Never ever doing this again was the only thought that was in Alex's mind as he step into the river. As soon as he reach the other end of the river bank, Alex turns around and helps Paul and Shark up.

"Come on, we need to hurry and get away from this place," Alex whisper, "Paul, do you know which way we need to go?"

"Um, well I didn't really have much of a plan when we're out of the building, so that way…I guess." Paul said uncertainly as he point to random direction.

"Are you sure you were train by the FBI?" Alex ask in disbelief considering how many flaws there are in Paul's plan.

"I really don't care on which direction we're going as long as we're going!" Shark quickly intervene while constantly looking back at the door they had just left.

Reluctantly agreeing, Alex started to move in the direction that Paul had pointed. After a while of moving through the forest, a thought occur to Alex.

"Paul, did you contact anybody for help and tell them where we are?"

After a moment of silence where Paul did not say anything, Alex stop and turn to look at him.

"I forgot?"

Alex raise his hands in a motion of choking Paul. Paul, noticing Alex movements, backs away from Alex with his own hands raise up as he try to reason with him.

"I'm sorry! I actually have a device that is able to contact MI6, but with all that had happened, I forgot to contact them. I could do it now if you want!" Paul said frantically.

"THEN DO IT!" both Alex and Shark yell at Paul.

Brecon Beacons

"Soldiers! We have just received a call from MI6." the Sergent call out across the camp,"They had been contacted by an inside agent of theirs on the whereabouts of Cub. K unit, you are to be deploy to this location instantly. F unit, I want you to go as backup for K unit."

"Yes sir!"

K unit look at each other, all of them determine to rescue Cub.

Unknown Location

"Run faster!"

Alex had found the reason on why there was minimal security around the forest. Who actually need cameras and guards when there are lions who could chase intruders and escapees.

Shark had accidentally trip on a tree root and apparently disturb a lion that was having an afternoon nap. It was not very happy to be awake so suddenly and decided to have an afternoon snack after it's nap was interrupted.