Kiss on the cheek, holding my hand

Chocolates are the way to any girl's heart, his brother had said. Of course young Sasuke had strategically forgot to mention that it wasn't a girl he was talking about, but really, he figured it made no difference either way.

Yet, for some reason, the prospect of giving him chocolates was nerve-wrecking.

And then there was also the fact that 'chocolates' left so much room for specifications. What kind of chocolates? Milk? Black? White?

Cream-filling, banana-flavour, or caramel?

In all his eight years, Sasuke would've never anticipated that confessing your love could be this hard. Wasn't it supposed to come natural? But then why were his palms sweating?

Flowers are a sign of love and devotion, his mother told him.

But what flowers? Daisies? Petunias? Roses?

What if he accidentally gave him the wrong ones? What if he gave him a bad colour and suddenly it didn't mean love and devotion at all, but hate and disgust? He couldn't risk it. Wasn't it supposed to be simple? But then why was he trembling all over?

Bracelets are a gesture of intimacy and affection, his father let him know. Now, he wasn't completely sure he even knew what intimacy meant, let alone did he know if he wanted it. Affection though, he'd like – now please, if possible. It was supposed to be easy, but then why was he suddenly out of people to ask, while no one seemed to agree?

He couldn't very well buy him chocolates and pluck him flowers and give him bracelets, could he?

So he did the most logical that came in mind, the only thing that seemed to make any sense at all at this point, his last resort – he asked Naruto.

He found the boy on the playground, pushing himself on the swing. Sasuke sat down on the swing next to his, watching him push his feet into the sand. He didn't look up, but instead stared at the ground, seemingly in deep thought.

Naruto, what do you think is the most affectionate, loving gesture? He asked bluntly and straight to the point.

Naruto lifted his gaze, his bangs catching his face and he pushed them back behind his ear, furrowing his brow and biting his lip cutely, as he considered the question.

"Why Sasuke-chan," he grinned goofily, the broad smile lighting up his entire face, "holding hands is a very affectionate sign," he paused, "and kissing one's cheek means true love!"

He looked as if he had to restrain from pounding his fist into the air, but instead of commenting, Sasuke frowned. No one had offered this explanation before – all instead referring to material things. To him, it seemed almost logic that none-materialistic was the way to go.

So he rubbed his sweaty palm against his trousers, tried to stop his shaking and looked back up Naruto – pausing only a second, before taking the boy's hand and bending over to kiss his cheek.

AN: I like to consider this short and sweet. My first kiddie SasuxNaru – so let me hear your thoughts!