A/N: I was so freakin' excited when I finished this.

I didn't make eye contact with Momma or Herbie for the next two days. I think everyone noticed my change, especially Momma. I always looked her straight in the eyes when she talked to me, but I knew that I'd start laughing if I did now. She kept asking me what was wrong, but I would just shake my head and say nothing was wrong. I think Herbie figured it out that fist day, though, and told her to ask me about it.

That second day after rehearsal, Momma pulled me aside and asked me what was bothering me, and she wouldn't let me go with nothing. I sighed, knowing it was no good lying to her now. "Two nights ago, when you and Herbie had sex, I heard you."

"He and I did nothing of the sort."

"Yes you did, Momma. Why else would I have been avoiding your eyes and Herbie's for the past two days?"

"I sent you to bed early and you wanted to rehearse."

"No, Momma, I was too tired to rehearse. It's because I heard you. Herbie knows I heard you. You both know what you did, what I heard. Admit it."

I felt Herbie's eyes on us as she searched for words in response. She finally sighed, giving in. "I'm sorry, baby," she said. "I'm sorry."

"Rose, you know I'm still open to marrying you," Herbie called. "I'll commit if you will."

"Say yes, Momma! Please?" I begged of her.

And she did.

And that is how Momma and Herbie became engaged.