Title: Miko and Shinigami Love

Rating: T

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Chapter 37: Pursued Heat

Kagome's voice began to muffle beneath Zenaku's hand that was occupied with trapping in her voice. He didn't want her companions to come rushing in before he could have a little 'chat' with her. Zenaku's eyes narrowed down as a smirk slowly appeared upon his lips, showing the two demon fangs that poked out.

"It seemed like you were enjoying your time back with your little weak friends, miko," spoke Zenaku before receiving a glare from the priestess. He let out a small light chuckle. "If you promise to stay quiet, I will let your friends live or I will have the so called 'monk' that lives in this shrine burn the place down."

Kagome's eyes widened, knowing that Zenaku's threat held nothing but truth. She relaxed, giving Zenaku the signal that she was going to follow his order. He slowly retreated his hand from her mouth and gave her another smirk: "Good girl."

He got off from her body and stood up while watching Kagome sitting up on her futon. Her glare never left his blooded gaze.

She finally dug out her courage to speak: "What are you doing here…Zenaku?"

Zenaku's left eyebrow curved up: "Oh? Speaking so informally towards me, are we? What happened to your manners, Kagome?"

"Answer my question," she barked back.

Zenaku chuckled once more: "Well aren't you curious."

"Then get out," she glared tightly. "I have nothing to do with you or anyone from your side. If you are here to kill me, I don't know what is stopping you. You are obviously stronger than me."

"You think I am here to kill you?" questioned Zenaku. "I am here to kill no one, miko. Although I am ordered to kill Ichigo and his friends, which that order hasn't been given yet. I am here merely to speak with you."

Kagome continued to eye him while waiting for the enemy to continue on. If Zenaku was here to speak with her without kidnapping her, then it should be important. Zenaku looked down at her sitting form, smirking at the obedience he was getting.

"I am waiting," glared Kagome. "If you got nothing to say, then get out before I purify you."

"Hm, purify me? How terrifying," chuckled Zenaku. "Now the reason I am here is to warn you."

"Warn me?" Kagome's left eyebrow rose up in confusion. 'Warn me about what? What would the enemy need to warn me about?'

"Aizen-sama and Naraku-sama are still pursuing you," he waited for her reaction. He was pleased to see that her eyes showed nothing but fear.

"I figured," her eyes relaxed down to their tightened glare.

It was Zenaku's turn for his eyebrow to lift up. His smirk widened as he squatted down in front of the miko, making her scoot a few inches back. He chuckled under his breath: "Oh? So you already knew?"

"Yes, so you wasted your time coming here," she barked back. Her spine shivered as she felt Zenaku's fingers grasp her chin and lifting her face to stare eye-to-eye.

"I don't think I did. Seeing the fear in your eyes brings me delight," he spoke. "Your fear for me is one the reasons to see you. It is what pulls me to you." He let go of her chin, making her back away a few inches more. Zenaku straightened his posture, already standing above Kagome. "Aizen-sama and Naraku-sama have you on their sights before they head off to Hueco Mundo. So as long as you are here…we are behind you and then we take the lead."

"Why do you need me? How can you be so sure that next time I won't run away to my friends?" she couldn't help and smirk at his blank stare until his grin made a comeback. Her own smirk faded away.

"The next time we get you…I assure you that your little friends will be nothing but erased from your mind permanently," Kagome watched as Zenaku turned around and slid the shoji screen open. Looking over his shoulder, he smirked at the priestess: "Miko, you will become a whole new different person." He disappeared in a flash, leaving the wind outside freely dance its way into her room.

Kagome blinked at the empty spot Zenaku left. So she was right. Naraku and Aizen were after her. She looked down. She was afraid…


Because of her, her friends would continuously be in danger and what was worse…Aizen and Naraku still wanted her to turn against her friends. Kagome's eyes snapped up to the open door, remembering that Zenaku had mentioned the monk being the enemy. Quickly, she got up her feet and sprinted out.

She hoped that she would warn her friends in time.

She hoped.

Ichigo walked back into the dining room, not surprised to see the hanyou and bald Shinigami arguing once again. He sighed, already annoyed at the two. The demon slayer's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Is Kagome-chan doing well?" she asked.

He looked to his left to see her walking towards him. He nodded slowly: "I laid her down on a futon for her to rest. I hope all she needs is sleep."

Sango looked down to her feet: "I am beginning to worry that Kagome-chan might be pursued."

"Pursued?" repeated Ichigo.

Miroku came behind the demon slayer, placing his hand on her shoulder: "Sango and I spoke with each other. We have come to guess that Aizen and Naraku will be after Kagome-sama soon."

"Then we just need to protect her," glared Ichigo.

"It won't be easy."

All eyes landed on the captain. His eyes closed while crossing his arms and legs. Ichigo took a step forward: "What do you mean?"

Opening his eyes, Hitsugaya met Ichigo's gaze: "If Aizen and Naraku want Kagome back, they will take greater measure to ensure she doesn't come back to us as she did before."

"Like I said," spoke Ichigo, "we just need to protect her and defeat Aizen and Naraku."

Kikyou took a sip from her tea before she spoke out: "My reincarnation is at a weak state right now. It will be easy for Aizen and Naraku to take hold of her mind once again if they wanted to. She needs to be able to mix in her miko-ki and spiritual energy if she wants to be able to fight in full strength."

"Why don't you train her?" Rangiku eyed the priestess.

"I know nothing about spiritual energy and you Shinigami know nothing about miko-ki," Kikyou's eyes closed, continuing to sip on her tea. "She needs to find the answer on her own. That is what training is about, I am not wrong."

Ichigo's eyes narrowed down at the older priestess. He stood tall and confident before her, his eyes already burning to grab her by the collar of her garments and talk sense into her. He threw the thought away and continued to eye the miko: "I can smell uncertainty on you, miko."

"Hm?" her eyes glided up to meet his auburn ones. "What nonsense are you speaking, Kurosaki-san?"

"Ever since we got here, I could smell both yours and Kagome's scent. You two felt uneasy about something. Spill it. What are you hiding?" he glared tighter.

Kikyou brought the cup up to her lips again only for it to be pushed away by Ichigo's sword. The cup smashed against the wall, surprising everyone in the room at his forcefulness that suddenly took over.

Inuyasha growled under his breath as he stood on his feet: "Watch it, Shinigami. One more move from you and I will slash your head off your shoulders!"

"I won't repeat myself, Kikyou," continued Ichigo.

Kikyou returned the glare. She sighed, her eyes coming down to close. Opening her lips slightly, the group around was startled as they heard the shoji screen doors slide open forcefully. All eyes landed on the gasping miko who was grabbing onto the shoji screen.

Ichigo blinked, hearing Kagome trying to catch her breath. His eyes widened as he sniffed the other scent lingering around her. Putting his sword away, he quickly walked towards the younger miko and gently grabbed her by the shoulders, surprising her.

"I-Ichigo…?" she stuttered.

She blushed as she felt his nose coming to her neck and smelling her.

"I-Ichigo…w-what are you doing!?"

"Ichigo! What's wrong?" asked Rukia, standing from her spot.

"Oi! Shinigami! Get your hands off her!" shouted Inuyasha. Before he could unsheathe his sword, he watched the orange head staring at the miko.

"What did he do to you!?"

"Huh?" blinked Kagome.

All ears waited for any coming words from the orange head. Hitsugaya stood up and took a few steps forward: "Kurosaki, what are you talking about?"

"Why was he here!?" he exclaimed to her again. "Why was Zenaku here!?"

"Z-Zenaku?" whispered Sango.

"That new creature Aizen and Naraku created was here?" questioned Hisagi, seeing the miko and Shinigami-now-demon looking at each other.

"Inuyasha, can you smell his scent on her?" asked Miroku as he looked at the hanyou who was currently staring at the duo in front. He noticed the hanyou's eyes narrowing down as he replied back.

"Yeah, his scent is all over her."

Ichigo gripped Kagome's shoulders tighter: "Kagome, why was he here!?"

Kagome shook her head and pushed his arms away: "No time for that!" She looked at the group in the room: "We need to get out of here! This place is not safe!"

"Not safe?" repeated Rangiku. "What is wrong with this place?"


Looking down, Kagome made eye contact with the calm sitting priestess. She was glaring at her. Why didn't she want her to tell everyone that Renkotsu, the monk of this place, was one their enemies? Kagome returned the glare without any doubt in her being and stood tall.

"No! You told me not to tell them, Kikyou! But I cannot let my friends get hurt because we didn't say anything!" she shouted.

"You sure have the courage to yell at your senior, Kagome," Kikyou's glare narrowed down.

Kagome's fist began to shake: "You may be stronger than me but that doesn't mean I have to follow everything you say, Kikyou." She turned around and faced the group: "We need to get out of here! The monk, Renkotsu, is actually our enemy!"

"Keh! Snap out of it, Kagome!" exclaimed Inuyasha as he took a step forward. "Kikyou would have said something if Renkotsu was the enemy!"

"He has a shard behind his neck, Inuyasha!" she shouted back. She was ready to sit him down until he created his own death hole. He was getting on her nerves! Who was she kidding? Inuyasha wouldn't believe her as long as Kikyou was around! If anything, he saw her as nothing more as a copy. A 'just-in-case' situation.

"Like I said," Inuyasha broke her out of her thoughts, "Kikyou would have said something if she sensed this so called 'shard'."

"I am telling the truth, Inuyasha!" she barked back.

"I thought it was her," cut in Ichigo, catching everyone's attention, "but I was smelling graveyard soil since we got here."

"I told you to watch it on how you speak about Kikyou, you bastard," Inuyasha growled his fangs out.

"You were smelling graveyard soil?" questioned Rukia. "Was it Kikyou-sama?"

"No," his eyes narrowed as he looked outside, "it is definitely Renkotsu."

Ikkaku began to twirl his weapon in hand: "Well," a smirk appeared as he stood, "only one way to find out."

Rangiku sighed: "And here I wanted to catch up with my beauty sleep!" She looked over at her captain: "Taichou? What should we do?"

Hitsugaya's eyes glided over to observe the two mikos that were staring back at him. He looked back at the Shinigami-demon with orange hair: "We keep him alive. We have questions and they need to be answered."

Ichigo gave him a small nod before he grabbed his sword from his back. Before he could turn and towards the exit, both Ichigo and Inuyasha halted as they began to smell the air. Inuyasha growled: "Hey, Shinigami, do you smell that?"


"What is it?" questioned Kagome walking behind Ichigo.

Ichigo backed a few steps back, making sure Kagome was right behind him. His eyes narrowed: "Something is burning…"

"Burning?" repeated Sango.

"I smell it now," spoke Miroku.

"What could be burning?" questioned Hisagi. "Smells like wood."

Kagome's eyes widened as she caught flames beginning to burn the wood around them: "T-The shrine!"

Everyone stood on their feet, with Shippou jumping onto Miroku's shoulder and Kirara jumping onto Sango's. They looked around, watching as the flames began to consume the wood. Hitsugaya glared at the hellish flames: "We need to get out of here, now!"

Everyone began to rush towards the exit of the room. The moment they stepped out and onto the grass terrain, they looked behind to see the shrine slowly collapsing from the engulfing fires. Kagome and Kikyou looked to their left as they sensed a familiar presence.

Kagome's eyes narrowed down: "Renkotsu…"

All eyes landed on the enemy, seeing already having discarded the monk clothing. His striped purple markings going vertically over his eyes down to his jaw where it stretched from the grin. From the looks of it, they all knew he was for sure not an Espada.

"Are you part of the Band of Seven?" questioned Inuyasha.

"And what if I am?" he smirked back.

Ichigo and Inuyasha took a step forward, already sword unsheathed. Kagome stood straight, remembering the words Zenaku spoke of her still being pursued. Could this be a distraction? She couldn't let her guard down any longer.

Ikkaku twirled his weapon in hand and came in between the demons: "Let me have him! I haven't had a good fight in a while and I am itching for one!"

"Is this a fight between people with no hair?" twitched Inuyasha.

"You mutt! Shut the hell up!" a nerve struck on Renkotsu's forehead. "Or do you want to die before I can kill this guy!?"

"Fine," they heard Renkotsu speak. "If a fight is what you want, then you will get it! Just don't regret it once I send you to hell!"

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