Two Evils Combined =Trouble for Two Ranger Teams

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Dai Shi hurried through the dark, dank forest that was seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He had been walking for hours and although he knew it would be dark soon, he wasn't about to stop. He was always looking for ways to boost his power and what he'd just discovered would be worth any amount of fatigue and hunger when he reached what he was after.

Stopping momentarily to take of drink of water from his canteen, he glanced all around him. All he saw was trees, overgrown plants and weeds, and dry leaves. In fact, it was so overgrown that it hid the trail in some places. But again, that was no consequence. He had a map and he could sense the power getting stronger the closer he got. If all else failed, he would be able to hone in on that and use it to guide him.

Closing his canteen, he set off again, wishing not for the first time that Camille was with him. As annoying as she could be, he could use someone to talk to and break the silence of the forest. But she'd stayed behind to keep the rangers busy while he located this power. And that was crucial. The rangers must not find out what he was up to until he had acquired this new power and had it under control. After that, it wouldn't matter because he would destroy them and take his rightful place as ruler of the planet. Camille would be by his side. Even though she was annoying at times, she was powerful and beautiful. Also, he liked her and she was the only one fit to rule with him.

He kept on, the increasing darkness of night falling barely registering as he was completely focused on his goal. Stepping out of the foliage into a small clearing, he stopped and pulled out his map. Locating the small clearing, he shivered in anticipation. He was close now. Very close. Folding the map and putting it away, he hurried through the clearing and picked up the trail on the other side.

Now completely dark, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a flashlight and turned it on, keeping the beam focused straight ahead of him. He could literally feel the pulsing of power as he neared his goal. Stepping over a fallen tree in the trail, he noticed a slight reddish glow up ahead. Hurrying toward it, he grinned evilly, for this was his goal. He reached the reddish glow and plunged into it and the large clearing beyond.

To the untrained eye, it appeared as a normal clearing save for the reddish glow that seemed to originate from an area in the ground near the center. But to Dai Shi, it was anything but. This was his destiny and the key to world domination.

Hurrying forward, he stopped at the area the glow originated, which was also where it was brightest. As he knelt down, he smiled. For he knew the glow would only appear to only those who served evil. To all others, the clearing would appear nondescript with nothing out of the ordinary. But he could feel the evil pulsing and throbbing all around him, itching to be released.

Well, he would oblige it; he thought and placed his right hand flat on the ground. Almost instantly, the area started to shake and glow a very bright red as a section of ground three square feet slid left underneath the rest of the ground to reveal a hole with steps leading down. Dai Shi immediately began to climb down, excitement filling him. When he reached the bottom, the trapdoor at the top immediately closed back up, trapping him in the hidden chamber. The chamber was basically square-shaped, about thirty feet by thirty feet. It was about ten feet high and the floor and walls were made up of hard packed dirt. At first glance, it appeared to be completely empty.

He wasn't worried about being trapped in the chamber in the slightest bit as he shined his flashlight all around him, the beam piercing the eerie red glow. When it hit the far wall, he knew he had found what he was looking for. He walked up to it and examined it. Unlike the other three walls, it glowed red and in the middle was a gray metallic 'Z'. Brushing his fingers over the cool, smooth surface of it, he thought about how that symbol alone could strike fear into the hearts of people everywhere that knew what it meant. But the being associated with it was absolutely terrifying, sending people running for cover or their lives after one glance at him. And Dai Shi was about to re-awaken him and unleash him on the planet.

Grinning maliciously, he backed up two paces and raised his hands. He then shot a blast of energy from them at the wall. It scored a direct hit on the 'Z' and the whole wall began to shudder. After several seconds of this, a section of it slid to the left, revealing it to be another trapdoor. Stepping into the tiny closet-sized room, his eyes landed on the glowing red sphere the size of a volleyball that rested on a grey concrete cylindrical pedestal six inches in diameter and three feet high.

"At last!" He said. "The key to world domination is at hand!" He threw his head back laughed evilly. He quickly sobered up and picked up the sphere. It was smooth and weighed almost nothing, but he knew that was misleading. The power contained in the sphere was incredible. He could feel it pulsing beneath his hands as if was trying to escape.

He raised it to eye level. "You are about to come back to fulfill your destiny. Your time parading around as a wimpy do-gooder human is at an end!" With that, he held the sphere out in front of him and recited an incantation in a forgotten language.

As soon as the last words left his mouth, the sphere exploded in a blinding red light, forcing Dai Shi to close his eyes as it swept past him. He waited for several long moments and then opened his eyes as the last of the red light vanished; in its place stood a tall, humanoid being.

He was covered in raw red muscle instead of skin with metal bars going up the sides of his arms and legs. His fingertips were covered in the same metal and he had it on the heels and the front of his feet, giving him the appearance of wearing boots. Clear tubes no bigger around than a straw with liquid in them snaked up and down his body and chest, going underneath what looked like metal ribs with a horizontal bar down the middle. His pelvis and buttocks areas were reinforced with the same metal as the rest of him. The lower part of his face was covered by a metal grille that was connected to the visor that covered his eyes. A four-inch band of metal connected to the visor ran around his head. And on the front of the visor, extending from the time was a 6-inch high, centimeter wide metal bar with a 'Z' at the top. All the bars and metal was colored a dark gray and the visible back and top part of his head looked like red brain tissue instead of red muscle.

Dai Shi bowed. "Welcome back, my friend," he said.

"Thank you, Dai Shi!" The being boomed. "It is good to see you again and be back in my true form!"

"Yes, but there is work to be done. The power rangers are still around and trying to thwart my every move," Dai Shi replied.

"Power Rangers?!" the other thundered. "I am sick and tired of their endless meddling!"

Dai Shi nodded. "As am I, that's why we must go now. We need to stop them before they get any stronger!"

The red humanoid nodded. "You are right. But first there is something I must do," he replied. He held out his hands and in a flash of light, a large snake appeared.

"I don't understand," Dai Shi said, confused. "How is that snake going to help us?"

"Like this!" The other said. And in a crackle of energy and red light, the snake transformed into a long metal staff, pointed at one end, and a large 'Z' at the other.

"Ah," Dai Shi replied in understanding as the other twirled the staff in a circle.

"Yes, now watch!" was the reply as he pointed the staff at the pedestal. Energy shot from the 'Z' and hit it dead on, causing it to shatter into million pieces, revealing two hidden golden spheres within. His immediately hit them with another blast from the staff and they broke open and golden light poured forth. And out of that light stepped two figures, both in golden armor. One was blue-skinned and ape-like with wings and red eyes, while the other one was female, human in appearance, with long black hair and black eyes. Both carried gold-plated swords. The ape creature's had colored gems set into the hilt and the female's was arced and resembled a boomerang.

The ape creature roared while the female stretched luxuriously. Then they both bowed to the red being.

"Ah, it is good to see you two again and even better to have you back at my side," the red being said. He indicated the person beside him. "This is Dai Shi, an old friend. We once worked together seven thousand years ago. Now we must work together again to destroy the power rangers and bend the planet to our will."

"Then what are we waiting for?" The female asked.

"Yeah, let's go roast us some rangers!" The ape creature added.

"Yes!" The red being cried. "I can't wait until the rangers see that I've returned! It will break their miserable little hearts!" He threw his head back and laughed. The others joined in. A few moments later, the four of them teleported to Dai Shi's palace to begin campaign of terror against the rangers. The secret chamber collapsed in on itself the instant they vanished. The red glow also disappeared, never to be seen again from that location.

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