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Chapter 1

Alex Rider is a spy.

SCORPIA never forget nor forgave. That motto has ended lives of numerous people. And it is about to end the life of Alex Rider.

Royal and General Bank

Alan Blunt, head of the MI6, looks at a piece of paper in his hand that had arrived on his desk this morning when he arrived for work. On this piece of paper written in bold letters is the name of one of MI6 most valuable and the most reluctant to work agent.

Alex Rider.

Under his name written in red is SCORPIA motto.

Eyes never leaving the piece of paper, Blunt pressed a button on his operator and called for Mrs. Jones to come to his office as soon as possible. Five minutes later the door open to admit the deputy head of MI6 herself, Mrs. Jones.

"Alan what is it that you need in such a hurry that you can't wait till I finish looking over the mission for some of the agents?" Mrs. Jones said in an annoyed tone.

"Look at this"

Mrs. Jones faced had turned pale and she had stopped sucking on the peppermint that was in her mouth when she finally realized why Blunt has so urgently called her to his office.

"Alan what are we going to do about this?" Mrs. Jones said anxiously. "We just can't ignore a warning like this. He could be killed and it would be partly our fault for making him go on mission."

"I know that's why I am asking you to come in here so you could help me think up of a solution."


Alex Rider was sitting in his Spanish class, not listening to his teacher in favor of trying to catching up with some much needed sleep when suddenly the phone rang. Mr. Hernandez, who hated to be interrupted answer the phone with annoyance.

"Yes? Is there anything needed? I see… Thank you. Rider you're checking out!"

Whisper than irrupted from everybody in the class. Alex was infamous for skipping school for weeks and not being seen. Adding to the facts that whenever he is seen again at school, he will be cover in bruises.

Ignoring the noises around him, Alex picked up his backpack and headed for the main office. There Ms. Bedfordshire, the school secretary, look up from her works. Standing next to her was an average looking man who you would usually overlook with a glance.

"Alex how come you didn't remember that today is your doctor's appointment?" Ms. Bedfordshire said to Alex in a motherly tone. Always holding a soft spot for Alex, Ms. Bedfordshire can't help but be worry and fussy when it come to Alex.

"Well I might have remembered if I had made an appointment with the doctor Ms. Bedfordshire." Alex said in reply all the while glaring at the man who was just standing there quietly.

"But than why is your cousin here to pick you up than? This is your cousin right?"

"Alex you mustn't remember me. I'm rarely come to visit because of my work and so that might be why he just doesn't recognize me Ms... uh Ms. Bedfordshire. My business today was just happening to be near here so I thought to drop by to see Alex and his guardian just happen to be going out to pick up Alex for a doctor's appointment and I just happen to volunteer as I missed seeing my cousin." The man intervened in smoothly.

"Oh. I guess…."

"Now Ms. Bedfordshire we mustn't be late now so I'll just take Alex here alright."

"Oh yes. Yes we don't want you to be late now do we?"

Alex, still glaring at the man, went with him into a car parked in front of the school.

"Aren't you guys having enough fun with me yet! What don't you get when I said to LEAVE ME ALONE!" Alex started off as soon as he got into the car.

"Agent Rider I have read some of your files and I know why you won't want to go on any more missions, but the matter this time is concerning about your safety and the safety of your housekeeper, Ms. Starbright was it?" the agent said to him all the while driving to the Royal and General Bank.

Hearing what the agent had said, Alex begin to calm down and started to think of what might jeopardize the safety of his and Jack. He has made many enemies in the past but there is only one that seems to stand out in his mind.


Knowing that what he thinks is correct than he would need the help of Blunt even if he detest it. So quietly sitting down, Alex waited patiently to arrive at Royal & General Bank to have a talk with the head of MI6 and his deputy.