The Costume Party 1

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"Ceh. Why do we have to wear this kind outfit. If not because of Juudaime. I will never wear this, " said the cowboy.

"Ma, ma. You look good in that," calm the pirates. He wears the pirates hat and sword on his waist (Sadly is not Shigure Kintoki. Just a replica of a sword. The committee forbid the guest to bring weapon).


"Noisy herbivore. I'll bite you all to death!" said the Dracula with Hibat (Hibird in bat costume) on his shoulder. He raise his tonfa (where is he hiding it?).

"Ano, where is boss?" ask the witch girl while the other. The mummy tried to calm the Dracula, the pirates held the cowboy throwing his dynamites (WTF! How could he hide it?).

"Tsuna is still in the changing room," answer the pirates. Still smile on his face.

"CAN WE EXTREME PARTICIPATE IN THE PARTY?" yelled the mummy again (Why he always need to yell).

"Stupid Lawn head. I already told you we cannot attend the party until Juudaime return."

"Stupid herbivore. What took him so long," the Dracula reaches his limit. He cannot wait any longer.

"Ah, boss coming!" the witch pointed to the person who comes to them. Everyone roll their head to the pointed person. Their jaws dropped (Not all. But still most of them).

"Guys!!" call Tsuna. He wears Alice in Wonderland costume. His hair were given hair extension. Flapping his hand he stops in front of them. "I'm sorry. They took time to dress me up. I don't know why but they give me this costume. I already told them that I am a boy but they insist me to wear this." He stopped for a moment. Looking at his guardian. "Guys?"

The pirates who is Yamamoto broke the silent (Ah, you already know it) " Ha..ha.. it's really suit you Tsuna."

"Juudaime looks good in that costume!" Said his self proclaimed right hand man. Gokudera the cowboy.

"EXTREME fit!!" yelled Sasagawa-anii the Mummy.

"It's really suit you Boss," said Chrome the witch.

Tsuna blushing hard hearing that. He doesn't want his friend said he is looking good in girl costume but he is happy they care for him.

"Noisy herbivore. Quick move!" Hibari the blood predator silent them.

"Hai! Hibari-san!" Tsuna quickly move. He doesn't want bitten to death. Especially in this day. In this place. In this party. So, actually where are they? Let we return to 2 days ago.

Flashback 2 days ago

Tsuna laid in his room. Reading manga while eating potatoes. Today is holiday. He is gonna enjoy his peaceful moment. Ting tong. A bell voice interrupted him. "Mom?" he ask.

"I'm sorry Tsu-kun. Could you take a look. Mama quite busy down here." Answer his mom. Tsuna just sighed and move. Opens the door he meets the postman who give him a letter. A directly letter? He thought. Who send it? Curious he read the sender. The Ninth Vongola? Nervously he opens the letter.

Dear Tsunayohi-kun,

How is your day? I hope you enjoy your peaceful moment. (Yes, really. Answer him.)

I'm sorry for suddenly requesting this but can you attend a party for me. This party is very important but I feel too old to attend it. Don't worry. Reborn will help you. I already ask him to help you.


Vongola the Ninth

Party? Thought Tsuna. Why the Ninth want him to attend the party? Ask Reborn? Oh God. This must be mafia party. A sudden kick return him to reality. "Aw, Reborn. What was that for?" He already know the kicker. Who else you think?

"Dame-Tsuna. Quick pack your thing. We gonna go to Italia." Ordered him.


"Not EHH you Dame-Tsuna!" He kick Tsuna again in the head. "You already receive the Ninth letter. Don't you?"

"Yes, I have. But Italia? So sudden. The party? It's from mafia, isn't it? Can I really attend it? I mean I'm still in training." He ask continuously. Reborn kick him in the head, again. "Aw! What was that for?"

"You Dame-Tsuna. Don't ask continuously. Give it a gap! The priority."

"The party?" he ask. Calmly now.

"Like you think. It's a mafia party." Tsuna sighed. Dead certain. "But don't worry. It's not official party," continued Reborn.

Tsuna raise his head. "Not official? What's that mean?"

"Well, it just a costume party. Each year held in different place but same time. The guest will wear the costume that the committee prepared. No one knows the guest. Every family receive the invitation but if they don't tell their identity no one will know. They can wear a mask. And the most important thing is the committee will keep the guest identity. They have an omerta in it." Reborn give a clear and specific info about the party.

"Then, why do they held this party?" Tsuna confused. Even you confused too. Why mafia do this thing?

"Well, sometimes they just want to talk without bound. Forget the harsh reality they had. Just talk friendly to people who has the same fate as them."

"Strange!" Tsuna mumbled. "AWW!" Reborn kick him again (You count it?) " Reborn, if you keep kick me, my brain will be damaged." Scream Tsuna.

"If you don't want me to kick you then quick do your job!"

"But what about mom? School?"

"I already told you don't ask continuously." Tsuna close his mouth. "I told you don't worry. I already take care of it. Just prepare yourself." Reborn answer while go out. "Go to the park. We will go to the airport together." Tsuna just nodded his head and went upstairs.


"Then, Itekimasu." Tsuna said while closing the door.

"Iterasai!" answer his mom. Tsuna smile and walk to the park. Holding his travel bag. His head full of the Ninth task. A voice calling his name interrupted him.

"Juudaime!" call his self proclaimed right hand man. Tsuna look into the park his eyes cannot believe what he see. Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto, Oni-san, Chrome even Hibari-san are in the park. Their travel bag laid beside them. What the? I thought I'm the only one who needs to go.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" he ask.

"Ah, Reborn-san told us to go together with you to Italia." The silver haired man in octopus shape answer him aka self proclaimed right hand man.

"Ah..ha..ha… I cannot wait when the baby told us to go. Italia ne? it's must be fun!" said his Rain guardian aka Yamamoto Takeshi.

"EXTREME STONG MAN WAIT FOR ME IN ITALIA. ITALIA BANZAI!" yelled his Sun Guardian while pump both fists into the air.

"Boss, I'm gladly receive your invitation." Said his half Mist Guardian. Mukuro just smile in his dream world. More mafia more tools to use.

Tsuna just laugh nervously. He rolled his head to his Cloud Guardian. What the hell Reborn said to make this person agree to come? He don't want to know and don't want to think about that. A glare from the prefect shut his mind.

"Well, it's seems everyone has come." Reborn come from nothing (like ninja) and sit on Tsuna's shoulder. "Let's go. The car is ready." With that they move. Tsuna walk first while his Storm and Rain guardian walk on his right and left. His Sun guardian walk not far behind them. His Mist guardian walk quite far and his Cloud guardian walk the farthermost.


They sit in the car (A very luxurious car you may say) . Tsuna chat happily with his friends. Two best friend. Oni-san sit while thinking how to defeat his opponent. Chrome sit silently in front of Tsuna. Tsuna smile at her cutely. Try to make her relax. She blushes when realize that smile was directed at her. Gokudera glare the girl. Yamamoto just laugh but his eyes keen. Hibari growls. Cannot sleep because too noisy even when he sit the farthermost. More, he hates when that herbivore smile too that pineapple's buddy.


Tsuna just can gape at private jet they will using. It's so, how could you say. Too outrageous for a normal people like him. Smile happily he flapped his hand to his guardian. Invite them to take a peek too. They just laugh at him (seen and not seen). How childish they think. Too cute. No! They shake their head.

Reborn sit in the front. Tsuna explore the private jet together with Gokudera and Yamamoto. Oni-san practice boxing in different room. Chrome look at his boss. How childish. She giggle. Inside her Mukuro amused. Watching Tsunayoshi never boring him. While Hibari. He sit in the corner. Looks like sleeping and doesn't care, but his eyes never move from his Sky.

They arrive at Italia the next day. Too tired from jetlag they go the their designed room and sleep. The next morning feeling refreshed Tsuna go downstairs to see his guardian ready to begin their day.

"Good morning Juudaime!"

"Morning Tsuna."


"Good morning, Boss!"

Growl from Hibari.

"Morning!" He said.

So, they eat in the EXTREME big dining room. Not to mention the villa was so big damn huge.

"After breakfast go the family room. We will talk about the party." Said Reborn. Leaving no space to reject. They just nodded.


"So, what kind of party we will attend?" ask Yamamoto. He sit balmy on the sofa.

"Like I told you. A costume party!" answer Gokudera for a number of time.

"Well, there will be a EXTREME BOXING fight in there right?" Oni-san ask.

"Fuck. I've told you. What kind of stupid person think there's a boxing in a party?!" Gokudera growl. Stressed for his companion idiocy.

"Gokudera-kun, calm down," Tsuna worried voice stopping him. "Hai' Juudaime!"

"So, everyone is already here?" Reborn look around. Yup. They all in. "Okay. I will they you about the party." So he tell them the same story he told Tsuna. At the end Gokudera ask, "Ano Reborn-san. What must we do at the party?"

"Well, nothing important actually. Just attend and talk to anyone you can." He answer.

"I EXTREMETLY DON'T UNDERSTAND!!" scream Oni-san. Yeah, it's normal. Hibari just growl in the back. Chrome nodded her head. Mukuro-sama has planned something so she will say yes for a while.

"Well, I don't understand everything but why we have to attend this party? There is a lot of people from Vongola. Why it has to be us?" Yamamoto ask. Tsuna surprised. He don't believe Yamamoto can ask something trivial as that.

"It's because you are the next generation of Vongola. You have to learn how to communicate in mafia." Reborn sighed. They had a long way to their future self. "Prepare yourself for tonight."

With that the meeting dismissed. Oni-san quickly begin his training. Chrome stopped walk out when her boss called, "Ne, Chrome-san want to explore the villa together?". She just blush and shaking her head then run. "Am I make a mistake?" Tsuna ask his friend. Yamamoto pat his shoulder and Gokudera keep telling he is too good to that mist bastard while they walk out. Hibari stand and passed Reborn. "Infant, don't forget your promise." Reborn just smile at him.


And the night comes.

"Thank you for coming to this party. May I see your invitation letter?" A woman greet them in front of the reception room. Tsuna give her his invitation letter. After checking she return it. "Welcome Vongola familia. Please follow me. I will show you to your changing room."

"Um, may I ask you a question?" ask Tsuna.


"The costume we wear. Can we choose it by ourselves?"

"I'm sorry. But because of the tradition we cannot give you that." She said while opening the door. "This is your changing room. The makeup artist will help you dressed up. Have a nice night!" She said while closing the door.

Inside there is 6 door. "Um, the invitation letter said we can enter the party after all members ready. So, because there is 6 door that's mean each one has to go to a different door." Tsuna try explain the condition.

"Ha..ha…ha.. I cannot wait. What costume I will get." Yamamoto just laugh. Tsuna cannot help but smile at his friend. Being easy going is good.

"Juudaime will get a nice costume. Trust me!" I hope so, said Tsuna in his mind.

"EXTREME EXCITEMENT!" Oni-san just run straight to the door.

"See you, Boss."


"See you, Tsuna!"

"Be careful Juudaime."


And then they enter the changing room.

End of Flashback

So, what do you think? This is just a beginning. if you want something happen at the party just review me. I will try to add your wish. Can anybody guess what Reborn promised to Hibari?