Chapter 15

What to do, what to do was the thoughts resounding in Alex's head. Really, what was he thinking of when he step out of that cell's door with two extra people when he does not even have a clue on what to do and how to escape this place.

Peaking around a corner, Alex spied two mean looking guards standing in front of a door. With a fast forming plan making way into his head, Alex signal for the other two to be quiet as he rip out a button out of his shirt and then threw it against the hallway opposite of them. Quickly, Alex pull Paul and Shark up close to the wall as the two guards ran to where they heard the noise came from.

Taking use of the distraction, the three ran down the hallway that was just vacant by the bodyguards and the next thing he know, he hit a hard wall that felt like pure steel.

"Look who we have here? If it is not Alex slippery Rider and the two traitor."

Slowly looking up, Alex came face to face with Skoda, who was the once drug dealer outside his school though he got caught when Alex dropped his drug-manufacture lab in the police station. He cannot believe that he is meeting him here again after all this time.

"How did you even know that it was me who busted you? The police couldn't put anything down on file about that and you should still be in jail!" was the first thing that was blurted out of Alex's mouth.

"Well let say that certain people had been delighted to inform me on who help put me in jail..."

"Could you knock him out before he start to break my face?" as Alex turn around after Skoda fell away from him,"And now we should run before we get caught again."

Brecon Beacons

"Sergant! Look at what we found in Shark's bunk!" yell Eagel as he hold a peice of paper in the air.

"It's a note from some guy name Jame telling Shark to kidnap Cub. Maybe if we could find the whereabout of this James, then we could find Cub there as well." Snake said to Sergent, while trying to not look to excite about the news.

"Good job, let's hope we will be able to find this guy and that we won't get there to late. Wolf! I want your team to be ready to go as soon as we find out more information about this person."

"Yes sir!"reply Wolf, whose determine to save his youngest member of his team.

With Alex

This is way to easy was the first thought that cross Alex's mind as the sight of the door come into view. Turning around to face Paul, Alex once again ask,"Are you sure this is the right direction?"

"Of course I'm sure. I have been scouting this place since I got here. You know I been planning our escape the moment I arrive, and didn't I say that this place has the less security around it. Trust me on this and just open the door!"

With trepidation, Alex open the door and face with a river. A river that was filled with trash and smell worst than the boy's locker room after foorball practice. A river where the water look more like brown then clear with trash filling it with unknown items. No wonder this door was so unsecure, no one would even want to go out of this door once they see what it lead to.

"Paul..." growl out Alex as he try to look for other options. The only way to escape this place and go into the forest across from them is to swim across the river. The river that Alex really want to avoid right now.

"Well, I never said that it's the most favored escape, but it's the least srcure place to escape from!" Paul said defensively.

"I could smell why." Shark said to Paul as he hold his nose once the door was open.

Seeing no other option, Alex look at both Paul and Shark and nod his head with a resign face, and step into the river.