, her mother suddenly making a sound like she remembered something.

"Oh! Kagome, did I tell you we have new neighbors downstairs?" she questioned.

"I would hardly call them neighbors, okaa-san," laughed Kagome. "They live downstairs."

"Well, I know, but they introduced themselves a week ago, well, only Kurosaki-san and his two daughters. Apparently his son was busy with some stuff."

"New neighbors, huh?" Kagome drank her tea, her thoughts on the neighbors.

"His daughters are quite cute," smiled Kagome's mother while placing the plates on the table. "They are the same age as Souta."

"That is good," smiled Kagome. "More friends for him."

"Kurosaki-san's son is a year older than you," she added. "Unfortunately, I didn't see their mother."

"Maybe…they don't have one?" blinked Kagome, placing her cup down. She began to eat, her mother eyeing her silence and weird behavior.

"Are you sure you are okay, sweet heart?" she asked in worry.

Kagome finished her breakfast: "I am sure." She stood up and placed the dishes into the sink: "Well, I better go. I don't want to be late."

Taking the last step down, Kagome's eyes widened as she noticed she was quickly coming down and bumping into the person. Kagome whispered her pain after meeting the hard cement ground: "Ouch…that certainly hurt…"

Her eyes quickly looked up, seeing that it was tall male with orange hair wearing her school uniform. Unfortunately, it looked like he was the one unaffected by the bump.

"Uh…sorry about that," he apologized, helping the miko back up to her feet.

"No, it's my fault," she spoke, dusting off the dirt from her skirt. She looked back at the tall orange head: "Um, not to sound rude or anything but…I have never seen you around here before." Her eyes glided to the side: 'Well, maybe because I have been with Inuyasha fighting demons and I don't even know what is new in my world.'

"Oh, I recently moved here," he answered. He pointed behind him with his thumb. Kagome followed his line of direction and noticed he was pointing to a two story house.

'Ah, the new neighbors okaa-san was talking about,' she quickly took note on that.

"Kind of weird a girl like you lives in a shrine," he commented.

"Huh?" her eyes once again connected with his. "You get used to it, I guess? Oh, sorry, my name is Kagome; Higurashi Kagome." She gave a slight bow.

He nodded: "Ichigo; Kurosaki Ichigo."

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