Stargate SG1 is somebody else's, probably MGM/Gekko Corp/Sci-Fi, and I freely admit that whoever's it is, I'm borrowing their show and they retain all rights, etc.

Author's Note: This will effectively be a place for any 'Five Things' fics I write. Each chapter will be a response to a five-things prompt on the sg1_five_things livejournal community. They will only be posted once all the five-things for a particular prompt have been revealed on the livejournal. I'm setting the status to 'complete' as I'm only going to write these as the mood strikes me, each chapter is stand alone, and therefore at any given time it can be considered a complete work.

This chapter will act as an index so if you have a particular character interest (Sam, Jack, Janet, etc). you can find those that interest you most.

Warning: Spoilers for all Stargate episodes/movies.




Five things Cam did after 1939 - Chapter 8: Have Faith


Five Times Cassie Slipped Up About How Things Were in 'Toronto' - Chapter 2: Two Moons in Toronto


Four Kisses that weren't for real and One that was - Chapter 6: Goodbye Kisses (Daniel/Sha're)

Five men Daniel has loved - Chapter 10: Fathers & Brothers

Five times Daniel sat alone in a dark room - Chapter 22: Every Darkness Has a Light


Five ways Jack is subtle - Chapter 11: Falling in Love with Carter (Sam/Jack)

Five Thunderstorms Jack remembers - Chapter 23: Clearing the Air


Five of the Last Things Janet Told People the Day Before She Died - Chapter 3: Remember When I Told You

Five Ways Janet Fraiser didn't die - Chapter 17: Forks in the Battlefield


Five Ways Keller Loses McKay to Sheppard - Chapter 19: And the Winner Is... (Jennifer/Rodney, implied Rodney/John)


Five things a member of SG1 hid in Sam's luggage - Chapter 9: Baggage

Five things Sam wishes she was better at - Chapter 13: Falling in Love with Jack (Sam/Jack)

Five times Sam thought about leaving the Air Force - Chapter 24: Anchor (Sam/Jack)


Five Ways Sha're Grew Up on Earth - Chapter 4: A Check on Reality (Daniel/Sha're)


Five secrets Teal'c took to his grave - Chapter 14: Final Curtain (multiple pairings)

Five things about Jaffa culture Teal'c will never tell his team-mates - Chapter 15: Cultural Gaps

Five people Teal'c sent Valentine's cards to - Chapter 16: A Traditional Valentine's Day

Five conversations Murray had - Chapter 21: It's All in a Name


Five times a member of SG1 couldn't sleep - Chapter 7: Send in the Clowns

Five Missions SG1 and SGA1 Went On Together (and how much trouble they got in) - Chapter 12: It's Not A Competition


Five Things Torren Will Remember About His Mother - Chapter 5: Through Her Child's Eyes

Five Times Teyla Teamed Up With Another Woman to Save the Day - Chapter 20: Together We Are Stronger


Five Principles Vala Follows (or thinks she does) - Chapter 18: Rules (Are Made to be Broken)